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Excel Forecasting and What-If Analysis Course Outline

 (1 day)
Version 2016

Excel has many built-in features and add-ons that will make it easier to develop complex models that incorporate What-If Analysis (using either Scenarios, Solver, or Data Tables). In addition, forecasts and trend lines can be easily projected and customized using Excel’s Forecast functions. Finally, the Excel Data Model is reviewed. This advanced feature allow you to access huge data sets within Excel.

Target Student
The course is for individuals who are responsible for creating forecasts and doing what-if analysis with Excel.

Introduction to Excel class or equivalent skills and a general understanding of the issues related to forecasting and what-if analysis.

*** Version Note ***
While this class is being taught using the 2016 version of the Excel software, almost all topics will be applicable to users of Excel 2013. As a result, this class will be beneficial to users of either Excel 2016 or Excel 2013.

Course Outline

Using the Quick Analysis Tool

One-Click Forecasting
Using Exponential Smoothing for Forecasting
Seasonality Patterns
Confidence Intervals

Customizing Your Forecast
Forecast Start
Confidence Interval
Seasonality Patterns
Timeline Range
Values Range
Missing Points

Forecasting Functions
Exponential Smoothing
Predicting with Linear Forecast
Using the Confidence Interval Function
Using the Statistics Function to get statistics related to the Forecast

Introduction to What-If Analysis

What-If Using Scenarios
Creating Scenarios
Changing Cells and the Result Cell
Scenario Manager
Consider Different Variables
Merging Scenarios
Scenario Summary Reports

What-If Using Data Tables
One-variable Data Tables
Two-Variable Data Tables
Data Table Calculations
Prepare Forecasts and Advanced Business Models

What-If Using Goal Seek
Goal Seek to get to a Desired Result
Set Cell
To Value
By Changing Cell
Goal Seek vs Solver

Define and Solve a Problem Using Solver
Example of a Solver Evaluation
Define and Solve a Problem
Step through Solver Trial Solutions
Change How Solver Finds Solutions
Save or Load a Problem Model
Solving Methods used by Solver

Solver Examples
Solver for Capital Budgeting
Solver for Financial Planning
Solver to determine Optimal Product Mix
Perform What-If Analysis with the Solver Tool

Large Files and the Excel Data Model
What is the Data Model
Getting External Data
Create and Use Linked Tables
Add existing, unrelated data to a Data Model

Demonstration of Power Pivot

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