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Project management skills are needed in almost every field and can put you ahead of the rest of the workforce. Get CompTIA Project+ (Plus) certification training AND an exam voucher when you attend the class at ONLC.

Project+ certification is a vendor-neutral credential from CompTIA that proves one's competency in project management. Project+ covers the project life cycle, from initiation and planning through execution, acceptance, support and closure. CompTIA Project+ certification validates that project managers and team members have the classic project management skills to help them complete projects on time and within budget. Job titles that use this credential include Project Manager, Business Analyst and Project team member. There are no prerequisites and candidates are not required to submit an application.

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All CompTIA classes with ONLC include the cost of the authorized exam. For this class that's a value of $358! Students schedule directly with Pearson VUE, CompTIA's approved test provider.

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Exam Prep Included
All of our CompTIA certification classes include access to web-based practice exams. CompTIA certification exams are very rigorous and challenging. By studying after the class and using these practice exams, you will greatly improve your chances of passing the actual certification exam the first time.

Attend hands-on, live training from any of ONLC's training centers coast to coast click link for a fully equipped, interruption-free environment, or attend from the convenience of your own location click link. Training is via remote instructor and fully interactive either way.

Project+ Certification Training Class Schedule

CompTIA Project+ Certification Training

If you are taking this course, you probably have some professional exposure to the duties of a project manager, or you may be embarking on a career in professional project management. As a project manager, the ability to demonstrate best practices in project management—both on the job and through professional certification—is becoming the standard to compete in today's fast-paced and highly technical workplace. In this course, you will apply the generally recognized practices of project management to successfully manage projects.

Project managers are always under severe pressure to complete projects on time and within budget. However, most projects fail to meet these demands and as a result, many projects are terminated early. Successful project management requires knowledge and experience. This course is designed to provide you with the skills needed to be a successful project manager in today's rapidly changing world. Additionally, this course can be a significant part of your preparation for the CompTIA® Project+™ certification exam. The skills and knowledge you gain in this course will help you avoid making costly mistakes and increase your competitive edge in the project management profession.

Course Objectives
In this course, you will apply recognized practices of project management and understand a project’s life cycle, roles, and skills necessary to effectively initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control and close a project.

You will
• Identify the fundamentals of project management.
• Initiate a project.
• Create project plans, stakeholder strategies, and scope statement.
• Develop a work breakdown structure and activity lists.
• Develop project schedule and identify the critical path.
• Plan project costs.
• Create project staffing and quality management plans.
• Create an effective communication plan.
• Create a risk management plan, perform risk analysis, and develop a risk response plan.
• Plan project procurements.
• Develop change management and transition plans
• Assemble and launch the project team to execute the plan.
• Execute the project procurement plan.
• Monitor and control project performance.
• Monitor and control project constraints.
• Monitor and control project risks.
• Monitor and control procurements.
• Perform project closure activities.

Exam Prep Software INCLUDED
All of our CompTIA classes include access to web-based practice exams. CompTIA certification exams are very rigorous and challenging. By studying after the class and using these practice exams, you will greatly improve your chances of passing the actual certification exam the first time. Exam prep software is included with all CompTIA classes delivered by ONLC Training Centers.

ONLC’s Exam Pass Guarantee INCLUDED
ONLC’s CompTIA certification classes come with an Exam Pass Guarantee. What that essentially means is that we want to make sure that everyone is taking advantage of the Practice Test that we are providing and achieve and 85% or better in Certification Mode prior to us releasing the initial exam voucher. The practice test is typically ordered the first day of class and emailed to each student. Once you email us at [email protected] with proof of the 85% or better, we will go ahead and release the exam voucher to you within 24 hours. Should you fail on the first attempt, we will then give you a second voucher. However, should you decide to not take the practice exam or to take the exam without first achieving the 85% in certification mode, the Exam Pass is null and void. Please read through our:
Exam Pass Guarantee

Additional Notes Regarding CompTIA Certification Exams
As with most professional IT certifications, many addition hours of study are required before the class (meeting the prerequisites) and after the class (reviewing exam objectives and practice questions). Expect to spend a significant number of hours studying outside of the class before you take a CompTIA or any other IT professional exam.

Target Student
This course is designed for individuals in various job roles who have a basic knowledge of project management, and who participate in small to medium scale projects.

This course is also designed for students who are seeking the CompTIA® Project+® certification and who want to prepare for the CompTIA® Project+® PK0-005 Certification Exam. A typical student taking the CompTIA® Project+® PK0-005 Certification Exam should have a minimum of 12 months of project management experience. Experience with specific project management software is helpful, but not mandatory.

To ensure your success, you should be familiar with basic project management concepts.

