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You can use Revit software to build a solid foundation in Building Information Modeling (BIM). It is mostly used by those in the fields of architectural design, structural engineering, MEP engineering and detailing, and preconstruction design. Revit allows you to produce consistent, coordinated, and complete model-based building designs and documentation.

Revit has tools for architectural design, MEP and structural design, detailing, and engineering, and construction professionals. Revit Architecture is used primarily by architects, interior designers and drafting/modelling professionals. Revit MEP provides modeling for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Revit Structure is for structural engineers, civil engineers and engineering firms.

This class is designed to teach you the Autodesk Revit functionality as you would work with it throughout the design process. You begin by learning about the user interface and basic drawing, editing, and viewing tools. Then you learn design development tools including how to model walls, doors, windows, floors, ceilings, stairs and more. Finally, you learn the processes that take the model to the construction documentation phase.

Topics Covered

  • Understanding the purpose of Building Information Management (BIM) and how it is applied in the Autodesk Revit software.
  • Navigating the Autodesk Revit workspace and interface.
  • Working with the basic drawing and editing tools.
  • Creating Levels and Grids as datum elements for the model.
  • Creating a 3D building model with walls, curtain walls, windows, and doors.
  • Adding floors, ceilings, and roofs to the building model.
  • Creating component-based and custom stairs.
  • Adding component features, such as furniture and equipment.
  • Setting up sheets for plotting with text, dimensions, details, tags, and schedules.
  • Creating details.

This training can also help you prep for Revit ACU and ACP certifications. See below for the classes and dates.

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