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Learn Python Programming in our Fort Myers, Florida facility. Python is an object-oriented programming language. Known for its easily readable syntax, uncluttered visual layout and extensibility to other programming languages, Python can be used to develop for a variety of uses including the Web, GUI and other applications that need a programmable interface.

Python Skills You'll Learn With ONLC

ONLC Python classes range from an introductory course on Python for Non-Programmers to advanced applications of Python programming, Python for data science, and more. ONLC Python courses will teach you;

  • Data structures and data sets
  • Python modules like NumPy, Panda, and Pillow
  • Programming skills for joining Python with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, flask, and Django for web development and web applications.
  • Python for deep learning, data science, and machine learning
  • Syntax
  • Strings and console output
  • Functions
  • Regular expressions
  • JSON
  • APIs
  • Binary data

ONLC offers instructor-led training classes in Fort Myers, Florida for Python Programming as well as an advanced Python Programming course. Available courses and dates are listed below.

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Python Programming Level 1: Introduction for Non-Programmers

Python Programming Level 1: Introduction for Programmers

Python Programming Level 2: Advanced Programming Techniques

Python Programming Level 3: Data Analysis Using Python

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