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Google Docs Introduction Course Outline

 (1 day)
This one-day class will show you how to create, edit, share, and print documents with Google Docs. The class is recommended for users who would like to get to know Google Docs in more depth or who are converting to G Suite from another office suite such as
Microsoft Office.

To ensure your success in this course, you should have end-user computer skills, including being able to start programs, switch between programs, locate saved files, close programs, and access websites using a web browser.

Who Should Not Attend
If you have never used a word processor before, you should not take this class. The class is fast-paced and assumes you understand the basic word processing concepts. You know how to do things in Microsoft Word--now you just need to learn how to do the
same things in Google Docs.

Course Outline

The basics
Creating a new document
Finding your way around a Google Doc
What are in the menus?
What's on the Toolbar

How to make your text look better
How to select the text
How to change the font
Adding more fonts
Changing the font size
Adding bold, italics and underlining
Changing the font color
Highlighting your text
Adding strike-through
Adding superscript and subscript

Setting up the page
Page setup
Changing the page orientation
Changing the size of the page
Changing the colour of the paper
Changing the page margins
Changing the alignment of the text
Manually adding a page break
Adding columns

Getting to grips with tables
Inserting a table
Deleting a table
Adding information to a table Inserting rows & columns
Deleting rows & columns
Column width & row height
Distribute rows and columns
Vertical & horizontal alignment of cells
Horizontal alignment
Vertical alignment
Cell background color
Table borders
Changing all the borders
Changing specific borders
Merging and unmerging rows & columns
Table alignment
Cell padding

Making bulleted & numbered lists
Making basic lists (bulleted and numbered)
Numbered list
Bulleted list
Making sub-lists
Other list formats
Numbered lists
Bulleted lists
Adding space to lists
More bullets
Restart numbering

Working with images
Inserting images
Upload from computer
Resizing the image
Adding a border and changing its properties
Cropping an image
Rotating an image
Changing the image properties
Replacing an image
Positioning an image in a text
In line
Wrap text
Break text

Total pages and sheets of paper
More settings
Open PDF in Preview
Page preview icons

Inserting headers, footers, and page numbers
Inserting headers and footers
Inserting page numbers and page counts

Inserting links, drawings & lines
Inserting hyperlinks
Inserting drawings
Inserting a horizontal line

Spelling, personal dictionary & word count
Word count

Paragraph styles (Headings)
What are they?
Using a default paragraph style
Setting a paragraph style
Setting the default styles
Borders and shading
Table of contents

Sharing, emailing, and downloading
Downloading a document
Emailing a document
Email collaborators
Email as attachment
Sharing a document

Adding comments and suggestions
Comment notifications
Sending actions via comments
Document modes: Editing, suggesting, viewing
Accepting and rejecting all suggested edits

Working with another language
Translating a document
Using a different language

Inserting special characters & mathematical equations
Inserting special characters
Finding special characters
Adding mathematical equations

Voice typing and voice control
Voice typing
Correcting your text
Formatting your document

Version history
How to name a version history
How to show only named version histories

Explore and Dictionary
Explore tool

Connecting charts & slides to Docs
Adding a chart to a Google Doc
Adding a chart from a spreadsheet
Inserting slides into a Doc

Extra useful tools
Opening files from within Docs
Creating new files from within Docs
Doc templates
Make a copy of the current document
Organize (moving from within Docs)
Starring the file
Full screen
Find and replace
Adding information to and from Google Keep

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