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Google Slides Course Outline

 (1 day)
This one-day class will show you how to create, edit, share, and print documents with Google Slides. The class is recommended for users who would like to get to know Google Slides in more depth or who are converting to G Suite from another office suite
such as Microsoft Office.

To ensure your success in this course, you should have end-user computer skills, including being able to start programs, switch between programs, locate saved files, close programs, and access websites using a web browser.

Who Should Not Attend
If you have never used a presentation program before, you should not take this class. The class is fast-paced and assumes you understand the basic presentation concepts. You know how to do things in Microsoft PowerPoint--now you just need to learn how to
do the same things in Google Slides.

Course Outline

Google Slides - The basics
Finding your way around Google Slides
The menus A brief overview
What's on the toolbar?

Making your first presentation
Creating a blank
Slides document
Picking a theme
Adding a title
Add a new slide
Adding a title to your slide
Adding bullet points to your slide
Changing the font size of the text
Adding an image
Presenting your slides

Setting up your slides
Page setup
Slide layout
Using Explore to improve the look of your slides
Filmstrip View and Grid View

Working with text Text boxes
Editing the text
Changing the font color
Highlighting text with color
Aligning your text
Changing the text box position
Rotating the text box
Check spelling

Creating lists and line spacing
Creating a bulleted list
Creating a numbered list
Customizing the bullets
Adding a space in between your points

Working with images
Duplicating a slide
Using Explore to find an image
Centering an image
Resizing an image
Image options
Cropping an image
Format options

Inserting & masking images
Inserting images
Inserting an image from a computer
Inserting an image from a web search
Inserting an image from Google Drive
Inserting an image from Google Photos
Inserting an image via a URL
Inserting an image from your webcam
Masking images (cookie cutter)
Deleting a slide

Inserting and editing shapes
Inserting a shape
Changing the fill color
Duplicating an element
Rotating an element
Flipping an element
Other shapes
Adding a line color
Adding speech bubbles
Changing the line style
Changing border type
Show ruler
Adding guides

Lines, connectors and scribbling
Adding lines to a diagram
Changing line color
Changing line weight
Changing lines from solid to dashed or dotted ones
Changing the style of the ends of the lines
Adding arrows
Adding an elbow connector
Adding a curved connector
Adding a curve shape
Adding a polyline shape
Scribbling on a slide

Presenting your slides
Presenting your slides
Navigating around your slides from the slides view
Presentation options bar
Adding speaker notes
Voice type speaker notes
Skipping slides
Adding captions to your slides while you give a presentation

Printing your slides and handouts
Printing your slides
Save slides as a PDF
Save slides as a PDF to Google Drive
Print settings and preview
Skipping slides

Sharing, emailing and downloading
Sharing your slides
Email collaborators
Email as attachment
Downloading your slides

Layers, arrange & groups
Arranging your images & shapes
Grouping your images or shapes

Using links to create quizzes, stories & games
Inserting a text link to a webpage
Adding a link to an image
Inserting links to different slides Making a quiz
Making an adventure story and a business decision game

Inserting static & dynamic charts
Inserting charts within Slides
Copying and pasting a chart into Slides
Inserting a chart from within Slides to a linked Sheet
Linking Slides with other Slides

Animations and transitions
Transitions one or all slides
Transitions multiple slides
Adding animations - presentation
Animating specific points in different ways
Animations - comics

Inserting a table
Inserting rows and columns
Deleting rows and columns
Changing the alignment of the text
Borders and cell background color
Changing the row and column sizes
Merging cells
Format options

Using templates and inserting diagrams
Inserting diagrams
Version History
Changing to a different version
To name a version
To show only named versions
Making a copy of a version
Printing revisions

Line spacing and indenting
Changing the line spacing
Changing the indent

Audience Q&A
Setting up audience Q&A
How do the audience ask a question?
What does the speaker see when someone asks a question?
Turning the Q&A off
Continuing with previous Q&As
Q&A history

Leaving and replying to comments
Adding comments
Replying to a comment
Resolving a comment
Adding specific people to comments and assigning actions
Link to a specific comment
Copying comments

Adding videos
Inserting a YouTube video
Adding a video from Google Drive

Adding sound

Importing slides
Importing Google Slides
Importing a PowerPoint

Word art
Inserting Word art

Master slides and themes
Accessing the master editing screen
Editing a current theme
Renaming a master
Accessing your master
Importing a master theme

Google Keep in Slides
Adding Google Keep notes to a slide

Publishing your slides to the web
Publishing a presentation to the web
Embedding a presentation in a website

Help, training, and reporting problems
Help menu
Slides Training
Reporting a problem with Slides

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