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ONLC's CareerPath Certification Programs will help you ready for a new or advanced career with a professional credential to confirm your skills. Our preset offerings have the training and certification that meet many state and federal guidelines/requirements for Workforce, WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) and other such programs whose purpose is to assist the unemployed, underemployed and displaced workers with obtaining gainful employment.

If it's determined by the funding authority that a skills upgrade is necessary to be competitive in today's job market, they could grant training as part of their funding.*

ONLC is committed to the success of our students and confident in the training we provide. Our programs are designed to put you on a career path and ready you for very popular, industry-recognized certification. ONLC has been successfully training and retooling adults since 1983 and our programs align to job and certification skills needed for today's careers.

CareerPath Certification Programs include...

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Live, Hands-on Training

For most, the best way to learn is with guided hands-on training. Our live classes are immersive with hands-on exercises and labs that are led and supported by online professional instructors.**

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Professional Certification

Choose your field of focus from a variety of ONLC programs listed below. All are designed to help you prep for professional certification which will enhance your resume and better your employment possibilities.

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Class Retake, Exam Prep & Voucher

ONLC's instructor-led classes can be repeated 1x for free click link to reinforce learning PLUS come with an Exam Prep + Exam Voucher for the authorized exam. (Some restrictions and limitations apply).***

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Exam Pass Guarantee

With ONLC's Exam Pass Guarantee click link CareerPath participants can receive an additional exam voucher (1) for free if you don’t pass the authorized exam on the first attempt. (Must meet exam pass qualifications.)


ONLC's CareerPath Certification Programs

Where to Start?
Optimizing your current skill set or learning necessary skills for a career change will position you for long-term career success. Below are programs by profession so you can hone in on a desired career path.

Get Individual Guidance.
Not sure which ONLC CareerPath program is right for you? Schedule a career strategy session with an ONLC Education Advisor to receive individual guidance. Click the chat feature on this page or call us at 1-800-288-8221 weekdays for assistance!

IT & Networking skillsIT PRO / NETWORKS

Technical Support Specialist with CompTIA A+

IT Technicians work on help desks, do troubleshooting and support end users. This program includes CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ for those lacking an introduction to Information Technology (IT) plus CompTIA A+ certification which is considered a solid first step for the field of IT. CompTIA's A+ Certification provides a comprehensive education of computer hardware and software and will provide a firm foundation upon which to build a career in IT. ONLC Training Centers provides authorized training that will prepare candidates for CompTIA A+ certification.
See program details click for link

Networking Specialist with CompTIA Network+

Earning CompTIA Network+ certification will help you develop a career in IT infrastructure that involves troubleshooting, configuring, and managing networks. And given CompTIA is vendor-neutral you'll be ready to support networks on any platform. ONLC Training Centers is a CompTIA Authorized Partner using authorized training materials.
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Security Specialist with CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Security+ certification is required for DoD 8570/8140 compliance, so anyone looking for a cyber security role with a government agency or group that contracts with the Federal government will need this. Many businesses have started requiring CompTIA Security+ certification as well. Getting CompTIA Security+ certification is an excellent way to set yourself apart from the applicant pool and get started in the IT field of cybersecurity. ONLC Training Centers is a CompTIA Authorized Partner using authorized training materials.
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IT Professional with CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+

IT Professionals must have a good understanding of hardware, software, networking and computer security to be successful. With our IT Professional CareerPath program you'll learn those skills while preparing for CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ certifications. Earning each of these certifications will verify to employers that you have the core skills in each of those areas of IT. ONLC Training Centers is a CompTIA Authorized Partner using authorized training materials.
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Management & Organizational skillsMANAGEMENT / OFFICE

Microsoft Office Associate Certification Program

Ready for MOS Excel, MOS Word and MOS PowerPoint certifications with ONLC Training Centers, a leader in Microsoft Office training! Today's administrative and clerical assistants, executive assistants and secretaries must have strong computer skills so they can create and edit word processing documents, work with data in spreadsheets and help create business presentations. Microsoft Office is a highly popular collection of business applications that includes Word (word processing), Excel (spreadsheet) and PowerPoint (visual presentations / slideshows). Earning Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification for these software applications confirms strong proficiency and skill plus will call attention to your resume.
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IT Business Practices with ITIL Certification

