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If there’s one thing businesses and organizations aren’t short on, it’s data. Data is everywhere—on-site, in the cloud, and all points in between. With ONLC’s Tableau® live, online instructor-led, or self-study On-Demand course options, all that information goes from several disparate and directionless points to focused pieces of business intelligence (BI).

Tableau builds its data sets by integrating with data aggregation platforms (i.e., CSV, Excel, SharePoint, Active Directory) and pulling information from web services, APIs, and even the cloud. The sheer volume and applicability of data makes responsibly collecting it and analyzing it essential.

ONLC’s course offerings take students through the basics of Tableau’s interactive software on up through advanced skills. Under the tutelage of experienced instructors and following a curriculum built toward certification, our Tableau courses will provide students with the blueprint for compiling, assessing, and acting upon BI insights at their disposal.

Tableau training certification courses are below or contact an ONLC Advisor via chat or 1-800-288-8221 (weekdays) for individual guidance.

Tableau Training Options Tailored to Your Learning Style

ONLC offers Tableau training in multiple formats so you can pick the experience that’s best for your learning needs, schedule, educational budget and desired outcome. Hands-on training that's led by an experienced Tableau instructor is generally the most effective and efficient way to learn.

Click for FAQs about remote instructor-led training

Instructor-led Training (ILT)

Instructor-led training (ILT) classes are live, hands-on training via online instructor. Training is fully interactive. You can attend class from any of ONLC's hundreds of training centers  OR   from your own location with a very easy setup.

Self-study, self-paced training

On-Demand Training (self-study / eLearning)

On-Demand courses are self-study, self-paced, eLearning you take using your own equipment. On-Demand courses typically include video tutorials, live labs and assessments. You have 24/7 access to your course for a set duration. See Tableau On-Demand course titles.

Private Group Training from ONLC

Certification Courses

Build your resume, advance your career and validate your Tableau knowledge and skills with professional certification. ONLC's classes can help you prepare for Tableau's Desktop certifications. See Tableau Certification

Private Group Training from ONLC

Group Training

ONLC offers complete solutions in Tableau so training coordinators can successfully upskill their teams while maintaining their training budgets.

  • Public Classes. Pre-purchase our public training to receive volume discounting! Those coordinating training find this option very effective and efficient. With the discount established upfront, there’s no need to negotiate pricing on every registration. Additionally, participants can register themselves online and the coordinator can access a report to track, monitor and confirm training. Contact an ONLC Advisor via email or call 1.800.288.8221 (weekdays) for details and available discounts.

  • Private Classes. For those with a volume need and those with specific needs we can provide private group classes. Course content can be customized and a variety of learning formats used to meet learning objectives and schedules. To discuss how we can minimize your costs and employee downtime while maximizing learning, fill out our Group Training Request form with your needs so together we can explore options and provide pricing.

Tableau Course Titles, Costs, & Schedule

ILT = Instructor-led Training.    Click the course title for outline, dates & locations (when applicable)

Tableau ILT Classes Click for FAQs about remote instructor-led training

Click the title of the classes marked with the green flag () to see specific locations and dates of Ready to Run classes.  Click the title of the classes marked with the yellow flag () to see specific locations and dates of Early Notice classes.

Class Information
Click Title for Dates & Outlines Days Fee
Tableau Desktop Portfolio
Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction for Novice Users 3 $1495
Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction for Experienced IT Professionals 2 $1095
Tableau Desktop Level 2: Beyond the Basics 2 $1095
Tableau Desktop Level 3: Dashboard Deep Dive 2 $1095
Tableau Desktop for Power Users 2 $1095
Related Courses
R Programming Introduction (With Power BI and Tableau Integrations) 2 $995
SQL Querying: Fundamentals 1 $395


Tableau On-Demand (self-study) Courses Self-study, self-paced training

Class Information
Click Title for Dates & Outlines Days Fee
Tableau Desktop
Tableau On-Demand: Desktop Level 1 - Introduction for Novice Users 3 $795



ONLC provides training for all levels of Tableau students. Students attending our online instructor-led (ILT) classes receive quality training, a top notch learning experience and our Tableau curriculum includes:

  • A lesson plan geared toward the Tableau Certification Exam
  • Hands-on teaching from online instructors with years of experience in Business Intelligence (BI).
  • Individual attention during class.
  • A centralized GitHub page accessible to both students and teachers.
  • Option to repeat the same class 1x for free within 12 months.

