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Computer Training for Military & Government Personnel

Whether you need to meet requirements for a current position, transition to the civilian job market or enhance your resume, the training you get with ONLC can help prepare you for high-demand IT careers. And, in some cases you may be eligible to receive financial assistance or funding from a government or military program.

ONLC Training Centers is an approved training provider for several funding programs and has worked with military and government personnel who are using:

  • Department of Defense (DoD) 8570 / 8140
  • GSA Pricing / SF-182
  • COOL
  • Workforce / WIOA / TAA

We have been successfully training military personnel, government employees (local, state and federal) and those sponsored by Workforce / Department of Labor in the latest computer technology since our start in 1983.

Program FAQs

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Department of Defense ( DoD ) Directive 8570 / 8140 requires every full and part-time military service member, defense contractor and civilian employee with privileged access to US Department of Defense information systems (IS) to obtain industry certification credentials that have been accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

ONLC Training Centers has classes that are approved for this directive. DoD approved classes.
On January 3, 2000, the GSA issued an order that determined which Executive Agencies, other eligible users, and International Organizations are eligible for GSA pricing. ONLC Training Centers uses this list to determine our “most favored pricing” for approved clients.

ONLC will rule on a case-by-case basis for GSA pricing in response to requests received. More about GSA pricing

COOL is short for Credentialing Opportunities On-Line. COOL can provide funding for active-duty service members to take training needed for civilian job opportunities. Each branch of the military has its own COOL program with its own requirements.

Check your branch of service for COOL Program details. Once you have obtained funding contact an ONLC Education Advisor at 1-800-288-8221 (weekdays) to get started on training.

Army Credentialing Assistance (CA) Program provides Soldiers the opportunity to pay for credentials that can enhance their skills and qualifications. The CA Program can pay for courses and exams leading to industry-recognized academic or occupational credentials listed in Army COOL (www.cool.army.mil).

ONLC has many programs approved on the list. If you don't see the topic you need, please reach out to us. If the training leads to a credential, we may be able to add it.
ONLC accepts completed SF-182 forms that have approval signatures as payment for training. Clients using SF-182 forms need to register for training via phone (1-800-288-8221 weekdays) and email your approved SF-182 to ONLC.

Note, ONLC cannot hold a seat or register a student if the SF-182 is missing details or approval signatures. Additionally, receipt of a SF-182 form by ONLC does not guarantee a seat in a class. All requests are subject to availability at the time of registration. If you do not receive a reply by the next business day of emailing an approved SF-182 form you need to contact an ONLC Advisor at 1-800-288-8221 (weekdays).

For people thinking about changing their career or updating their skillsets or for those that are unemployed, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance from your local Department of Labor/Workforce Office. Workforce programs throughout the country may provide grants and other funding to offset the cost of training.

Workforce programs are generally county by county. Each agency has their own set of steps to an approval process. You must first contact your local workforce office to see if you qualify for assistance. Search the Internet for your Local Workforce Development Board that serves your county.

ONLC Training is authorized by many State Eligible Training Provider Lists (ETPL) and approved to accept Workforce funding from many States/Counties. Once you are approved for funding by your local workforce, they will give you access to a list of Eligible Training Providers. If you do not see Online Consulting dba ONLC Training Centers on the list please contact us so we can reach out to the agency on your behalf to investigate the process for approval.

ONLC has CareerPath Certification Programs available plus you can contact an ONLC Education Advisor at 1-800-288-8221 (weekdays) to discuss training.

The Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014 mandates states to maintain a list of training providers approved to provide training to individuals who are eligible to receive federal funds. The Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) is comprised of approved training providers and training programs approved by the Local Workforce Development Areas (LWDAs) and the State to provide training services to eligible WIOA participants. The State Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) and the related eligibility procedures ensure the accountability, quality and labor-market relevance of programs of training services provided to eligible WIOA participants.

If you have received WIOA funding, see our CareerPath Certification Programs and contact an ONLC Advisor at 1-800-288-8221 (weekdays) to discuss training.
The Trade Adjustment Assistance Act (TAA) of 1974, as amended, helps workers who lost their jobs because of international imports or competition. The federal TAA program includes job training and benefits. To receive TAA benefits, you must have lost a job covered by a trade certification issued by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL).

ONLC has re-trained many TAA students over the years and welcomes you. Please contact an ONLC Advisor at 1-800-288-8221 (weekdays).

Vocational Rehabilitation benefits include a host of services, including assistance with a new job search, occupational counseling, vocational retraining, and training sessions at a learning institution. The purpose is to help the injured worker get back to working and earning again. To qualify for federally funded vocational rehabilitation, you must: have a physical or mental condition that causes a "substantial impediment" to your ability to work, and. be able to benefit from VR services so that you can get a job.

ONLC has worked with many Voc Rehab offices to provide training. Each office has their own set of rules and regulations that they must follow in approving a vendor, so candidates need to check with their case manager to see if ONLC can help with your training needs.


ONLC Training Centers IS Online Consulting, Inc.

Our company is known as both ONLC Training Centers (our DBA name) and Online Consulting (our incorporated name). Please check for both business names if you must choose from an approved list of computer training providers. If you do not find either name listed, contact us at 1-800-288-8221 (weekdays). We can contact the funding agency to investigate their approval process and requirements for us to work with you.

Why Train with ONLC?

You get quality and much more with ONLC. Our training is immersive with hands-on exercises and labs* to ensure you're really learning and will be able to apply your skills and knowledge on the job.

Our live classes are led and supported by professional online instructors with decades of real-world experience plus years teaching adults. ONLC is an authorized training partner for many vendors (CompTIA, EC-Council, Microsoft technical just to name a few) and many of our certification programs include an exam prep, exam voucher and other value-adds.


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ONLC On-Demand Courses

Self-study, e-learning format

In addition to our live, instructor-led training, we have ONLC On-Demand which are self-study, e-Learning courses. These courses let you learn new skills and technologies on your own schedule, at your own pace and from your own place.

On-Demand courses are typically a blend of video tutorials, hands-on labs and exercises to help you build your skills and knowledge. You work hands-on with the software—these are NOT demonstration courses. When purchased, you'll have 24/7 access to your online course for a set period of months. Details can vary by title, so course specifics are listed in the course outline.

Be sure to verify that this learning format is approved for your funding program before purchasing an ONLC On-Demand course.
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Questions / More Information

If you have questions or need more information please contact an ONLC Education Advisor weekdays at:



* Government and Military funding programs are governed by those entities and thus subject to their requirements, restrictions, limitations, and deadlines with which ONLC must comply. ONLC does not offer nor can ONLC grant funding, exceptions, changes or extensions for these programs. These funding programs are not applicable for other discounts or offers from ONLC or third-parties. ONLC's live, Instructor-led classes not addressing specific software like Business Process courses will have less of a hands-on component and will be more lecture/presentation delivery.