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FAQs on ONLC's Remote Classroom Instruction and Classes

Live, Online Instructor-led Classes: FAQs

Live, Hands-on Training with an Online Instructor*

Thanks to our Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI™) technology, ONLC's live, instructor-led classes are fully interactive no matter what location you choose—an ONLC center click for details or your own location click for details.

Our instructors can see all the work you're doing on the computer and can take control of a student's computer to provide direct assistance. You'll use the software and do hands-on exercises* throughout the class under the guidance and support of our professional instructor.

Students can speak directly with the instructor anytime during class and participate in class discussions via a hands-free phone bridge. You'll be able to hear other class participants attending from other locations as we find Q&As are typically helpful for everyone's learning.


Class & Delivery Format FAQS

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Most instructors use a webcam during introductions and briefly following breaks to “put a face to the voice.” The webcam is not running throughout the course. You will be able to see the instructor’s computer as they're typically doing the class exercises along with you to help you follow better, plus you'll be able to view any presentation components. In an ONLC classroom there's an additional monitor specifically for viewing the instructor's presentation.
You simply voice your question. Speaker phones and a phone bridge connect the audio from each attendee with the instructor. You can ask questions, ask for help, participate in any class discussions all just by speaking up.

Students are encouraged to use the mute feature when not speaking to eliminate extraneous noises.
We limit most class enrollments to 12 students. Though demand for our classes often exceeds that number, we keep our classes small to ensure for individual attention from our instructor.
Our training rooms can typically seat 1-4 students. We do NOT put students for different class titles in the same room. If no one else registers for the exact same course title, date and location as you, then you will be the only student in that training room.

See ONLC's COVID policy click for details
We offer ALL courses at ALL ONLC centers. For example, if we're offering Microsoft Excel Introduction on November 3rd, then you can register for that class at any of our hundreds of training centers across the country (assumes early registration for availability). If you prefer, you may register to attend class from your own location with easy setup (review setup ).

As we're nearing the start of a class you may find that date is sold out (registrations typically limited to 12 students nationwide to ensure for individual attention), OR the requested ONLC center does not have availability. We have a fixed number of training rooms at each training center and offer hundreds of course titles each day so centers fill quickly. Training rooms are assigned on a first-registered basis. We do NOT place students attending different titles in the same training room.
Most classes are held WEEKDAYS with days consecutive for multi-day classes. As we're combining enrollments across multiple time zones, your class hours are based on your time zone:

10:00 am - 4:45 pm (Eastern Time)
9:00 am - 3:45 pm (Central Time)
8:00 am - 2:45 pm (Mountain Time)
7:00 am - 1:45 pm (Pacific Time)

Your exact class times will be noted in the email confirming registration. Ending times are estimated as actual times can vary based on class progress.

Some Cisco titles and those with instructors from another provider may have extended class times.

TIP: On the course outline page place your cursor on a class date. A small window will open with class hours by time zone.
Just speak up to ask for help. The instructor can see your computer screen and can take over control of the computer to provide you with direct attention and help.
We have a supportline posted in each classroom. Just as our instructor can, ONLC techs can take over control of a student's computer to provide direct assistance.
ONLC's classrooms are equipped with computers, hands-free phone and internet access needed for class. If your course uses digital courseware you'll receive an email a few days before class with instructions for accessing the training materials. If your class uses hard copy materials, those will be waiting for you in your training room.

Yes. To do so you will need at minimum a computer running Windows or Mac OS with high-speed internet connection, audio (computer mic & speaker, USB headset with microphone, or hands-free phone with unlimited long-distance calling) and no firewalls to prevent our connections. See our helpful easy setup video click for details.

TIP: If web registering click ENROLL under the desired course date. Our locations window will open. Click the top button Enroll Home/Office then complete the registration form and click Submit.

NOTE: A wheeled mouse is needed for AutoCAD training. A trackpad is not sufficient as AutoCAD is heavily dependent on selecting points and right clicking for additional menus.

Not if you're attending class from an ONLC center. Everything should be set up and ready for you.

If you have chosen to attend class from your own location then you will need to install the conference connections—a simple 10-minute process to get you up and running. You do not have to own or install the titled software for the class as you will be accessing the software that's running on ONLC's computers.
Yes. Digital courseware is used for most titles. Students should receive a separate email a few days before class that outlines what to do to access the digital courseware during and after class.

