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Machine Learning Classes

[Artifical Intelligence (AI)]


Machine Learning is an Artificial Intelligence technology whereby computer systems "learn" without being programmed to do so. Through algorithims and models, the system learns patterns in data so it can predict similar patterns in new data. These integrated analytics provide a basis to adapt and improve system performance.

There are multiple programs and technologies for Machine Learning including SQL, Azure, R, and Hadoop to name some, and you'll often hear Big Data, Analytics, Predictive Code, Statistics and similar terminology for this same field.

Use data analysis to take your business to a whole new level. Machine Learning simplifies data analysis and empowers you to find the answers your business needs. For example you can:

  • Predict Values. Forecast the future by estimating the relationship between variables such as estimating product demand, predicting sales and determining equipment servicing priorities.
  • Find Unusual Occurrences. Identify and predict rare or unusual data points such as predicting credit risk or fraud and catching abnormal equipment readings.
  • Predict Between Two Categories. Answers simple, two-choice questions such as “Is this tweet positive?” or “Will the customer renew their service?”
  • Predict between Several Categories. Answer complex questions with multiple possible answers such as “What is the mood of this tweet?” or “Which promotions draw more customers?”

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Machine Learning Classes

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Class Information
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Machine Learning
20774: Perform Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine Learning 5 $2795    
55162: Creating and Deploying in Minutes No-Code Predictive Analytics Using Azure Machine Learning 2 $1195    



Machine Learning Certification

Looking for Machine Learning Certification? Consider:

  • MCSA: Machine Learning
    This Microsoft certification demonstrates knowledge relevant to Machine Learning, Data Scientists and Data Analysts positions, particularly those who process and analyze large data sets using R and use Azure cloud services to build and deploy intelligent solutions. See certification details.



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