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Learn to use Amazon Web Services in North Charleston, South Carolina. AWS is a comprehensive suite of services which enables on-demand computing. It has four core feature buckets - Compute, Storage & Content Delivery, Databases, and Networking. At a high level, you can control all of these with extensive administrative controls accessible via a secure Web client. Tools include identity management, auditing, encryption key creation/control/storage, monitoring and logging, data lakes and analytics and much more.

With ONLC's live, instructor-led classes or self-study On-Demand training you can learn services and support, creation, security, best practices, net and content delivery, storage and object lifecycles, EC2, AWS compute, database options, cloud services, and data migration. In addition to best practices for AWS desktop applications, there are courses for AWS architecting solutions, developing in the AWS environment, and AWS system operations. This training can also be used to prep for professional AWS certification!

ONLC's instructor-led training classes in North Charleston, South Carolina for those who will be architecting solutions, developing or managing systems operations on Amazon Web Services are listed below.

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ONLC Training Centers
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Providing AWS training classes in North Charleston, SC.

AWS Technical Essentials
ONLC Training Centers 4000 S. Faber Place Drive North Charleston SC 29405
Jul 18 - Jul 19 $895

AWS Security Essentials
ONLC Training Centers 4000 S. Faber Place Drive North Charleston SC 29405
Jul 13 - Jul 15 $1,495

Government Funded Training

In addition to providing business-to-business training, our courses are also taken by individuals with government training funds. On a state-by-state basis, we are able to work with programs such as Workforce Development (DWD), Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Workforce Investment Act (WIA), and Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA). Contact your local Workforce or TAA office to determine if you are eligible and they will reach out to us to schedule training. Note: We cannot work directly with training candidates. All training must be coordinated through your local agency.