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Remote Classroom Instruction

Attend ONLC's Classes from Your Home or Office via RCI™

Students may choose to attend our live, instructor-led classes from their home or office computer thereby saving travel expense and time. For this option the student will need to provide the following elements.

What You Need

  • Two Windows PCs or one PC with second monitor attached.
    We highly recommend the use of two screens so you can view the instructor presentation and digital courseware (when applicable) on a screen that's separate and alongside the computer upon which you'll be using to do the labs and exercises.

    If necessary, a separate tablet or laptop can be used to view the instructor’s presentation and the digital courseware (when applicable). It is possible to use one computer and toggle between multiple windows, however, it is not recommended.

  • A high-speed Internet connection (DSL or faster).
    The connections needed to the computers at the instructor's site use only about 75KB of bandwidth during the class. This means that the average home DSL or cable connection should provide more than enough bandwidth.

    Important Note: Some office environments have firewalls which can prevent those connections from being made. To test your internet connection to ensure there isn't a firewall issue...
Try our connection test

  • A Hands-free Audio device.
    Because your hands will be busy operating the computer keyboard and mouse throughout the class, you need a hands-free connection for the class audio, such as one of the following:

    • Speaker phone
    • Headset with microphone that plugs into your telephone
    • Computer speakers and microphone on computer/device for the instructor's presentation
    • USB plug headset with microphone on computer/device for the instructor's presentation.

    Important Note: The audio connection via telephone is a long-distance call for which toll charges apply. Classes are multiple hours long. We strongly suggest you verify that your location (home or business) has unlimited long-distance service.


To Register for Home/Office

If you have the proper setup as outlined above and a successful connection test result, you may opt to attend our classes from your own location.

For web registrations, navigate to the desired class outline on our web site. Dates are listed to the right of the course outline. Click ENROLL under the class date you prefer. A window will open with our location options. Click the first button, Enroll Home/Office, then our registration form should appear.

If you prefer, you may register by phone at 1-800-288-8221. Advisors are available weekdays between 8:00 am-6:00 pm Eastern. Inform the advisor you'd like to attend the class from your home/office during registration.


The Setup

The set up is easy. You do not need the software for the class on your computer. (This is especially important for technical classes that rely on complex software installations that require up to 8 gig of RAM!) The class software will be on the computer you'll connect to at the instructor's site.

Just install conferencing software.
You will need to install the two conferencing software applications that connect you into the classroom.

  • GotoMeeting™ should be installed on the computer you're using to watch the instructor's presentation and screen.

  • GotoMyPC™ should be installed on the computer you're using to do exercises and labs.

Both are easy to install. We provide the links to use in your registration confirmation email. You just click on those links then fill in a few prompts so you'll be ready to make your connections on the morning of class.



Morning of Class

Connect 30 minutes before the class. We'll send an email to you the day before class starts that has instructions on how to access your classroom connection and the phone bridge. Be sure to allow yourself 30 minutes of set up time before the start of the class so that you're ready to go as soon as class commences.

We have support professionals available should you need assistance the morning of and during class. Just like our instructors, the support staff can connect to the computer you're accessing to provide direct assistance. Call 1-800-288-8221 and advise our receptionist you need support for a virtual student.

More Information

To learn more about ONLC's class delivery format please review our FAQs page.


If you have questions about RCI or our classes please contact an ONLC Education Advisor at: