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CEU, CPE and PDU credits with classes at ONLC Training Centers

Get Professional Credits Attending ONLC's Classes

Many of ONLC's courses are approved for professional education credits. Below you'll find details for three types of professional credits: CEU, CPE, and PDU that may be available when you attend classes with ONLC Training Centers.

To apply for credit, the student must contact the appropriate agency or educational institution and follow their instructions.

Certificate* of Training provided after fully attending an ONLC class is your proof of course completion.
Retain it for reporting purposes.

CEU Credits

CEU is the abbreviation for Continuing Education Units. According to the terms of the Council on Continuing Education, an organization is not required to be authorized by the state or federal government in order to be a CEU sponsor.

One (1) CEU is awarded for each 10 hours of instruction. In general, a full day class at ONLC Training Centers qualifies for 0.70 CEUs.

ONLC Training Centers does not guarantee CEU credits. You must submit your credit hours to the governing organization and they will determine if they will issue credit. You may be required to submit a copy of your course certificate (provided after class), and the course outline which can be obtained from our website.

A transcript can be made available upon request if deemed necessary by the governing organization.


CPE Credits

CPE is the abbreviation for Continuing Professional Education. CPE credits are determined by individual state boards. The state board has final approval on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit.

One CPE credit is awarded for each 50 minutes of instruction.
In general, our classes qualify for 8 CPE credits per class day.


ONLC has entered into a sponsorship agreement with the following states. You should provide the corresponding sponsorship number when submitting your hours to these state boards:

New Jersey: 20CE00096200  Pennsylvania: #PX-177217

No Sponsorship Required

The following states do not offer or require a sponsorship agreement with training providers. You may take and submit our courses to satisfy your CPE requirements. ONLC's courses have been designed to meet or exceed current State Board self-study standards. However, State Boards have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit.

Alaska Georgia Maryland New Hampshire Vermont
Alabama Idaho Massachusetts New Mexico Virginia
Arizona Indiana Michigan North Dakota Washington
California Iowa Missouri Rhode Island Wisconsin
Colorado Kentucky Montana South Dakota Wyoming
Connecticut Maine Nebraska Utah  
Delaware   Nevada    


You may be required to submit a transcript along with a copy of your course certificate. Transcripts are available upon request.


PDU Credits

Per Project Management Institute (PMI), Professional Development Units (PDUs) are used to quantify approved learning and professional service activities for Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®, Project Management Professional (PMP)® and Program Management Professional (PgMP)® credential holders.

Calculation for PDU credit is: One (1) contact hour of learning relevant to project and/or program management within a structured activity or course EQUALS one (1) PDU.

ONLC students can earn 7 PDUs per day of an approved ONLC class




Project Management Professional Certification Exam Preparation PMPPREP2021 35 3452RR6SYK
PDCCEP: Project Management Professional Certification Exam Preparation PDCCEP-PMP 35 3452DQ48NE
XPRP05: CompTIA Project+ Certification Training XPRP05 35 3452NZO15G
WMPI19: Microsoft Project 2019 Introduction WMPI19D 14 3452GO3XYQ
AX5301: Microsoft Project Level 2: Mastering Project (55301) AX5301 21 3452M4C8RK


XBAITP: Business Analysis for the IT Professional XBAITP-BA 28 3452Y7S76N
Business Process Analysis and Management XBABPA 28 34520CM6YK
XBAMST: Effective Methods of Software Testing Workshop XBAMST-BA 21 3452S2SJ1H
XBAUCD: Effective Use Case Development XBAUCD-BA 28 3452OKAXF2
XBAMDT: Modeling Techniques for the Business Analyst XBAMDT-BA 28 3452RWOQTU
XBASQA: Software Quality Assurance XBASQ-BA 21 34528O8ZUI


