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Artificial Intelligence

AI / Generative AI is a type of artificial intelligence that focuses on creating new data from existing data. It uses techniques like deep learning to generate new output which can include computer code, music, essays, emails, videos, images, poems, excel formulas, and much more within a matter of seconds.

Learning Artificial Intelligence is beneficial for individuals to become masters of modern machine learning techniques and be in a better position for a job in AI or data science. ONLC has AI classes for End-Users, Developers, Business and Legal Professionals plus Executives so they can quickly and effectively come up to speed using this technology. Being able to quickly create new content is a huge asset for companies and a resume plus for individuals. Many industries have adopted Generative AI programs to stay ahead in the quickly changing digital landscape.

Attend AI classes with ONLC to come up to speed on artificial intelligence programs such as ChatGPT, Azure OpenAI, Microsoft Fabric, Copilots and related topics like Zapier, Adobe Firefly and more. Having Artificial Intelligence technology skills will enhance your resume and could open doors for career advancement and new opportunities.

Instructor-led AI Training

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Instructor-led training (ILT) for AI is live and hands-on with an online instructor. For most people that's the best way to learn. Our Artificial Intelligence classes are fully interactive, led and supported by the trainer who can see all of your work and provide direct assistance. You can ask questions and participate in class discussions simply by speaking up. Attend our instructor-led classes from any of ONLC's training centers coast to coast click link for an interruption free learning environment, or from the convenience of your own location using your equipment. Courses are taught in English. See AI course titles.

Extra Value & Savings

Get more value adds and savings options when you train with ONLC

You get more with ONLC! Train with confidence knowing we have a money-back satisfaction guarantee plus see the class a 2nd time with our optional free refresher course . These ONLC value-adds are available for our public, instructor-led training classes. We also have volume discount options which offer savings for those needing multiple courses or to get multiple people trained. The more you pre-purchase, the higher the discount. See Savings Options click link.

AI Group Training

Group Training from ONLC

ONLC's Group Training solutions for AI topics can help you save time and money upskilling your staff. Training can be delivered in-person or online, and for private sessions content can be customized to meet specific learning objectives, schedules and budgets. Whether training is for a group of 10 or a division of 1,000, ONLC has the skills, experience trainers and support staff to make your Artificial Intelligence training effective and successful. To learn more about our group training solutions and to request a price quote for custom AI training see AI Group Training click link .


Things You Can Learn Attending ONLC's AI Hands-on Training Courses

Live, instructor-led training courses with ONLC teach how to get the most out of Generative AI programs. Based on the titles you select you could learn:

  • Basics of the AI technology (based on course topic)
  • Utilizing OpenAI‚Äôs language model for generating high-quality text prompts
  • Generating Music
  • Business Applications of AI (Legal, Ethical and Change Management Issues)
  • The Essential AI Workbench (Python + Github Copilot X + Visual Studio Code)
  • Creating your Own Chat Agent
  • Using Large Language Models (Huggingface)
  • Automate business processes (Zapier)

And there's more to come as the exciting field of AI continues to develop!

Generative AI Classes, Schedule & Costs

Attend live instructor-led training classes for Generative AI from any of ONLC's training centers coast to coast click link or from your own location click link with a very easy setup. Class dates, course outline, cost and web registration can be done from the course outline page - click the course title to view.

Click the title of the classes marked with the green flag () to see specific locations and dates of Ready to Run classes. Click the title of the classes marked with the yellow flag () to see specific locations and dates of Early Notice classes.

Class Information

Click Title for Dates & Outlines Days Fee
Entry-Level Generative AI Courses
Introduction to Generative AI with ChatGPT and Other Popular Products 1 $295
Executive AI Roadmap: Guiding Your Organization to a Successful Generative AI Implementation with ChatGPT and Related Technologies 1 $495    
Prompt Engineering: Generating Text 1 $395
Prompt Engineering: Generating Graphics 1 $395    
Developer-Level Courses
The Essential AI Workbench: Python + GitHub + Copilot X + Visual Studio Code 1 $495
Creating your Own Chat Agent/Using OpenAI API 2 $995    
Large Language Models (Using Huggingface) 3 $1495
Related Courses
Zapier Introduction with AI Integrations 2 $795
Microsoft Official Role-Based Training and Certification for Developers
AI-050: Develop Generative AI Solutions with Azure OpenAI Service 1 $595    
AI-900: Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals 1 $595    
DP-100: Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure 4 $2375    
AI-102: Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution 4 $2395    



Bonuses When You Complete Artificial Intelligence Training with ONLC

Attend a public, instructor-led AI class with ONLC and you can get these added values:

  • Certificate of Completion
    Once your full attendance has been confirmed in a public ONLC instructor-led Generative AI class, we'll send a Certificate of Completion to the e-address on the registration. Certificates are .pdf format so you will have a digital record to print/send as needed.

  • Optional Class Retake
    Need a second look at an ILT course you attended with ONLC? Our optional refresher course lets you repeat the same course one time (1x) for free within 12 months of your original Generative AI. Some restrictions apply and not applicable for On-Demand courses. See detailsclick link.

  • Money Back Guarantee
    ONLC is committed to providing quality courses. With our Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee, you can get a refund if not satisfied on our public, instructor-led Generative AI training. Some restrictions apply and not applicable for On-Demand courses. See details click link.

Above applicable for publicly scheduled instructor-led classes only.

Frequently Asked Questions About Generative AI

What is Generative Artificial Intelligence?

Generative Artificial Intelligence, also known as Generative AI, can create new content from existing content or data. It can produce new content such as computer code, essays, emails, chats, social media captions, images, poems, music, videos, excel formulas, and a whole lot more within seconds.

How does Generative AI work?

Generative AI works by taking a set of inputs and using Neural Networks to generate data based on the input. Generative AI models can be trained to create data based on different patterns or parameters.

What is a Prompt?

A prompt is used to provide a description of the task that the AI program is supposed to accomplish. It is essentially a question you pose to have the program provide the desired output.

Where/How is AI Used?

Industries like healthcare, manufacturing, finance and marketing are already employing AI programs. Social media, news, music, automated communications and others are quickly finding the benefit of AI to generate needed or desired content thereby expediting things faster.

What are the main applications of Generative AI?

The main applications of Generative AI are in computer vision and natural language processing tasks. Generative AI can be used to create new images, language models, and audio synthesis. Additionally, Generative AI can be used to analyze large datasets and uncover new insights.

News & Offers

ONLC Learning Credits with savings up to 35%

Volume Discounts with ONLC Learning Credits
Get maximum buying power and flexibility with ONLC Learning Credits. They're a great way to prepay for training plus secure a substantial volume discount on end-user and technical training. Credits can be used for live, instructor-led and self-study, On-Demand formats. Learning credits are good for up to a year! See details & pricing .


ONLC Training Centers has locations coast to coast

Training Locations Coast to Coast
ONLC provides live, hands-on classes with an online instructor at our hundreds of training centers coast to coast. Our centers are fully equipped and provide an interruption-free environment to focus on learning. Find ONLC centers near me click link.


Train at Home

Live AI Classes from Home
You can attend our same live, instructor-led classes from the comfort and convenience of your own home. The setup is really easy and you don't have to have the class software on your device. Follow our easy setup video . If you're still not sure about the setup after watching the video contact an ONLC Advisor toll free for assistance.


Group training available from ONLC

Group Training Option
ONLC offers complete learning solutions so training coordinators can quickly and successfully upskill their teams while maintaining their budget. Training can be via our public class schedule or private sessions delivered virtually or in-person on-site. We can also customize content to meet the client's specific needs and technologies. To discuss our group training options and to receive a price quote complete our quick Group Training Request form or call 1.800.288.8221 (weekdays).



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