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Why ONLC? When You Do the Math...

Hundreds of training centers

Dedicated Classrooms for Best Learning.
We know the importance of the classroom in the learning process. That’s why we have hundreds of training centers for our live classes, making ONLC the largest IT training company in North America. A quiet, interruption-free classroom environment to make the most of training. ONLC locations.

Money-back satisfaction guarantee

Our Instructor-led (ILT) Classes at No Risk.
ONLC is a leading business-to-business IT training company. Organizations large and small use us because of our quality instruction and great customer service. We are so confident in the quality of our instruction, we have a money-back guarantee. Money-back Guarantee.

Classes that run!

Low Class Cancellations
Cancelled classes wreak havoc on work schedules. We cancel fewer than 3% of our live, hands-on classes due to low enrollments—one of the lowest cancellation rates in the industry. We use Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI™) to combine enrollments from all of our locations, making more classes run. About RCI


Over 40 years providing computer training

Decades in Business.
We have been providing high-quality, reliable computer training since 1983. Obviously we're doing things right to be in business for so long. While other training companies are struggling, ONLC is stronger than ever—a fact that is even more remarkable given that we do not do outbound sales. Read more.

ONLC recognized as Top 20 IT Training Company

Top 20 Training Company.
ONLC Training Centers has been honored as one of the Top 20 IT Training Companies by Training Industry, Inc. for many consecutive years. Their list is a world-wide competition that recognizes organizations with a great combination of services, size, and innovation in the market. Top 20.

Maximum enrollment 12 students nationwide

Small Class Sizes.
Our public, instructor-led class enrollments are typically limited to no more than 12 students nationwide to ensure for personal attention from our remote instructor. See general info and policies for ONLC's classes.
*Photo may not represent typical class.

No telemarketing

No Unsolicited Calls.
ONLC does not have an outbound sales force. We don't call people trying to talk them into classes. We respect that your time is valuable, and we believe that if you need more training, you’ll contact us when you're ready. It's a simple idea. Don't you wish more companies operated that way?!

24/7 access to ONLC On-Demand classes so you can study on your own schedule!

24/7 Training with ONLC On-Demand.
Can't take time off to attend our live, instructor-led classes or like to study on your own? Check out ONLC On-Demand. These self-study training courses let you learn new skills and technologies on your own schedule, at your own pace from your own place. View ONLC On-Demand Titles.

ONLC is a Microsoft Solutions Partner for Training Services

Microsoft Training Partner.
Microsoft Solutions Partner (elite status) must pass rigorous standards for training delivery, facilities, and customer satisfaction. ONLC is the largest Microsoft Solutions Partner in North America, with hundreds of training centers approved to deliver Microsoft Authorized technical training.



It's Easy to Understand

...why so many organizations and individuals choose ONLC for their computer training needs. But don't take just our word for it. Here's what clients are saying about our training:



"I just wanted let you know that the service provided, from registration to training was a very positive experience for me. I intend on taking more classes in the future and referring any new hires as well as friends/family members to take courses at ONLC.

It is often the case, I find, that people only take the time to send feedback or complete surveys if they have only negative things to say. I hope this email is well received, and forwarded on to whomever would be interested to know how ONLC is performing. Thank you for your excellent service and staffing your company with an excellent Instructor. "

Lia - Danvers, MA


"I attended an Adobe InDesign class taught by Diane. I wanted to make sure I sent in a comment on how excellent this class was and what a great instructor Diane is. I learned so much after doing it the hard way for so many years. It was an instant connect the dots moment for me, and Diane's personality and knowledge kept me engaged and not wanting to miss a thing. I can't wait to get another opportunity to take a class through ONLC."

Jennifer - Providence, RI


"I didn't realize how effective remote training could be. Had I know how easy and personal the classes would be, I would have signed up before now. I'm glad I know that it's this easy and VERY effective. I wished my college courses could have been set up like this. It allowed me to learn at my pace but having an instructor on the line made sure that I was able to get answers to questions in real time. It was GREAT. I hope to sign up for more classes after today. I will also spread the word to my supervisor to have other cities do the same thing!"

Rachel - Pittsburgh, PA



"I loved my class! I'm excited that I have already purchased a class saver package and will be taking 5 more classes. Well worth the time and $ to get me up to speed quickly. Thank you!"

Molly - Ashville, NC


"This was my first time taking a course in this format and it far exceeded my expectations."

