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Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI™)

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RCI™ Defined

We believe that live, instructor-led, classroom training is the most effective way to learn—after all, that’s how we’ve been delivering training since 1983. However, as the demand for training has declined and as travel budgets have been reduced, training companies have found it increasingly difficult to get enough students in a single classroom to run a traditional class. This has resulted in more class cancellations each year. Our solution was to create the Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI) methodology that allows us to combine enrollments from multiple classrooms.

RCI Breaks Some Rules. RCI is an innovative blend of virtual technology with “bricks and mortar” classroom locations. This new training model can be confusing to understand at first. To help clarify some common misconceptions, we offer these definitions that more clearly explain how RCI contrasts with traditional training.


Common Questions


Are the participants in the same room?

A: No. The instructor is remote and participants join the class individually or in small groups.

In-Person.  With traditional in-person training, the instructor is physically in the same room as the participants. That is not the case with RCI. With RCI, the instructor is teaching from one location with class participants attending from a variety of locations. There is not a “real” class and a “virtual” class as with many of our competitors who try to blend in-person with remote training. In an RCI class, all participants have equal access to the instructor.

Remote. In all cases, the RCI instructor is not in the classroom with the participants. The classes have other participants who are joining in from different locations. Those students not in the same room as the instructor—the instructor is teaching from a “remote” location.

Where is the learning taking place?

A: Over 85% of our students participate from one of our small classrooms in over 300 locations.

Classroom.  The classroom is a place that is dedicated for learning. It has all the tools you need: a computer, a desk, and a comfortable chair. RCI classrooms have additional communications technology that allows the student to hear and watch the instructor’s presentations. Special software is also used that enables the instructor to see and optionally control the student’s workstation to provide assistance. An RCI classroom is typically an office-sized room that provides an interruption-free environment that lets you focus on learning.

Home or Office.  We feel that there are significant advantages to attending training in a RCI classroom setting. However, for people who prefer to attend from their home or office, RCI technology provides that flexibility. Students considering taking training from their office should be warned that some corporate “firewalls” block remote connections to the classroom computers. For this reason, we require individuals test the connections prior to the class. (Try our connection test and review what you'll need to attend class from your home or office.)

Is the event happening “live?”

A: Yes. The training is 100% live. RCI classes are not recorded.

Live Instruction.  An event where the instructor and the students participate at the same time is said to be “live.” Educators often call this kind of training “synchronous.” Live training is sometimes incorrectly assumed to be the same as “in-person” training. Here’s a good analogy to clarify this relationship: someone watching an episode of “Saturday Night Live” from their home is watching a live performance from a remote location—the event is live but not “in-person.” All RCI events are 100% live.

Recorded Instruction.  E-Learning, videos and mentored learning are typical examples of recorded learning sessions. Educators label this kind of training as “asynchronous” meaning that the instructor and the students are not participating in the event at the same time. Obviously, individuals learning from a recorded presentation do not have the ability to stop the instructor and ask questions. RCI events are not recorded.  (See RCI Comparison to Mentored Learning for more details.)

RCI allows us to maintain the benefits of live, instructor-led, classroom training while using conferencing technology to eliminate the need for the instructor and all participants to be in the same location. As the demand for training has dropped, it is sometimes impossible to find in-person training nearby. Our over 300 specially designed classroom locations make RCI training the next best thing to being there in-person!

Interested in learning more? For a more complete description of our RCI methodology, including video showing classrooms in several cities see Remote Classroom Instruction Overview or see FAQs about RCI.




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