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Google Analytics Introduction

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Google Analytics Introduction Course Outline

This 2-day class on Google Analytics GA4 is designed specifically for beginners with little to no prior experience in web analytics. The course aims to introduce participants to the fundamentals of Google Analytics GA4, enabling them to understand and utilize its features to analyze website traffic, user engagement, and overall performance. By the end of the class, participants will have a solid foundation in navigating the GA4 interface, understanding reports, and making data-driven decisions to improve online presence.

1. Understand the Basics: Learn what Google Analytics GA4 is, its importance, and how it differs from previous versions.
2. Navigate the Interface: Become familiar with the GA4 interface, including the dashboard, reports, and real-time data views.
3. Understand Data Collection: Gain insights into how GA4 collects and processes data.
4. Learn About Reports: Understand the various reports available in GA4, how to interpret them, and apply insights to your digital strategy.
5. Event Tracking and Conversions: Learn how to set up and track events and conversions to measure specific objectives.
6. Audience Analysis: Discover how to analyze audience data to better understand your website visitors.
7. Apply Segmentation and Filters: Learn how to use segmentation and filters to refine your data analysis.
8. Privacy and Compliance: Understand the basics of data privacy, consent management, and how GA4 addresses these issues.
9. Implement GA4: Learn the steps to set up a GA4 property from scratch.
10. Actionable Insights and Reporting: Understand how to derive actionable insights from data and create custom reports.

Course Outline

Understanding GA4
- Introduction to Google Analytics and GA4
- Differences between Universal Analytics and GA4
- Overview of GA4 Interface
- Setting up a GA4 Account and Property

Data Collection and Basic Reporting
- How GA4 Collects Data
- Introduction to GA4 Reports
- Real-time reports
- User engagement reports
- Acquisition reports
- Basic Configuration
- Events
- Conversions
- Audiences

Reporting and Analysis
- Deep Dive into GA4 Reports
- Event and conversion tracking
- Audience analysis
- Custom reports and insights
- Segmentation and Filters in GA4

Implementation and Best Practices
- Setting Up and Tracking Events and Conversions
- Understanding Data Privacy and Compliance in GA4
- GA4 Implementation Checklist

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