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Learn Microsoft Forms with live, hands-on classes from ONLC Training Centers!

Microsoft Forms lets you create surveys, polls and quizzes quickly and easily. You can also collect customer feedback, measure employee satisfaction, organize team events and export to Excel to do customized, in-depth analysis​.

Forms provides real-time results and built-in analytics. Built-in AI and smart recommendations will automate things readily and easily for you.

Instructor-led Training (ILT)

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ILT classes are live, hands-on classes led and supported via remote instructor. You'll do hands-on exercises throughout the class to ensure learning and can engage directly with the instructor at any point. Attend class from any of ONLC's hundreds of training centers click or from your own location click. Training is fully interactive no matter what class location you choose.

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Along with outstanding training, ONLC has a money-back satisfaction guarantee and optional free refresher course for those who attend our public instructor-led classes!


Group Training

Group Training from ONLC

Bring your team up on Microsoft Forms with our money-saving Group Training solutions. We can use a variety of training methods, have instruction virtual or in-person and content can be customized to meet specific learning objectives, schedules and budgets. For more and to receive a price quote see Group Training


Microsoft Forms Classes & Schedule

Microsoft Forms with Power Automate

Learn to create surveys, quizzes, and how to customize forms to gather the information you need. See how Power Automate integrates with Forms to trigger emails, notifications, Planner tasks, and adding responses to SharePoint lists.

Target Student
This course is for individuals who need to gather information from surveys or assess someone’s knowledge of a subject. It is also for an individual who needs to work with the responses.

Basic Windows, keyboarding and mouse skills. Some knowledge of Excel may be helpful.



Microsoft Forms
Create surveys, and quizzes

Forms homepage
See My forms
Shared with me forms
Group forms
Search forms
Recycle bin


Create a survey, or a quiz
Customize survey title, description, image

Add questions
Up to seven different types of questions

Question options
Explore all the ways to customize every question
Add points for quiz questions

Create Sections
Break your forms into sections
Customize each section with a title, description, and image

Add theme to your form
Customize the form with a, suggested theme, built in theme, or a custom Theme

Preview your form
See how your form looks on a computer or a mobile device

Form options

Share your form
Choose who you want to share with
Choose how you want to share
Collaborate with colleagues on a form

View responses
See all the responses in a dashboard format
View individual question responses
View individual survey responses

Open Excel workbook with all the responses
Use Excels data analysis tools to analyze all the responses

Posting Surveys and quizzes
Post your forms in Teams
Post your forms in Yammer
Add your forms to a SharePoint page

Collect Form data directly in Excel
Create workbook
Start Forms from Excel
Automatically downloads data into excel
Use VLOOKUP, and any other Excel tools to analyze the data

Collect responses to a form directly inside Teams
Custom tabs

Use Forms to create requests


Notify a Team when a request is submitted
Use Forms trigger in Flow
Use Get response trigger loop through responses
Post message in Teams

Trigger an email alert when responses are submitted
Create Flow from blank
Use Forms and Outlook connectors and triggers to send an email to a specific person

Create a Planner task when request is submitted
Create a plan, or use an existing plan
Create Flow from blank
Connect Flow to plan
Create a task

Add Form responses to SharePoint list
Create Flow from blank
Use Forms and SharePoint connectors and triggers to post response to existing SharePoint list
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8/14/24 Live Online from our site or yours. $295

9/11/24 Live Online from our site or yours. $295

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