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Overview Watch how easy it is with this video
then watch the video below that
matches your setup!

One Computer, One Screen Using only one computer.

1 Computer, 2 Screens Using 1 computer with 2 monitors.

1 Computer, 2 Screens Using a computer plus a device.

Attend ONLC's Classes from Home
Computer + Internet + Audio

Live, instructor-led classes from home!

It's really easy to do...you've got this! Below is what you need and you can check out our videos for added assistance.

If you still have any hesitation whatsoever, speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives. They've helped thousands of people just like you connect to our classes from home.

Here's What You Need:

» One or More Computers (desktop laptop, tablet, TV).

  • If you have 1 computer running Windows or Mac OS with a large monitor, you are good. Note, ONLC classes are taught using Windows OS.

  • If you have a computer with multiple monitors or a desktop and a laptop, even better!
    Some students have even used a small TV and connected it to their computer to function as a second monitor.

    Watch the setup videos on this page then click here to test your connection Click to test connection. You are also invited to contact our customer service reps to discuss your setup. Be sure to do this BEFORE registering for any classes.

» High-speed Internet

  • Most standard home internet connections work fine. Nothing special needed here.
    If you have DSL or above you should be good.

» Hands-free Audio Device

  • You can use audio from your computer with a microphone (a standalone microphone, headset, or even a camera that has a microphone.) Most laptops will have a built-in microphone and speaker.

  • Or use your cell phone—be sure your charger is connected because you will be on the call for most of the day!

See Just How Easy - Watch the Videos!

Start with the Overview video so you can get a sense of how it all works.

Then watch the video that matches the equipment setup you have—one computer (single screen), one computer with two monitors, or a computer plus a separate device like a laptop or tablet.

Not Sure / Need Help?

If you're still not sure or if you have questions, please contact an ONLC Education Advisor to review your setup.


Operating System Note: The connection program we use works with Windows and Mac operating systems. ONLC's classes are taught using Windows-based programs.

Autodesk Class Note: Students attending Autodesk (AutoCAD, Revit) training need to use a wheeled mouse. A trackpad is not sufficient as AutoCAD and Revit are heavily dependent on selecting points and right clicking for additional menus.

Work Computer/VPN Note: If you hope to use an employer-assigned computer or work VPN there could be a firewall blocking our connection. You need to test the connection from that source prior to registering for training. Click here to test your connection Click to test connection.

Registering to Attend from Home/Office

Once you've confirmed your setup will work, you're ready to register for class. Specify Home/Office as your training location. You may register online (navigate to the course outline page on our website), or by calling our toll free number.

Within 24 hours of registering you should receive an email confirming your registration from your own location.

The day before your class starts you'll receive another email from ONLC with your connection instructions.

On the Morning of Your Class

Connect at least 30 minutes before the class starts. Support representatives are available starting 8:30am Eastern and remain available throughout the day to assist should there be issues. Just like our instructors, our support reps can connect to the computer you're accessing to provide direct assistance.

Information / Questions

To learn more about ONLC's class delivery please review our FAQs.

Again, if you have questions about attending class from home / office please contact an ONLC Education Advisor at: