Who Uses AutoCAD and Why is it Important? ONLC Training Center

CAD stands for Computer-Aided Drafting and AutoCAD is the most popular brand of software utilized for CAD. Most people who have heard of AutoCAD usually think about drafters or architects drawing up blueprints for buildings on the computer. However, it has infinitely more uses than just drawing up blueprints. AutoCAD can be used to design […]

AutoCAD is an advanced computer design software used throughout mechanical, civil engineering, interior design, and architectural applications as the original CAD tool that remains widely used across 2D and 3D modeling and design applications. Using AutoCAD, designers can create complex designs, surfaces, wireframes, and more. That being said, it takes time to learn and master […]

Artificial intelligence (AI) engineering and generative AI experts are in high demand. This is because AI technology constantly innovates, streamlines, and automates specific business processes and provides uniquely curated experiences for audiences. AI can transform a business and bring it to the age of modernity. This is why more professionals looking to give themselves a […]

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the current buzzword in the world of technology and business, and this revolutionary technology is developing tools that are here to stay. Generative AI tools learn how to perform certain tasks from large datasets, from translating spoken language to creating unique media pieces. These tools can feel elusive to many business […]

Artificial intelligence (AI) can feel like an elusive technology from the future, but businesses across all industries are utilizing machine learning technology in various ways. From chatbots to streaming service recommendations, AI can automate certain processes in your company while providing your audience with a customized and streamlined experience. With businesses exploring how this revolutionary […]

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a framework for activities regarding information technology (IT), such as service management and IT asset management that aligns these services with your organization’s business goals. ITIL 4 is the latest iteration of ITIL and is the current leading framework for IT service management (ITSM). This framework includes updated […]

In the information technology (IT) world, the industry and its best practices are constantly evolving. New technologies and improved strategies and approaches are created, making this field fast-paced and competitive.  Because this field is in a state of constant improvement and innovation, hiring managers place less weight on university degrees than they do certifications and […]

If you are a professional either currently in the field of information technology (IT) or are looking to enter the industry, certifications can better position you to negotiate a higher salary and prepare you for roles beyond the entry-level ranking.  In fact, these certifications may hold more weight than a degree from a university or […]

Holding a degree in an IT subject can be beneficial, particularly if your career aspirations are to work as an accomplished IT professional with a specific area of knowledge or if you intend to use your IT training qualifications to meet the recruitment criteria for an employment role. However, many misconceptions exist about the most […]

IT training courses online offer the opportunity to achieve a formal, recognized certification in your chosen software, program, skill, or specialty–with classes structured around your time availability. Many certifications are tiered, with fundamental-level courses for those looking to improve their understanding or augment their knowledge within the workplace. Associate and expert-level IT certifications can build […]