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Training Classes at Popular Destinations

You Pick the City, ONLC Delivers the Training.

Our master class schedule is synchronized across all of our training center locations. This means you can attend training from an ONLC classroom in any of our hundreds of training centers across the country for a public class date.*


Boston New Orleans Washington D.C.
St. Louis New York City Philadelphia
Atlanta Miami Dallas

Think of the Possibilities!

This gives you the flexibility to take classroom training wherever your business takes you. Here are some of the examples of how clients have taken advantage of the "destination training" option:

  • Have a meeting at your company headquarters?
    If you are in Manhattan for a company meeting, why not schedule a training event later that week so you can spend time after-hours with your co-workers?

  • Have a personal reason to stay in New Hampshire?
    One woman had her son in a specialty sports camp in New Hampshire during a week in the summer. However, it wasn't an "overnight" camp. She traveled to New Hampshire with her son, got a hotel, and then dropped her son off and picked him back up at camp each day, while she attended a technical class that week at one of our NH centers.

  • Need to get back in touch with your family?
    Individuals have traveled to sites like San Antonio where they could take a class during the day and spend the night with their relatives.

  • Want to extend your stay in a sunny location?
    If you are attending a conference in Orlando, why not extend your stay a few days, enjoy the weather, and take advantage of classes in the Orlando area?

What's Your Reason?

These are just some of the business and personal reasons our clients have given us for taking training in one of our popular destinations. You might have your own reason to join us for a class in Boston, Ft. Lauderdale, Denver, San Francisco—or someplace in between. With Remote Classroom Instruction, you pick the city, and we'll deliver the training.

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* Subject to date and location availability at the time of registration request.