Basic computing skills and some experience using Microsoft Office are desirable but not required. You can obtain this level of skills and knowledge by taking one or more courses in Microsoft Office curriculum. For example:
Microsoft Word Introduction
Excel Introduction


Lesson 1: Defining Project Management Fundamentals
Topic A: Identify Project Management Basics
Topic B: Describe the Project Life Cycle
Topic C: Identify Organizational Influences on Project Management
Topic D: Define Agile Methodology

Lesson 2: Initiating the Project
Topic A: Identify the Project Selection Process
Topic B: Prepare a Project SOW
Topic C: Create a Project Charter
Topic D: Identify Project Stakeholders

Lesson 3: Planning the Project
Topic A: Identify Project Management Plan Components
Topic B: Determine Stakeholder Needs
Topic C: Create a Scope Statement

Lesson 4: Preparing to Develop the Project Schedule
Topic A: Develop a WBS
Topic B: Create an Activity List
Topic C: Identify the Relationships between Activities
Topic D: Identify Resources
Topic E: Estimate Time

Lesson 5: Developing the Project Schedule
Topic A: Develop a Project Schedule
Topic B: Identify the Critical Path
Topic C: Optimize the Project Schedule
Topic D: Create a Schedule Baseline

Lesson 6: Planning Project Costs
Topic A: Estimate Project Costs
Topic B: Estimate the Cost Baseline
Topic C: Reconcile Funding and Costs

Lesson 7: Planning Human Resources and Quality Management
Topic A: Create a Human Resource Plan
Topic B: Create a Quality Management Plan

Lesson 8: Communicating During the Project
Topic A: Identify Communication Methods
Topic B: Create a Communications Management Plan

Lesson 9: Planning for Risk
Topic A: Create a Risk Management Plan
Topic B: Identify Project Risks and Triggers
Topic C: Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
Topic D: Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
Topic E: Develop a Risk Response Plan

Lesson 10: Planning Project Procurements
Topic A: Collect Project Procurement Inputs
Topic B: Prepare a Procurement Management Plan
Topic C: Prepare Procurement Documents

Lesson 11: Planning for Change and Transitions
Topic A: Develop an Integrated Change Control System
Topic B: Develop a Transition Plan

Lesson 12: Executing the Project
Topic A: Direct the Project Execution
Topic B: Execute a Quality Assurance Plan
Topic C: Assemble the Project Team
Topic D: Develop the Project Team
Topic E: Manage the Project Team
Topic F: Distribute Project Information
Topic G: Manage Stakeholder Relationships and Expectations

Lesson 13: Executing the Procurement Plan
Topic A: Obtain Responses from Vendors
Topic B: Select Project Vendors

Lesson 14: Monitoring and Controlling Project Performance
Topic A: Monitor and Control Project Work
Topic B: Manage Project Changes
Topic C: Report Project Performance

Lesson 15: Monitoring and Controlling Project Constraints
Topic A: Control the Project Scope
Topic B: Control the Project Schedule
Topic C: Control Project Costs
Topic D: Manage Project Quality

Lesson 16: Monitoring and Controlling Project Risks
Topic A: Monitor and Control Project Risks

Lesson 17: Monitoring and Controlling Procurements
Topic A: Monitor and Control Vendors and Procurements
Topic B: Handling Legal Issues

Lesson 18: Closing the Project
Topic A: Deliver the Final Product
Topic B: Close Project Procurements
Topic C: Close a Project

Dates Times Location Price
6/24/24 - 6/28/24 Live Online from our site or yours. $2,495

7/29/24 - 8/2/24 Live Online from our site or yours. $2,495

8/26/24 - 8/30/24 Live Online from our site or yours. $2,495

9/30/24 - 10/4/24 Live Online from our site or yours. $2,495

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Project+ Certification at ONLC Training Centers

Project+ Certification Learning Path

CompTIA Project+ supports the creation of a project management culture in any organization. It validates that project managers and team members have the classic project management skills to help them complete projects on time and within budget.

To achieve this certification you must pass the authorized exam. You can prepare for the exam by attending the ONLC's live, instructor-led course that includes a CompTIA exam voucher.

Instructor-led Authorized Course
(click course title for outline & dates)

CompTIA Project+ Certification Training (with Exam Voucher) (5 days)
In this five day course, you will acquire the necessary skills to plan and implement IT projects that will positively impact your organization. You will Initiate, Plan, Execute, Control, and Close an IT Project, using the best practices of Project Management, utilizing Project Management tools and techniques, and always with the knowledge of the Project Budget and Schedule, where it has been, where it is now, and based on the historical budget and schedule data, where the it will be in the future and at its completion date. A CompTIA exam voucher is included with the class.
See CompTIA Project+ course outline & dates

CompTIA Project+ Certification Exam


Exam Provider
Pearson VUE is the authorized testing provider for CompTIA certification exams. Pearson VUE offers exams at their network of testing centers and online. Candidates schedule their exam directly with Pearson Vue. Once you pass the authorized exam, you will receive a digital badge for the certification. Anyone who views your badge can select it to learn about your skills and verify its authenticity.

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