Richard - Lenexa, KS



"I've been to 5-6 ONLC classes and each and every instructor has been amazing. I can't say enough good things about ONLC...for me it is the only way to learn. Thank you!"

Jeanne - Paramus, NJ



"The class is awesome! The instructor spoke very clear and was very knowledgeable and patient. Good curriculum and book!"

Jean - Federal Way, WA



"This course was worth the price of admission within the first few minutes. Kim was super!!!! She made sure we were all at the same place, answered questions, provided super tips and information and got through everything extremely well. It was the best class I have ever taken on any computer program."

Barbara - Paramus, NJ



"I am giving ONLC a RAVE review and excellent marks on the evaluation. Your classes and instructors are second to none!"

Yesh - RCI Home/Office



"I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the class (Microsoft Project). What an excellent instructor and I learned things that I did not know about Project including how to do things better than I have been. Again thank you very much."

Terry - Grapevine, TX



"I have twenty plus years of experience taking training courses. I am not easily impressed, reserved with my praise, and do not usually complete surveys. Your instructor was excellent, the best I've experienced on a software subject, and I couldn't imagine her doing a better job of seamlessly walking students through a breadth of information in a remote viewing environment. She did a fabulous job pacing everything and addressing student questions and technical matters. I am very impressed."

Ted - Orlando, FL



"Overall I love all the classes I have taken through ONLC. All the instructors are kind and patient. They are very experienced in the programs they are teaching. I have recommended this site to all my friends, family, and employer. I look forward to taking more classes from ONLC."

Sylvie - RCI Home/Office



"This was a wonderful class. In addition to giving the instructor kudos, I'd like to call out what a nice facility it was."

Roger - Princeton, NJ



"I was not sure what to expect because the class was taught remotely, but I was quite impressed with the entire process. The facility was very professional and there were no problems with connectivity. Our instructor was an expert in Excel and was very clear in his method of teaching. All my questions were answered and the class interaction was very good. I would take another course with ONLC."

Nancy - Pleasanton, CA



"I have utilized ONLC for multiple courses supporting advancement in my workplace. I LOVE this format and will look for additional opportunities to utilize ONLC."

Penny - Rochester, NH



"This was a great class, I'm excited to be able to use Photoshop personally and professionaly!"

Melissa - Melbourne, FL



"I would strongly recommend ONLC courses to other individuals who require additional software skills with limited time availability. The classes are exemplary and the class sizes allow individual attention which allows a high rate of comprehension."

Linda - Wilmington, DE



"The instructor was excellent. She was extremely knowledgeable, willing to help any student at anytime, with any questions. Michele has a passion for her students to succeed in and beyond the classroom. She is extremely knowledgeable and was an outstanding instructor for Access Advanced."

Scott - Albuquerque, NM



"This is my first experience with RCI and I liked it. Great way to receive training without having to travel great distances. I thought the course was well organized, clear and easy to follow and the instructor was very knowledgeable with excellent presentation skills."

Steve - Raleigh, NC



"I've never completed a course like this before (remote instruction) and I cannot express how great the instructor was today and the overall content of the material. I would defintely recommend this to my co-workers as well as friends. I will be looking into taking more of these classes through ONLC in the near future. Thank you!"

Amber - Richmond, VA



"The instructor (Justin) did a great job in covering the course material. His personality was lively and encouraged engagement from all students."

Tomeka - Washington, DC



"One word -- Excellent!"

Tricia - Bothell, WA



"I LOVE RCI training!!! Its more convenient and less expensive than distant travel. Keep it up!!! I look forward to taking additional classes in the future. Thanks!"

Ben - Duluth, GA



"This is the first time I have attended a class in this format and wondered how effective it would be. It was very effective and therefore I would definitely be interested in attending other classes in the same format. The instructor was very knowlegeable and provided a wealth of information about 2013 version, especially since the last version I used was 2003."

Bruce - Tulsa, OK



"Best remote class I have taken. The instructors data was easy to view and I was able to see his updates instantaneously. Dave spoke clearly and professionally and provided great examples. I already had a lot of Excel experience but this class followed the course outline well and I was able to learn some new things in Excel that will help me create efficiencies at work."

Amy - Melbourne, FL



"One of the best training classes I have done. I really like the hands on instruction with the instructor's screen beside mine, and the phone/com was great to have on hand for questions."

Dana - Charlottesville, VA


"The instructor was AWESOME! I came to the class already with some knowledge of the program, but learned a good deal more thanks to your class."

Lindsey - Arlington Heights, IL

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