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If you’ve ever used Microsoft Excel, you’ve noticed that there are tons of buttons on toolbars that you can use at different times on different document types in certain contexts. These buttons issue all sorts of handy, powerful commands. Sometimes, the exact command you want can be hard to find if you dive off into […]


The ribbon toolbar of Microsoft Word contains a seemingly infinite number of useful buttons that execute various commands to help you build your documents. Most, if not all, of these buttons have keyboard shortcuts assigned to them. You can become much faster and more efficient at building Word documents if you can learn the keyboard […]


Because technology is constantly evolving, IT professionals have to evolve to keep up with the changing requirements of their job.  On-going learning is essential to avoid being left behind. Below are some reasons why obtaining an IT certification is important for IT professionals. A certification on top of your degree can open up new possibilities […]


Administrative assistants are tasked with many different assignments from day to day and most often these duties depend on the business and people they are employed to assist. Being savvy and up to date on the latest business technology is a huge advantage to anyone, but can be especially helpful for administrative assistants. Technological competence […]


The field of IT can be lucrative, it’s no secret. Which certifications are proven to help job seekers make the most money? What skills are putting people toward the top of the salary brackets? Getting a job in the IT field, whether that means leveling-up on your current career or shifting directions entirely, is a […]