If your class title uses hard copy materials, the training materials are shipped directly to the class location. Home/Office attendees should receive their materials at the address they designated on the registration form 2-3 business days before class. The hard copy manual is yours to keep when you complete the class. Due to copyright restrictions ONLC cannot provide an alternate format for manuals.
Yes. There’s typically one short break in the morning and one in the afternoon to allow students to use restrooms, get a drink and so on. There is also a lunch break of 30-45 minutes. The duration for all breaks depends upon how well the class is progressing through the course material.
We invite students attending class at an ONLC center to dress casually and comfortably. We do not use a video link from your end so neither the instructor nor other participants can see you during class.
No, but you're welcome to bring food with you to an ONLC center or visit nearby dining options.
As that information varies by site, please visit the directions page the specific ONLC center. Any fees associated with parking or travel are at the student's expense. See list of ONLC locations click for details.

TIP: To determine what ONLC locations are near you, enter your city/state in the input box or click a state on the map on our locations page click for details. Once on an individual site page, click on the Route Names, Parking, Mass Transit or other blue arrowed listings to view details.
Yes. Once your full attendance for the class has been confirmed by our corporate office a Certificate of Completion will be emailed to you (.pdf format).

Students attending vendor authorized classes will receive the vendor's certificate of completion; students attending ONLC titles will receive an ONLC certificate of completion.

ONLC cannot provide a certification of completion for ITIL classes, however, those students may request a letter confirming course attendance only from ONLC.
In a web seminar, you typically just listen and watch an instructor's presentation. There isn't a hands-on component. In many web seminars, you can't ask questions except for typing chat messages.

ONLC classes have hands-on access to the software for labs and you can ask questions freely and participate in class discussions via hands-free device. You'll also be able to hear questions posed by other students regardless of their location as we feel that's helpful for everyone's learning plus you can speak directly with the instructor.
You may have participated in a web-based class where the instructor presents to a group in a web seminar fashion. Sometimes called "synchronous" training, the "live" component of the class is when everyone is connected to the instructor presentation. This live lecture will go on with very little "doing" or interaction on your part. During these sessions, an instructor can present to a large group of students (easily 30 or more) because it is mostly one-way communication.

Then after the lecture, students schedule lab time where they can access servers that have the course software loaded. During the lab time students work independently. They can e-mail the instructor if they have questions or problems during the labs.

In contrast to other blended solutions, ONLC students experience a flow of interaction just as if the instructor was in the same room. You listen to and watch the instructor. Then you experiment and practice with the software. If you get stuck during an exercise or lab, you can ask for help—right then by talking. In our classes you don't have to schedule lab time—the exercises/labs take place while you're in class working with the instructor. Our instructor can view all of the work you're doing on the computer and if needed can take over control of your computer to work directly with you.

Our average class size is small—limited typically to no more than 12 students nationwide to ensure for personalized attention from the instructor.
No. Though it likely costs us more if there's a residential delivery, we do not pass on the added expense to students.
The best candidates for our classes are those with good mouse and computer skills and for whom English is the primary language. If you're not sure if RCI is right for you call our toll free number (800.288.8221) to speak with one of our Education Advisors.
No pressure, we have a money back guarantee click for details. If you are not satisfied with the quality of a class, simply tell your instructor by the lunch break on the first class day to receive a refund. If you have hard copy materials you will need to return the courseware to ONLC—leave it the ONLC classroom or ship it to our corporate HQ if a home/office attendee. In cases where digital courseware is used there is a deduction if the digital copy has been accessed.

For most people, live, online classes are a great option. We've worked to put quality conferencing technology in place so that you will see very little difference between live, online training and a class with the instructor physically in the same room. But don't take our word for it. We survey class participants from time to time and ask if they would take another course in this format. Over 92% have said that they would. See what students have said about ONLC's classes click for details.

Yes, we do!...

  • ONLC On-Demand: This self-study format usually includes video tutorials, live labs, assessments and digital courseware. You'll have 24/7 access to your course for an extended period of time (varies by course title). ONLC On-Demand training is a great solution for those who can't take time off from work to attend our live classes, for those who perfer to study on their own, and for those who only need to learn or brush up on select skills and features.
    See On-Demand, self-study course options click for details.

  • Private Group Training. We have complete solutions so training coordinators and managers can successfully upskill their teams while maintaining their budget. Training can be via our public schedule or private sessions delivered virtually or on-site. For private training, content can be customized to meet your specific needs and technologies. To learn more and to receive a price quote go to Group Training click for details.



If you have any questions about our training formats, our classes or policies please contact our Education Advisors for assistance via the chat feature or by calling:




* Details on this page are for public, live, instructor-led training (ILT) classes only. This information is not applicable for On-Demand self-study, self-paced class titles. ILT classes not addressing a specific software application, such as Business Process topics, have less of a hands-on component and are more lecture/presentation delivery.