ITIL's business practices outline management procedures to support businesses in achieving both quality and value for money in IT operations. ITIL 4 Foundation certification is a first step as it introduces professionals to the fundamentals of IT Service Management ( ITSM ). Earning this certification has application in a wide range of employment opportunities including Account Relationship Manager, Service Manager and IT Architect just to name a few. ONLC Training Centers provides authorized training that will prepare candidates for ITIL certification.
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Scrum Project Management Specialist

Scrum is a process framework that is an adaptive, iterative and effective way to create and implement changes while delivering value to a client quickly and often during a project. It can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering high value outcome. Training is accredited by SCRUMstudy and provides an in-depth understanding of the Scrum framework as well as the components, roles and processes to earn Scrum Master certification.
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Data & Numeric skillsNUMERIC / DATA

Accounting Specialist with QuickBooks Desktop Certification Program

Learn basic bookkeeping and accounting functions and ready for Quickbooks Certified User Desktop certification using QuickBooks software. QuickBooks is designed to manage invoicing, cash flow, payroll, sales, reporting, bookkeeping and many of the other needs of small businesses. Mastering Quickbooks can provide opportunities from full-time, part-time, freelance, and contract work; and often includes job titles such as Accounting Specialist, Accounting Consultant, Bookkeeper and more.
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Data Analyst with Power BI Certification Program

Companies are realizing the value of their digital data to move their business forward and with it is the need for those with proven Data Analytics skills. Microsoft’s Power BI software is a business analytics tool that lets you turn data into powerful insights. Given its ease of use, one can create Power BI reports and dashboards without involving IT or programming staff for assistance. Ready for Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Associate certification to prove you are a pro with Power BI!
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Programming skillsPROGRAMMING

Python Programming Specialist Certification Program

Python is used just about everywhere, Google, NASA, Yahoo, YouTube, IBM, Microsoft, and others. Python is a popular object-oriented programming language. Its readability, versatile data types, uncluttered visual layout, and extensibility to other programming languages make it well suited for web development, machine learning, finance, marketing, data analysis, and other data science applications. You'll be prepared for Python certification with training from ONLC.
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Spatial & Graphic skillsSPATIAL / GRAPHICS

Computer Aided Drafting & Design with AutoCAD Certification Program

Architects, graphic designers, engineers, and a large variety of other industry professionals utilize computer-aided design (CAD) software to build 2D and 3D models. AutoCAD by Autodesk was the first CAD software and is still the most widely used program today. Earning AutoCAD Certified User certification (ACU) confirms the entry-level skills needed to effectively use AutoCAD software including the ability to create and plot drawings, edit objects, work with layouts, and more.
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ONLC Training Centers is Online Consulting, Inc.

Our company is known as both ONLC Training Centers (our DBA name) and Online Consulting (our incorporated name). Please check for both company names if you must select a computer training provider from an approved list. If you do not find either name listed, call us at 1-800-288-8221 (weekdays). We will contact the funding agency to investigate their approval process and requirements in order for us to work with you.

Get Career Strategy Guidance

Schedule a career strategy session with an ONLC Education Advisor so we can help you determine which CareerPath Certification Program works with your background or aligns with new career goals. Advisors are available weekdays via the chat feature on this page or by calling:


* Funding programs, many of which are government or military sponsored, are governed by those entities and thus subject to their requirements, restrictions, limitations, and deadlines with which ONLC must comply. ONLC does not offer nor can ONLC grant funding, exceptions, changes or extensions for these programs. ONLC's Career FastTrack programs are not applicable for other discounts or offers from ONLC or third parties.

** ONLC's live, Instructor-Led Training not addressing specific software such as ITIL and Scrum have less hands-on work given they deal more with theory and process. Those courses feature more of a lecture/presentation delivery.

*** ONLC includes an exam prep and voucher when possible, however, there may be some topics for which that is not an option. If an exam prep/practice test is not available then ONLC's exam pass guarantee is not applicable.