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Python Programming Level 1: Introduction for Non-Programmers

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Python Programming Level 1: Introduction for Non-Programmers Course Outline

This is an introductory Python programming course which provides a strong foundation that will allow students to further their skills with additional education. The course begins with an overview of Python and quickly has students building simple applications. Python syntax, including function and module design is considered. File consumption and exception handling are also included early in the class. In addition, there is an examination of using different data types.

Audience Profile
This course is specially designed for individuals with little or no programming background. Those with prior programming experience should alternatively consider our Introduction to Python course. For details on this faster-paced course for programmers see Introduction to Python Programming

Before attending this course, it is recommended that students:
     Have basic computer navigation skills
     Prior programming experience is NOT necessary, but it can help to put these topics in perspective

At Course Completion
After completing this course, students will be able to:
     Understand the different types of Python applications
     Recognize source code for a console application
     Use the interactive shell
     Manage source files
     Fix both syntax and runtime errors
     Compile and run a program
     Code statements, add comments, and organize code into functions
     Name and assign values to variables
     Author expressions
     Include special characters
     Use predefined Python functions
     Use relational and logical operators
     Code and nest if statements
     Use loops
     Create and call functions
     Provide arguments for functions
     Use standard modules
     Plan functions in a program with hierarchy charts
     Gain techniques for debugging more easily, including setting breakpoints
     Create, sort, and use lists of one or multiple dimensions
     Create and use tuples
     Read, write, and manage files both text and binary
     Work, in great detail, with various string, numeric, and date/time types

Course Outline
Note: the course material contains much more information than what is covered in class, and will serve as a useful reference to the learner going forward.

An introduction to Python
o     Introduction to Python
o     How to use IDLE to develop programs

How to write your first program
o     Basic coding skills
o     How to work with data types and variables
o     How to work with numeric data
o     How to work with string data
o     How to use five of the Python functions

How to code control statements
o     How to code boolean expressions
o     How to code the selection structure
o     How to use the iteration structure

How to define and use functions and modules
o     How to define and use functions
o     More skills for defining and using functions
o     How to create and use modules
o     How to use standard modules
o     How to plan the functions of a program

How to test and debug a program
o     An introduction to testing and debugging
o     Four techniques for testing and debugging
o     How to use the IDLE debugger

How to work with lists and tuples
o     Basic skills for working with lists
o     How to work with a list of lists
o     More skills for working with lists
o     How to work with tuples

How to work with file I/0
o     An introduction to file I/O
o     How to use text files
o     How to use CSV files
o     How to use binary files

How to handle exceptions
o     How to handle a single exception
o     How to handle multiple exceptions

How to work with numbers
o     Basic skills for working with numbers
o     How to format numbers
o     How to work with decimal numbers

How to work with strings
o     Basic skills for working with strings
o     How to split and join strings

How to work with dates and times
o     How to get started with dates and times
o     More skills for working with dates and times

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