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Power BI Intermediate Course Outline

 (2 days)

This course is intended as a continuation of our introductory-level courses in Power BI (20778: Analyzing Data with Power BI and/or Excel BI Tools: Power BI for Excel Users ). It covers common intermediate-level tasks and some of Power BI’s most desireable new features.

Before attending this course, students should have: - General knowledge equivalent to what is covered in 20778: Analyzing Data with Power BI .

At Course Completion
After completing this course, students will be able to:
• Import data from PDFs, regions of web pages, and collections of files
• Characterize data with data profiling
• Merge mismatched data sets with fuzzy matching
• Generate custom columns in Power Query
• Perform advanced data modeling
• Use Power BI time intelligence
• Work with custom scripts in R and Python
• Create KPIs and scorecards
• Use advanced report design techniques
• Use advanced dashboard design techniques
• Perform basic statistical analysis in Power BI

Course Outline

Module 1: Intermediate Power Query
Importing from PDFs
• Getting data from a table in a PDF document
Finding data in web pages
• Getting tabular data from a web page
• Getting hierarchical data from a web page
Importing the contents of a folder
• Importing and merging from a folder full of flat files
• Filtering the files that get imported
Fuzzy Matching & Data Profiling
• Use fuzzy matching to combine disparate data sets
• Use data profiling to understand unfamiliar data
Creating custom columns
• Adding columns from examples
• Conditional columns
• Basic math
• Going beyond basic math: writing your own calculations

Module 2: Intermediate Data Modeling
Adding What-If Parameters
• Create a What-If Parameter to enable interactive scenarios
Using Grouping and Binning
• Organizing non-numeric dimension data into groups
• Summarizing numeric ranges into bins
Generating DAX with Quick Measures
• Aggregating by categories
• Generating text
Using Time Intelligence
• YTD, QTD, MTD and Running Total Calculations
• Year-Over-Year calculations

Module 3: Script Visuals
The R visual
• Installing an R environment
• R basics
• Creating custom visuals with R
The Python visual
• Installing a Python environment
• Python basics
• Creating custom visuals with Python

Module 4: Advanced Report Design
Using Themes
• Using one of the built-in themes for your reports
• Creating your own theme
Conditional formatting in tables and matrices
• Data bars
• Color scales
Adding Drillthrough
• Get more detail by adding a drillthrough filter
Adding images to your reports
• Adding simple images to your reports
• Adding data-driven images to your reports
Using Report Page Tooltips
• Generate custom tooltips

Module 5: Advanced Dashboard Design
Building a better dashboard
• Presenting the most important things first
• Adding context with special tiles
Designing KPIs in DAX
• Defining metrics with thresholds
• Adding trend analysis to your KPIs
Using the KPI visual
• Show progress toward a goal
Using the Multi KPI visual
• Show your KPI with multiple streams of supporting data
Four Strategies for Creating KPIs in Power BI Tables and Matrices
• Importing from the Excel data model
• Using conditional formatting
• Using the DAX UNICHAR function
• Using image embedding

Module 6: Analytics
Characterizing your data
• Statistical strategies available in Power BI
• Revisting the data profiler
A tiny introduction to machine learning and predictive analysis in Power BI
• Add an ARIMA chart
• Linear regression with R
• Time series forecasting in Python
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