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Google Ads Introduction

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Google Ads Introduction Course Outline

This Google Ads course is designed to introduce you to the world of search engine marketing (SEM) and familiarize you with the Google Ads tool. This Ads Basic course will teach you how to leverage Google Ads to best serve your online marketing needs. The unique feature of this Google Ads training is that it includes hands-on interactive exercises empowering students to productively use Google Ads on their own website right away.

This Google Ads class is targeted toward online marketers, media analysts, web analysts and business owners who want to promote their businesses using search engine marketing tools. To get the most out of class, students are strongly encouraged to have their own Ads account.

1. Learn fundamentals of search engine marketing.
2. Learn step-by-step process for running online marketing campaigns in Google Ads.
3. Learn the key features and capabilities of Google Ads.
4. Learn to navigate through Google Ads user interface.
5. Learn how to set up accounts, Ad campaigns, and Ad groups in Google Ads.
6. Learn key strategies and tools to build targeted keyword lists.
7. Learn how to write Ads within Google Ads.
8. Learn how to track Ad performance within Google Ads.
9. Learn how to integrate Google Analytics with your Google Ads account.
10. Learn how to leverage Google Analytics features for optimizing your marketing initiative.


Overview of Search Engine Marketing
1.Understanding Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
a.Snapshot of SEM Industry
b.Advantages of SEM over Other Marketing Methods

2.Introduction to SEM Terminologies
a.Definitions and Significance of Important Parameters

3.Organic vs Paid Traffic

4.Marketing Plan 101
a.Differentiate Your Services
b.4Ps of Marketing
c.Target and Segment Your Audiences
d.Understand your Customers Pain Points

Introduction to Google Ads
1.Getting Started with Google Ads
a.Step 1: Signing up for Google Ads
b.Step 2: Set Time Zone and Currency
c.Step 3: Verify your account
d.Step 4: Activating Your Account

2.Navigating through Google Ads
a.User Interface Elements
b.Home Tab
c.Campaigns Tab
d.Opportunities Tab
e.Reporting Tab
f.Billing Tab
g.My Account Tab

3.Understanding Google Ads Account Structure 1.Ads Account
2.Campaign Level
3.AdGroups Level

4.Access Management

Working with Keywords
1.Building Keyword Strategy

2.Keyword Discovery and Keyword Research
a.Keyword Discovery
b.Keyword Research

3.Leveraging the Google Keywords Tool

4.Demo for the Google Keyword Tool

5.Focusing and Targeting Keywords
a.Broad Match
b.Phrase Match
c.Exact Match
d.Setting up Negative Keywords

Writing Ads in Google Ads
1.Writing Effective Ads in Google Ads

2.Review of Google's Guidelines

3.Understanding Google's Text-Ad Structure

Creating and Managing Your Ad Campaigns
1.Creating Ad Campaigns

2.Creating AdGroups

3.Managing Campaign Settings
a.How to edit, pause, delete, or resume a campaign?

Ads Reporting and Account Performance

2.Generating Reports in Google Ads

3.Step 1: Select Campaign

4.Step 2: Settings

5.Step 3: Choosing Report Details

6.Step 4: Activating Your Report

7.Step 5: Template, Scheduling, and Email

Integrating Google Analytics with Google Ads
1.Tracking Online Marketing Campaigns through Google Analytics

2.Introduction to Ads Reports in Google Analytics
a.Overview of Report Structure
b.Ads Campaigns Report

3.Filtering Ads Related Data in Google Analytics
a.Introduction to Custom Filters in Google Analytics
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Attend hands-on, instructor-led Google Ads Introduction training classes at ONLC's more than 300 locations. Not near one of our locations? Attend these same live classes from your home/office PC via our Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI) technology.

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