Power BI
PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst APL300 21 3452PR6V1D
Microsoft BI Tools: PowerPivot and Interactive Visualizations BEBT16 21 3452VI02MS
Microsoft BI Tools: Power BI for Excel Users BPBEX1 14 3452203TP2
Microsoft BI Tools: DAX Formulas for Dynamic Tables BDXM01 14 3452YJQ2TW
Microsoft BI Tools: Get and Transform Data BPQM01 7 3452E08G8K
Power BI Intermediate BPBINT 14 3452JLPV61
R Programming Introduction (With Power BI and Tableau Integrations) XRPINP 14 3452PYXA94
DA-100: Analyzing Data with Power BI - A100  (retired) ADA100 28 3452BKJ91Z
Power Apps & Power Automate
Power Apps: Introduction for End Users RPAI65 14 3452M0TYVF
Power Apps and Power Automate: Building Business Solutions RPABBS 14 3452T8O0O4
Microsoft Power Automate: Introduction for End Users RFLI65 14 34527BMDS3
Microsoft Forms with Power Automate (Flow) RFM365 7 3452CEZV8K
Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) Introduction for End Users  (retired) RFL365 7 3452LIF9U5
Power Apps and Power Automate (Flow) Level 1: Designing Modern Forms and Workflows  (retired) RPAFL2 21 345276PYH1
Power Apps and Power Automate (Flow) Level 2: Building Business Solutions with Power Apps and Power Automate (Flow)  (retired) RPAFBS 21 3452NA85QI


ITIL 4 Foundation Certification  (3-day class) XIL104-3D 21 3452LOSLKY
ITIL 4 Foundation Certification  (2-day class) XIL104 14 3452X6TB3I


Google Ads Introduction XGA1AW 7 3452M3R7MB
Google Ads Advanced XGA2AW 7 34529T1TH1
Google Analytics Introduction XGAIAN 14 3452GDOFLH
Google Analytics Advanced with Tag Manager XGA3AN 7 3452T9TP93
Google Classroom: Essentials for Teachers XGC1ET 7 3452Q2H5HN
Google Docs XGA1DO 7 3452XZM18S
Google Forms XGA1FO 7 3452EWARBI
Google Gmail XGAG01 7 3452SWQ2WQ
Google Sheets Introduction XGA1SH 7 34529TON1L
Google Sheets Data Analysis and Visualization XGA1SD 7 3452D8SXAY
Google Sheets Formulas and Functions XGA1SF 7 3452UPW2XS
Google Slides XGA1SL 7 34522JIM53
Google Workspace Collaboration with Drive, Apps & Meet XGAC01 7 34524B6M2L


WACI19: Access 2019 Introduction WACI19B 14 3452TGYZZW
WACI19: Access 2019 Advanced WACM19B 14 34520KNDQ6
WACI16: Access 2016 Introduction WACI16 14 3452CLIJFY
WACM16: Access 2016 Advanced WACM16 14 34527P25V8
WEX119: Excel 2019 Introduction WEX119 7 3452KNRKJA
WEXL19: Excel 2019 Large Workbooks, Formulas & Functions WEXL19 7 3452O9LTRZ
WEXC19: Excel 2019 Charts, Formatting & Reporting WEXC19 7 34520RW7CD
WEXD19: Excel 2019 Database Features & Pivot Tables WEXD19 7 345270EG24
WEXT19: Excel 2019 Tips, Tricks & Timesavers WEXT19 7 34524ULOE5
WEX116: Excel 2016 Introduction WEX116 7 3452UCVUO8
WEXL16: Excel 2016 Large Workbooks, Formulas & Functions WEXL16 7 3452U8HMGB
WEXC16: Excel 2016 Charts, Formatting & Reporting WEXC16 7 3452ZGXUHR
WEXD16: Excel 2016 Database Features & Pivot Tables WEXD16 7 3452X8C4Y1
WEXT16: Excel 2016 Tips, Tricks & Timesavers WEXT16 7 3452KKW1OQ
WEXF16: Excel 2016 Forecasting & What If Analysis WEXF16 7 3452DELVBX
Office 365
Office 365 Power User WOIR65 7 3452U06NCJ
Microsoft Office OneNote WON116 7 3452GUAX3Q
Outlook 365 Introduction for the Web WOU365 7 3452QDL6WT
Outlook Introduction WOU119 7 345225N82X
Outlook Intermediate WOU219 7 3452OWAR1J
WPP119: PowerPoint 2019 Introduction WPP119 7 3452WWT93X
WPP219: PowerPoint 2019 Beyond the Basics WPP219 7 3452VCLM25
WPPT19: PowerPoint Tips, Tricks and Timesavers WPPT19 7 34520EL4LX
WPP116: PowerPoint 2016 Introduction WPP116 7 34520BMQV4
WPP216: PowerPoint 2016 Beyond the Basics WPP216 7 3452G1OO87
WPPST16: PowerPoint Tips, Tricks and Timesavers WPPT16 7 3452YDTBW5
WVS119: Visio Introduction WVS119 7 3452CS0PI9
WVS219: Visio Advanced WVS219 7 3452D2NDGC
WWD119: Word 2019 Introduction WWD119 7 34520XYR19
WWD219: Word 2019 Intermediate WWD219 7 3452SW20KI
WWD319: Word 2019 Advanced WWD319 7 3452CZX83X
WWDT19: Word Tips, Tricks & Timesavers WWDT19 7 3452KGW600
WWDT16: Word 2016 Tips, Tricks & Timesavers WWDT16 7 345241VOC7


