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Transform Your Organization with Copilot Catalyst Conversation (C³)

In today's AI-driven world, organizational leaders face a choice: embrace cutting-edge tools like Microsoft Copilot to leap ahead -OR- risk falling behind.

Copilot is revolutionizing how we work, and its capabilities are advancing rapidly. To capitalize on this game-changing technology, you need a trusted partner to guide your adoption journey. That's where ONLC's Copilot Catalyst Conversation (C³) comes in.

Copilot Catalyst Conversation (C³)

C³ conversations, led by CEO and Director of AI Strategy Andy Williamson, are tailored to your needs and readiness, providing AI insights and guidance to move forward with confidence.

With over 41 years of experience in technology education, a Microsoft partner specializing in Data & AI, and expertise guiding more than 10,000 professionals through a Microsoft Copilot Adoption series, ONLC is uniquely positioned to help your organization unlock the power of Copilot.

During your C³ session, we'll explore how Copilot can transform your workflows, boost productivity, and drive innovation. We'll discuss real-world applications, share best practices for implementation and change management, and help you identify opportunities to extend Copilot's capabilities with your own data and tools. We'll also provide recommendations for next steps in educating and empowering your team to fully leverage Copilot.

And while these sessions are designed as a starting point for your journey, you'll come away with valuable direction and clarity on your next steps.

C³ is just the beginning. As your team's AI skills grow and Copilot's capabilities evolve, new opportunities will emerge. ONLC can support your organization every step of the way with comprehensive training and ongoing strategic guidance to help you seize these opportunities and achieve continuous growth and success.


Why Schedule a C³ Session?

  • Expert Insights
    Gain direct access to over 41 years of IT training expertise plus AI specialization distilled into actionable advice for your AI journey.

  • Tailored Strategy
    Whether you're looking to implement Microsoft Copilot, other foundational models, or explore third-party applications built on these technologies, we tailor the conversation to your specific goals and challenges.

  • Best Practices
    Learn organizational transformation best practices that ensure a smooth integration of AI technologies into your business processes.

  • No Obligation!
    This conversation is purely exploratory for companies at any stage of AI planning or implementation, providing you with valuable insights without any commitment.

Unlock Your Organization’s AI Potential - Schedule Your C³ Session Today

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