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Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI™)

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RCI™ Defined

We believe that live, instructor-led, classroom training is the most effective way to learn—after all, that’s how we’ve been delivering training since 1983. However, as the demand for training has declined and as travel budgets have been reduced, training companies have found it increasingly difficult to get enough students in a single classroom to run a traditional class. This has resulted in more class cancellations each year. Our solution was to create the Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI) methodology that allows us to combine enrollments from multiple classrooms.

RCI Breaks Some Rules. RCI is an innovative blend of virtual technology with “bricks and mortar” classroom locations.

RCI allows us to maintain the benefits of live, instructor-led, classroom training while using conferencing technology to eliminate the need for the instructor and all participants to be in the same location. As the demand for training has dropped, it is sometimes impossible to find in-person training nearby. Our over 300 specially designed classroom locations make RCI training the next best thing to being there in-person!

Interested in learning more? For a more complete description of our RCI methodology, including video showing classrooms in several cities see Remote Classroom Instruction Overview or see FAQs about RCI.




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