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Top Five Reasons to Register Early!

ONLC Training Centers wants to be your training company. We've fashioned our registration policies to be student friendly.

It's to your advantage to register as early as possible for a class so you can...


1. Get the Class Date You Want!

We limit the number of students in a class (typically no more than 12 students) to ensure for individual attention from the instructor. Many classes reach maximum enrollment early. Make sure you get the date you want by registering as early as possible.


2. Get Your Preferred Location.

We have hundreds of training centers coast to coast. Even with that high quantity, sites have a limited number of rooms, and as noted above in item one, we limit class enrollments for better instruction. Registering early will likely allow you to attend from the location you want.

We indicate on our web site when a higher rate takes effect.


3. Save Money.

The cost of a class is higher if you wait to register 5 days or less until the class. Why? Quite simply, we have to offset high express shipping charges, plus administrative and technical IT time needed to expedite last-minute registrations. We indicate on our web site when a higher rate will take effect (see sample at right). You can avoid paying the higher course fee by registering early.


4. Rescheduling Flexibility.

We know your schedule might change after you've made an early registration. As long as you give us more than 14 days notice before the class starts, you can reschedule to a later class date or even a different location (assumes availability) without charge.


5. Register Now, Pay Later.

Unlike some training companies, we don't have “aggressive” payment policies like charging your credit card the moment you register. At ONLC we won't charge your credit card until roughly a week before the class. Register now; get charged later!


For more about registering with ONLC, including our free audit policy, payment options and satisfaction guarantee statement, see Registration Details or contact an ONLC Advisor at the toll free number below.