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Microsoft Teams Administrator

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Microsoft Teams Administrator Course Outline

As a Microsoft Teams Administrator, you may need to create and manage users in your organization, manage teams that have been created, and create or modify policies to control access inside Teams. This course will explore the ways to manage Teams using the Teams Admin Console, we will not be using PowerShell to manage teams or users. Everything is going to be performed within the Admin Console.

Target Student
This course is designed for business users or IT professionals who need to administer a Microsoft Teams by creating teams, managing members, and policies. Monitoring account activity, apps usage, and maintaining security are included to facilitate communication and collaboration in a secure environment.

You should have experience using Microsoft Teams.

Course Outline

Getting Started
Create a Microsoft 365 Enterprise trial account
Overview of the User Panel
Navigate the Teams Admin Console
Adjust the Views in the Console

Working with Teams and Members
Create a new user

Teams architecture

Teams limitations

Overview of Teams Admin console

Manage Teams
Create a New Team
Edit a Team
See Members Permissions
Manage Members of a Team
Create a Standard or Private Channels
Archive or Delete a Team
Reactivating an Archived Team

Teams Settings
Notifications and Feeds
Email integration
Cloud storage options
Organization tab

Manage Team Policies
Edit an Existing policy
Create a New Policy

Team Templates

Manage Users
View a Userís policies
View User Dashboard
Assign Policies to a user

External Access

Guest Access

Manage Meetings
View Meeting Policies
Create and Edit Meeting Policies
Manage Meeting Settings
Customize Meeting Invitations
Live Event Policies and Settings

Manage Messaging Policies
Edit an Existing policy
Create a New Policy

Manage Teams Apps
Manage Apps
Manage App Permission Policies
Manage App Setup Policies

Manage Policy Packages
View Policy Packages
Edit Policy Packages
Manage User in the Policy Packages

View Analytics reports
View Usage Reports
Export a report to Excel

Cancel your Enterprise Trial Account

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