Microsoft Teams for Power Users WTMR65 7 34521TIY0Z
Microsoft Teams with Office 365 WTM365 7 3452D71MH6
Microsoft Teams Intermediate WTMM65 7 3452BVWI6B
Microsoft Teams Advanced WTMV65 7 3452IVE4PT
Microsoft Teams Administrator WTMA65 7 3452O294B9
MS-700: Managing Microsoft Teams for Administrators AMS700 35 345246XKJW


XSCRMC: Scrum Master Certified XSCRMC 14 34521ROST4


XSP601: CompTIA Security+   (ILT or On-Demand format) XSP601 35 3452ADJ92P


SharePoint Online Introduction for End Users WSP1OL 7 3452TSO2UD
SharePoint Online for Administrators (55238) A55238 21 3452QRRYQ0
SharePoint Online/2019 for Power Users (55215/55286) WSPUOL 28 3452VUCF2O


Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction for Novice Users XTBINS 21 3452HCO00U
Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction for Experienced IT Professionals XTBI20 14 3452333QNI
Tableau Desktop Level 2: Beyond the Basics XTB2NS 14 3452MC6VRO
Tableau Desktop Level 3: Dashboard Deep Dive XTB320 14 34527H91JT
Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction for Novice Users  (retired) XTB120 21 3452CQPADA
Tableau Desktop Level 2: Beyond the Basics  (retired) XTB220 14 3452K7CW4P
Tableau Prep: Introduction  (retired) XTBP10 14 3452VB7Q44
Tableau Desktop Tips, Tricks and New Features  (retired) XTBT20 14 3452EUUV98

ONLC's PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.) number:   3452

You can submit for credit after attending an above ONLC class via PMI's online CCR system.

If the course you attended is not on ONLC’s approved PDU list (above), ONLC Training Centers does not guarantee PDU credits. You may request credit for other ONLC classes directly from PMI. PMI will review and determine on a case-by-case basis if the training you attended qualifies for PDU credits.

To apply for credit for a course not on ONLC's approved PDU list you will need to:

  • Submit a completed PDU Activity Reporting Form (PDF).
  • Submit documentation about your class. This may include but is not limited to (1) your course certificate and (2) the course outline from ONLC's web site. These resources may also be available upon request.



To learn more about our classes or in the event of questions contact our Education Advisors weekdays via chat or by phone:


* Per AXELOS guidelines training centers are NOT allowed to issue a certificate of completion for ITIL classes. Students who have attended ITIL classes with ONLC may request ITIL attendance letter confirming course attendance only.

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