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Microsoft Copilot Training Classes & Certification

Explore what's possible when you attend Microsoft Copilot classes with ONLC Training Centers.

Our Microsoft Copilot instructor-led classes are designed to help you harness this smart assistant for a variety of tasks, whether you’re working in administration, handling data, creating graphics, programming or dealing with cybersecurity. With Copilot, you can automate repetitive tasks, get helpful suggestions, and streamline your workflow. Imagine having a virtual assistant that can help you draft emails, organize schedules, analyze data, or even suggest design or security ideas—all with just a few simple prompts.

People are turning to Copilot because it saves time and reduces stress in many different roles. Copilot can manage calendars, draft documents, and enhance communication. Data professionals can quickly analyze data, create visualizations, and automate routine reports. Graphic designers benefit from design suggestions, layout ideas, and faster creative processes. This AI-driven tool can give you instant tips and ideas on your latest coding project and help safeguard IT systems with advanced threat detection and predictive analytics. With Copilot, you can offload tedious tasks and it just might uncover issues you didn't realize.

Register now for Copilot training classes with ONLC to boost your efficiency and productivity. Our online instructor-led classes ensure you understand and utilize these tools effectively. As AI becomes more integral to various industries, mastering these advanced tools will enhance your value in your current role and could open new career opportunities. Don’t miss out—register for ONLC's Copilot classes today to transform the way you work!

Free Microsoft Copilot Classes with ONLC

FREE CLASSES: Microsoft Copilot

Attend our FREE, 90-minute Microsoft Copilot classes to learn how this AI-powered assistant can help with tasks like brainstorming, creating documents and images, collaborating and so much more. Classes are live online with an instructor. Multiple titles available for end users, business managers and developers. Space is limited. Register now to take advantage of this training opportunity to learn about Microsoft Copilot!

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Request a C3 conversation with ONLC to explore how Copilot can enhance your  business.

Copilot Catalyst Conversations (C3) for Organizational Leaders

Request a FREE, no-obligation C3 session with ONLC to explore how Copilot can dramatically transform your organization's workflows, boost productivity, and drive innovation especially with Office programs Excel, Word and PowerPoint. We'll also provide recommendations for next steps in educating and empowering your team to fully leverage Copilot. C3 is appropriate for companies at any stage of AI planning or implementation.

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Live, Instructor-led Copilot Training Classes

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Instructor-led training (ILT) for Copilot is live and hands-on with an online instructor. For most people that's the best way to learn computer technology. Our Copilot classes are fully interactive, led and supported by the trainer who can see all of your work and provide direct learning assistance. You can ask questions and participate in class discussions simply by speaking up. Attend our instructor-led classes from any of ONLC's training centers coast to coast click link for an interruption free learning environment, or from the convenience of your own location using your equipment. Courses are taught in English. See Copilot course titles.

Extra Value & Savings with Our Copilot Learning Courses

Get more value adds and savings options when you train with ONLC

You get more with ONLC! Train with confidence knowing we have a money-back satisfaction guarantee plus see the class a 2nd time with our optional free refresher course . These ONLC value-adds are available for our public, instructor-led training classes. We also have volume discount options which offer savings for those needing multiple generative AI courses or to get multiple people trained. The more you pre-purchase, the higher the learning discount. See Savings Options click link.

Microsoft Copilot Group Training: Onsite or Online

Group Training from ONLC

ONLC's Group Training solutions for Copilot can help you save time and money upskilling your staff on this AI technology. Training can be delivered at your site or online, and for private sessions content can be customized to meet specific learning objectives, schedules and budgets. Whether training is for a group of 10 or a division of 1,000, ONLC has the skills, experienced trainers and support staff to make your Copilot training effective and successful. To learn more about our group training solutions and to request a price quote for custom Copilot training see Copilot Group Training click link .


Skills You Could Learn Attending ONLC's Copilot Hands-on Training Courses

Attending live, instructor-led training courses with ONLC will teach you how to get the most out of Copilot. Based on the Copilot course titles you choose you could learn:

  • Understand and explore ways to use Microsoft Copilot.
  • See how Copilot can enhance the way you work.
  • Discover how Copilot integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 applications.
  • Automate repetitive tasks with Copilot.
  • Explore how Copilot can help generate creative arts, marketing, and product development.
  • Work with this AI-driven tool to enhance cybersecurity measures and threat detection.
  • Find coding and security solutions using Copilot.

And there's more to come incorporating Copilot into everyday life as the exciting field of AI continues to develop!

Microsoft Copilot Classes, Schedule & Prices

Attend live instructor-led training classes for Copilot from any of ONLC's training centers coast to coast click link or from your own location click link with a very easy setup. Class dates, course outline, cost and web registration can be done from the course outline page - click the course title to view.

Click the title of the classes marked with the green flag () to see specific locations and dates of Ready to Run classes. Click the title of the classes marked with the yellow flag () to see specific locations and dates of Early Notice classes.

