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Learn just how simple it is to create professional-looking videos and recordings by attending Camtasia training classes with ONLC Training Centers!

Camtasia is screen recording and video editing software by TechSmith. TechSmith Camtasia can record just about anything on your computer screen, plus you can include videos, slide presentations, audio and more. Further enhance your work by adding professional touches like highlights, animation, titles, transitions and other effects.

Camtasia is often used to create promotional marketing videos and presentations. It's a perfect video editor for YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, and more. It's also popular for creating tutorials and educational online videos. Course authors can use external microphone and cameras for added video quality and engage their audience with quizzes that have recorded results that show how students are performing.

With our live Camtasia training courses that are led and supported by an online professional trainer, you'll use Camtasia Recorder to create software video demonstrations, record and edit voiceover audio, enhance projects adding animations, graphics, music, annotations, closed captions, and even quizzes. You'll also learn to share finished Camtasia projects so they can be accessed by learners using desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones and publish content so it can be hosted on a web server, LMS, YouTube, and Screencast.com.

Instructor-led Camtasia Classes

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Our Camtasia Instructor-led training (ILT) is live, hands-on with an online instructor. ILT Camtasia classes are fully interactive that are led and supported by the trainer. You can engage directly with the instructor at any point. Attend from any of ONLC's training centers coast to coast click link for a fully equipped, interruption free environment, or from the convenience of your own location using your equipment. Courses are taught in English. See Camtasia classes & schedule.

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You get more with ONLC! Train with confidence knowing we have a money-back satisfaction guarantee plus see the class a 2nd time with our optional free refresher course click link. These ONLC value-adds are available when you attend our public, instructor-led training classes. Need multiple courses or multiple people trained? We also have discount programs for volume purchases. See Savings Options click link.

Camtasia Group Training

Group Training from ONLC

Save time and money bringing teams up to speed on Camtasia with our group training solutions. Instruction can be virtual or in-person with public or private sessions. We can even customize content to meet specific learning objectives, schedules and budgets. To learn more and for a Camtasia group training price quote see Group Training .


Camtasia Courses, Schedule & Prices

Camtasia Introduction

Course Overview
With Camtasia you can create software video demonstrations and soft skills eLearning videos. This class teaches you how!

You will learn how to import slides from existing PowerPoint presentations into a Camtasia project. You will learn how to create software video demonstrations using Camtasia Recorder. You will use the Camtasia Editor to add animations, record and edit voiceover audio, add graphics, music, annotations, closed captions, and quizzes. Learn to Share your finished Camtasia projects so they can be accessed by learners using desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You will also set up published content so it can be hosted on a web server, LMS, YouTube, and Screencast.com.

Attendees should have a familiarity with computers. No prior Camtasia experience is required.

Course Outline

Module 1: Exploring Camtasia
The Camtasia Interface
Guided Activity 1: Open a Camtasia Project
Guided Activity 2: Explore Camtasia’s Tools
The Media Bin and Library
Guided Activity 3: Explore the Media Bin and Library
The Canvas and Timeline
Guided Activity 4: Preview a Project

Module 2: Recording Videos
Guided Activity 5: Rehearse a Script
Recording Screen Actions
Guided Activity 6: Review Recording Options on the PC
Guided Activity 7: Select a Recording Area on the PC
Guided Activity 8: Create a Screen Recording on the PC
Recording Annotations
Guided Activity 9: Add a Stamp and Caption on the PC
Recording Confidence Check (PC)
Recording Effects with Camtasia for Windows
Guided Activity 10: Add Effects While Recording on the PC
Guided Activity 11: Set Screen Recording Options on the Mac
Guided Activity 12: Specify a Mac Recording Size and Target
Guided Activity 13: Create a Screen Recording on the Mac
Recording Confidence Check (Mac)

Module 3: Adding Media
Adding Videos
Guided Activity 14: Import a Video to the Media Bin
Guided Activity 15: Add a Video to the Timeline
Video Confidence Check
Adding Images
Guided Activity 16: Import Images
Timeline Confidence Check
Multi-Track Projects
Guided Activity 17: Add a Track
Guided Activity 18: Edit Media Properties
Cursor Effects
Guided Activity 19: Add Cursor Effects
Cursor Effects Confidence Check

Module 4: Groups, Annotations, Behaviors, and Transitions
Guided Activity 20: Create a Group
Guided Activity 21: Add a Callout
Guided Activity 22: Create and Apply a Theme
Guided Activity 23: Apply Image Color to Callout Text
Callouts Confidence Check
Guided Activity 24: Add a Behavior to a Callout
Behaviors Confidence Check
Guided Activity 25: Add a Transition to a Group
Guided Activity 26: Modify Transition Timing
Transitions Confidence Check

Module 5: Audio
Music Tracks
Guided Activity 27: Add Music From the Library
Library Audio Confidence Check
Guided Activity 28: Import Music
Guided Activity 29: Fade Audio
Fading Confidence Check
Voice Narration
Guided Activity 30: Record Voice Narration
Splitting Media
Guided Activity 31: Split a Music Clip
Audio Timing Confidence Check
Audio Editing
Guided Activity 32: Rename Tracks
Guided Activity 33: Silence, Delete, and Ripple Delete
Audio Editing Confidence Check

Module 6: Sharing
Standalone Videos and Web Output
Guided Activity 34: Export a Video on the Mac
Guided Activity 35: Export a Mac Project as a Web Page
Guided Activity 36: Create a Standalone Video on the PC
Guided Activity 37: Create a Web Video on the PC
Guided Activity 38: Add a Watermark to PC Projects
Guided Activity 39: Share to YouTube
Sharing Projects Confidence Check

Module 7: Extending, Zooming, and Hotspots
Guided Activity 40: Extend a Video Frame
Zoom Animations
Guided Activity 41: Add a Zoom-n-Pan Animation on the PC
Guided Activity 42: Add a Zoom Animation on the Mac
Guided Activity 43: Add a Timeline Marker
Markers and TOC Confidence Check
Guided Activity 44: Add an Interactive Hotspot
Interactive Hotspot Confidence Check

Module 8: Quizzes and Reporting Results
Guided Activity 45: Add a Quiz to a Project
Guided Activity 46: Add a Multiple Choice Question
Guided Activity 47: Add a Fill In the Blank Question
Quiz Confidence Check
Emailing Quiz Results
Guided Activity 48: Send Quiz Results via Email with Screencast.com
Screencast Confidence Check
Reporting Results
Guided Activity 49: Create a Content Package on the PC
Guided Activity 50: Create a Content Package on the Mac

Module 9: PowerPoint, Captions, and Templates
PowerPoint to Camtasia
Guided Activity 51: Record PowerPoint on the PC
Guided Activity 52: Import a PowerPoint Presentation
Closed Captions
Guided Activity 53: Create PC Closed Captions
Guided Activity 54: Control PC Caption Timing
PC Captions Confidence Check
Guided Activity 55: Use Speech-to-Text to Create Captions
Guided Activity 56: Create Mac Closed Captions
Guided Activity 57: Control Mac Caption Timing
Mac Captions Confidence Check
Guided Activity 58: Create and Use a Template

Dates Times Location Price
8/8/24 - 8/9/24 Live Online from our site or yours. $795

9/5/24 - 9/6/24 Live Online from our site or yours. $795

10/3/24 - 10/4/24 Live Online from our site or yours. $795

10/30/24 - 10/31/24 Live Online from our site or yours. $795

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