Having Tableau skills can give you a leg up over others and increase your career potential. Employers are often seeking those with Tableau skills such as:

  • Level of details expression
  • Forecasting
  • Tasks/operations for data scientists
  • Treemaps
  • Scatterplots
  • Storylines
  • Charts (pie and bar)
  • How to connect data sources
  • How to summarize data

ONLC's catalog of Tableau courses goes from beginner on up through advanced and IT level skills—all of which are typically more reasonably price than competitors. We also offer some unique titles such as:

Tableau Desktop for Power Users

This course helps you learn the ins and outs to enhance and customize your current Tableau visualizations and dashboards efficiently.
View course outline & dates


Tableau is the leading product in Business Intelligence (BI) and demand for Tableau skills is growing exponentially. Visualization and reporting through Tableau allows for growth in efficiency and ease at work operations. Those with Tableau skills are employed globally in top industries such as:

  • Local or federal government (e.g., Treasury, Homeland Security, Military, Immigration)
  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • Finance
  • Research
  • Manufacturing
  • Analysis (e.g., business, data, financial)
  • Database support
  • Management Consulting
  • Insurance

...just to name a few. And earning Tableau certification confirms to potential employers your skills with Tableau.

Tableau Certifications

Tableau users need a base level knowledge of Windows and Excel, and having some experience using the latter’s Pivot Tables feature is a plus. With that information as a foundation, Tableau enables students to round their BI knowledge into form. You can prep for the following certifications with training from ONLC:


Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification

This entry-level certification is focused on foundational functionality and product comprehension, and can be a good starting point before moving to higher-level Tableau certifications.

Our Novice Users course, as stated by its title, is for those new to Tableau. Candidates who have been using Tableau for at least one month and have experience with other analytics and visualization tools such as Power BI can attend the faster-paced Experienced IT Pros class.




Certification Exam

Tableau exams are hands-on and include, performance-based tasks. Authorized exams are available Tableau's exam provider, Pearson Vue and are available online or at their testing centers.

In addition to hands-on training, certification candidates should review the Tableau Desktop Specialist Exam Prep Guide .

Successfully passing this exam earns the title of Tableau Desktop Specialist. This certification title does not expire.


Tableau Certified Data Analyst Certification

Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification proves skills and knowledge to make the most out of data for stakeholders and decision makers. Analysts understand business problems, can identify data for analysis and can provide insights to help make better business decisions. A Data Analyst uses Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep, and either Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

Though not required, candidates for Tableau Certified Data Analyst certification are encouraged to have at minimum 6 months hands-on experience using Tableau.




Certification Exam

In addition to hands-on experience, certification candidates should review the Tableau Certified Data Analyst Exam Prep Guide prior to taking the authorized exam.

Tableau exams have a questions section to test knowledge and hands-on plus performance-based tasks to verify skills. To maintain integrity, exam content is subject to change at any time without prior notice. As such, training may not cover all exam topics.

Tableau authorized certification exams are available from Pearson Vue and can be taken at their testing centers or online. See steps to create Tableau Certification Account .

Successfully passing this exam earns the title of Tableau Certified Data Analyst. This certification title is valid for two years. To keep your title active you will need to pass the current version of the same level exam before your title expires.



Other Information & Options

Certification news

Tableau Certification News
Tableau retired the Tableau Desktop Associate and Tableau Desktop Professional certifications as of July 31, 2021. In their place is the credential, Tableau Certified Data Analyst. Candidates for the data analyst certification are encouraged to have at minimum 6 months hands-on experience using Tableau. See Tableau Data Analyst learning path.


Volume discounts offered - contact an ONLC Advisor for details

Volume Discounts Available
Need multiple courses and/or multiple people trained? ONLC has a number of savings options for those making volume purchases. To be sure you're getting the best discounting possible speak with an ONLC Advisor. Most plans are good for up to 12 months from date of purchase. Explore savings options by calling 1.800.288.8221 (weekdays) or see ONLC's savings plans.


Find an ONLC center near you to take class!

ONLC Training Centers Near You
We schedule every online instructor-led (ILT) class at each of our training centers coast-to-coast. ONLC training rooms are outfitted with the equipment needed for training and provide an interruption-free space so you can concentrate fully on learning. See list of ONLC locations.


Train at Home

Attend Live, Instructor-led Tableau Classes from Home
You can attend our same live, instructor-led classes from the comfort and convenience of your own home if preferred. The setup is really easy and you don't have to have the class software on your device. Follow our easy setup video. If you're still not sure about the setup after watching the video contact an ONLC Advisor toll free for assistance.


Group training available from ONLC

Tableau Group Training
ONLC offers complete solutions so training coordinators can successfully upskill their teams while maintaining their budget. Training can be via our public schedule or private sessions delivered virtually or in-person (on-site). When private, content can be customized to meet the client's specific needs and technologies. To discuss how we can minimize your costs and employee downtime while maximizing learning complete our easy group training request form or call 1.800.288.8221 (weekdays).


For More Information

To learn more about our Tableau training classes, certification and for guidance contact an Education Advisor weekdays via chat or by calling:



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