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Private Computer Training Classes for Groups

In addition to our public course schedule, ONLC offers private computer training classes and solutions for groups.

We have a variety of learning formats and training options that groups can use, so your needs can be matched efficiently and effectively. And ONLC will work with you to help determine the best solution that reduces your training costs and minimizes employee downtime!

ONLC can provide group training for hundreds of courses on our public schedule. Whether you're migrating to the cloud, rolling out an entirely new technology or upgrading to a new software version, we can get your team up to speed quickly.

Class Content Options

Larger groups might want to consider customized presentations that focus on specific features or removes topics in our public course. Classes can be repackaged into a lecture format, traditional hands-on delivery, on-demand self-study or combination thereof.

Some of ONLC's custom delivery options include:

  • Lecture Format Training
    90-minute, topic-specific lectures conducted in-person or virtually to staff attending from multiple locations. Multiple sessions are typically grouped in a day.

    Recent Examples:
    A US-based energy company was moving to Office 365 and wanted a custom Teams, Outlook, Word, Excel and OneNote “tips and tricks” sessions that showcased how these products should be used in their environment.

  • Hands-On Classes
    Private training delivered in full-day or half-day sessions. It can cover your high demand topics. Topics can be combined from multiple classes, or topics can be removed from our regular class to shorten its duration.

    Recent Examples:
    A large university wanted to quickly bring their IT staff up to speed on Power BI. They reviewed our standard 5-day Power BI class. Entry-level topics were removed and higher level topics related to DAX and how to Get and Transform data were added. This custom training was delivered as a 3-day class.

    A regional law firm wanted to teach its attorneys specific features of Visio. The two-day course content was reduced to one day, and the training was delivered in half-day sessions.

  • On-Demand Learning
    Our self-study courses complement live, instructor-led training. In addition to the standard content, we can record and repackage private group classes. These on-demand classes can be used for maintenance training for new employees, or for employees who missed the original live training sessions.

    Recent Examples:
    A global corporation was moving to Google Suite / G Suite. ONLC customized 90-minute introductions to Google Sheets, Doc, and Drive that were delivered to large groups. Those sessions were recorded and made available to individuals who were unable to attend the live sessions.

    A national convenience store wanted to promote the collaboration features of Office 365 as migrated from Google Suite / G Suite. We produced videos that highlighted the new features and those videos were used as part of their corporate communication strategy.

The majority of our group training events are delivered via remote instructor using our Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI) methodology. Participants attend from their home, office or a mix thereof. The instructor can still see and remotely control each student’s computer, providing assistance as needed. This is similar to how all ONLC public classes are delivered. With RCI, you don't have to have a classroom at your site, you can avoid travel expenses (our instructor & your attendees), and individuals can participate from multiple locations.

Live, onsite training is also available. Costs may include instructor travel costs, time and expenses plus meals and lodging depending on your location.

General Pricing

To assist you, here are some general pricing guidelines for private group training with the instructor teaching remotely:

  • End-User Training Estimate
    As low as $2,150 per day including training materials for up to 12 participants for hands-on training, or up to 100 participants per session in lecture format with up to 4 sessions per day. This price also includes setup and hosting of the remote labs for hands-on training.

  • Technical Training Estimate
    As low as $3,000 per day for up to 12 participants in a hands-on training format, and includes setup and hosting of the remote labs. The cost of training materials is not included. Training material costs vary significantly by title and typically range from $45 to $70 per day per person.

  • Alternative for Smaller Groups
    Private training can be prohibitively expensive for smaller groups. In those cases, we offer an alterative. Assuming you don't need customized content, your team can attend our public training at a significant discount. Complete the form below to receive a quote to train your small group using our public schedule.

More Information

An ONLC Group Training Advisor will work directly with you to determine the most cost-effective way to bring your staff up-to-speed quickly and efficiently.

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