Class Information

Click Title for Dates & Outlines Days Fee
Copilot Planning for Organizational Leaders
AI-3017: Microsoft AI for Business Leaders 1 $495    
4A8: MS-4008: Copilot for Microsoft 365 Interactive Experience for Executives 1 $495    
Executive AI Roadmap: Guiding Your Organization to a Successful Generative AI Implementation with ChatGPT and Related Technologies 1 $495    
Preparing your IT Infrastructure for Copilot
4A6: MS-4006: Copilot for Microsoft 365 for Administrators 1 $495    
APL-4002: Prepare your Organization Security for Microsoft Copilot 1 $495    
4A7: MS-4007: Copilot for Microsoft 365 User Enablement Specialist 1 $495    
Copilot Upskilling Series: Half Day Classes for a Quick Start into AI
Introduction to Generative AI for Copilot Users 0.5 $195    
Copilot for Microsoft 365 0.5 $195    
Copilot in Edge and Windows 0.5 $195    
Using DALL-E 3 for Image Generation 0.5 $195    
Prompt Engineering 0.5 $195    
Copilot Basics for End-users
AI-3018: Copilot Foundations 1 $495    
4A5: MS-4005: Craft Effective Prompts for Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 1 $495    
4A4: MS-4004: Empower Your Workforce with Copilot for Microsoft 365 Use Cases 1 $495
Copilot Studio Low-Code/No-Code Development
4A9: MS-4009: Extend M365 Copilot with Copilot Studio 1 $495    
PL-7008: Create Copilots with Copilot Studio 1 $495    
Power Platform Low-Code/No-Code Development
PL-100: Microsoft Power Platform App Maker 3 $1795    
PL-200: Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant 5 $2795    
PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst 3 $1795
PL-400: Microsoft Power Platform Developer 5 $2795
PL-500: Microsoft Power Automate RPA Developer 5 $2995
PL-600: Microsoft Power Platform Solution Architect 4 $2395    
PL-7001: Create and Manage Canvas Apps with Power Apps 1 $495
PL-7002: Create and Manage Automated Processes by using Power Automate 1 $495    
PL-7003: Create and Manage Model-Driven Apps with Power Apps and Dataverse 1 $495    
Extending Copilot for Pro Developers
4A1: MS-4001: Build Collaborative Apps for Microsoft Teams 1 $495    
AI-3016: Develop Copilots with Azure AI Studio 1 $495    
4B0: MS-4010: Build Plugins and Connectors for Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 1 $495    
APL-2007: Accelerate App Development using GitHub Copilot 1 $495    
Copilot for Security
4B1: MD-4011: Enhance Endpoint Security with Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Copilot for Security 1 $495    
SC-5003: Implement Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention by Using Microsoft Purview 1 $495    
SC-5006: Get Started with Microsoft Copilot for Security 1 $495    
SC-5007: Implement Retention, eDiscovery, and Communication Compliance in Microsoft Purview 1 $495    
SC-5008: Configure and Manage Entitlement with Microsoft Entra ID 1 $495    

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Bonuses When You Complete Microsoft Copilot Training with ONLC

Attending a public, instructor-led Copilot class with ONLC comes with these added values:

  • ONLC is a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Training ServicesTraining with a Long-standing Microsoft Partner
    The Microsoft Copilot training you receive with ONLC, a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Training Services, can help you prep for Copilot certification, increase your AI knowledge, and enhance your resume! ONLC is a long-standing Microsoft Partner and we've been helping thousands through the years learn and embrace new Microsoft technologies.

  • Certificate of Completion
    Once your full attendance has been confirmed in a public ONLC instructor-led Copilot class, we'll send a Certificate of Completion to the e-address on the registration. Certificates are .pdf format so you will have a digital record to print/send as needed.

  • Optional Class Retake
    Need a second look at an ILT course you attended with ONLC? Our optional refresher course lets you repeat the same course one time (1x) for free within 12 months of your original Copilot. Some restrictions apply and are not applicable for On-Demand courses. See details click link.

  • Money Back Guarantee
    ONLC is committed to providing quality courses. With our Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee, you can get a refund if not satisfied on our public, instructor-led Copilot training. Some restrictions apply and are not applicable for On-Demand courses. See details click link.

Above applicable for publicly scheduled instructor-led classes only.

Frequently Asked Questions About Copilot

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot is an AI assistant powered by language models. Copilot receives your prompt then provides access to answers which can allow for higher efficiency and new ways to be creative.

What is a Prompt?

A prompt is a description of the task that the AI program is supposed to accomplish. It essentially is a question you pose to have the program provide the desired output. Your prompt should be clear with a specific goal stated and the more information and details you provide, the more accurately Copilot can respond.

Does Copilot work with other Microsoft products?

Microsoft created Microsoft Copilot to work well with their other applications including the Office suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and so on).

What about security and sharing of data using Microsoft Copilot?

Copilot for Microsoft 365 adheres to the security governance of your Microsoft 365 environment. Copilot learns from existing data and maintains security protocols within your Microsoft sytems/platform. Additionally, Microsoft Copilot is designed, developed, and deployed in a way that takes into account ethical, legal, and societal considerations.

Are there Microsoft certifications specifically for Copilot?

Microsoft has not introduced certifications solely for Microsoft Copilot. However, as Copilot is an AI assistant, you may want to consider Microsoft's official AI certifications. See Microsoft AI certifications click link.

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ONLC provides live, hands-on classes with an online instructor at our hundreds of training centers coast to coast. Our centers are fully equipped and provide an interruption-free environment to focus on learning. Find ONLC centers near me click link.


Train at Home

Live Microsoft Copilot Classes from Home
You can attend our same live, instructor-led Microsoft Copilot classes from the comfort and convenience of your own home. The setup is really easy and you don't have to have the class software on your device. Follow our easy setup video , and if you're still not sure about the setup after watching the video contact an ONLC Advisor toll free for assistance.


Group training available from ONLC

Group Training Option
ONLC offers complete learning solutions so training coordinators can quickly and successfully upskill their teams while maintaining their budget. Training can be via our public class schedule or private sessions delivered virtually or onsite. We can also customize content to meet the client's specific needs and technologies. To discuss our group training options and to receive a price quote complete our quick Group Training Request form or call 1.800.288.8221 (weekdays).



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