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Great partnering opportunities with ONLC Training Centers
Partnering with ONLC Training Centers

ONLC’s Unique Selling Proposition

ONLC combines the strengths of a “traditional” IT training company with the benefits of “virtual” training. Recognizing that the classroom is the centerpiece of a great learning experience, we have over 300 leased classroom locations throughout the country.

However, the real magic comes into play when you realize that all of these facilities can be linked, easily combining enrollments from multiple locations. Some people have called it “virtual bricks and mortar training.” It is a bit of an oxymoron, but it is one of our unique selling propositions that has been driving our business.

How Can We Work Together?

ONLC welcomes partners who can take advantage of our unique position in the training marketplace.

Here are just a few examples of how we are already working with partners...

 We Market & Deliver Your Course  You Sell into Our Public Classes

Software Vendors

Companies like Microsoft and Symantec use our national network of training companies to provide live, instructor-led training. It is almost like having a complete “training channel” with a single point of contact.

Large Account Resellers

Do your clients need to redeem training vouchers but are having difficulty finding conveniently located classes that don’t cancel?

Would you like to bundle training with a software sale, but want to purchase that training at a discount for your client?

Independent Consultants

Are you an expert in your field with unique course content?

We can market, take registrations and use our RCI network to help you deliver your class.

Technical Training Companies

Do you offer the same classes as ONLC but find that you are cancelling too many classes because of low enrollments?

Monetize those enrollments by letting your clients come to your facility and link into our live instructor-led class remotely.

Specialty Training Companies

If your company specializes in training on a specific product, we can help with marketing, registrations and providing classrooms in multiple cities.

This program is especially well suited for companies with unique vendor authorizations.

Independent Sales Consultants

In a prior career, did you own or work as a salesperson for a computer training company? If so, do you still get clients contacting you asking for training?

If you have access to an existing client base for IT training, let your clients know about ONLC and receive a referral bonus.

We market and deliver your course.

We are looking for software vendors, specialty training companies and contract instructors with unique content that we can resell to our clients. ONLC will advertise your events, take the registrations, sit students in our training facilities, and use our Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI) methodology to link enrollments from multiple sites. This reduces cancellations caused by low enrollments. You provide the course content and the course is taught using either your instructor or ours.

You sell into our existing public classes.

We are also looking for software resellers, traditional training companies and independent sales people with clients interested in our classes. Resellers can have ONLC redeem training vouchers or bundle training with the software sale. Training companies can have their clients come to their facilities and link to our live RCI classes. Salespeople can sell seats in our open enrollment classes held throughout the country and receive a referral bonus.


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