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Exam Pass Guarantee
Classes with Exam Prep & Vouchers


ONLC is committed to the success of our students and we are confident in the training you'll receive. For training with ONLC that provides an exam prep and exam voucher as part of your purchase, we offer our Exam Pass Guarantee:


If you don’t pass the authorized certification exam on your first try, we'll provide
one (1) additional exam voucher free of charge.


To Qualify

To qualify for our Exam Pass Guarantee your ONLC class must come with an exam prep and exam voucher as part of the purchase, and you must meet these guidelines:

  1. Meet Prerequisites. You meet the course requirements for prior knowledge and experience before attending the class.

  2. Take Entire Class. For Instructor-led Training (ILT) courses you must attend every day of the course and actively participate and follow along with the class. For On-Demand, self-study courses you must review all of the material plus take and submit a certificate of completion which can be printed directly from your course.

  3. Score 85% or higher on Practice Tests. The student must take the practice test (Quick Quiz Mode if Kaplan/CyberVista; Certification Mode if MeasureUp) and score 85% or higher. Please note that Practice Tests are only valid for 6 months.

  4. Contact Us. Send the required documentation and your request for an authorized exam voucher to ONLC's Exam Review Team.

  5. Take Authorized Exam in Timely Fashion.* The authorized exam must be taken within one year of the completion date of your class/on-demand course.

    If you fail the authorized exam...

  6. Study Some More. Review your course materials. Students who attended instructor-led training (ILT) class may retake that same course one time (1x) for free within 12 months of original class*—call ONLC's toll free number below to schedule a retake. You will need to use your original course materials for the retake. Class retake option is not available for On-Demand courses. We recommend you also continue studying and retake the practice test.

  7. Submit Proof. If you fail the authorized exam on your first try, send your authorized exam score to ONLC's Exam Review Team.

  8. Get New Exam Voucher. We will send a new exam voucher to you. We strongly recommend you retake the authorized exam within 30 days of receiving the new voucher.

Special Note about Certiport Exam Locations
Certiport is the company that administers exams for Microsoft MOS, Adobe ACA and Autodesk AutoCAD. ONLC is not affiliated with Certiport, so will not be able to assist candidates with Certiport-related matters. Before starting your certification quest for any of those credentials you should review Certiport's list of testing locations at https://www.certiport.com/locator and confirm directly with the preferred location if they accept students from the public for testing.

Terms & Conditions

  • Good on any certification add-on offer that includes an "Exam Pass Guarantee" and has an associated practice exam software package. Training can be instructor-led (ILT) or self-study (On-Demand).
  • If a practice test is not available or included with your class, additional exam voucher cannot be issued.
  • The replacement exam voucher must be used within 6 months of attending the original course.
  • Free class retake is limited to learners who attended the ILT course format. Free retake course must be within 12 months of original ILT class and must be same title and version.* You must use your original training materials as no new materials will be issued.
  • This offer is not applicable for expired vouchers or to those who have not attended that training with ONLC.
  • No substitutions allowed.



If you are an ONLC student and have questions about our Exam Pass Guarantee please send email to ONLC's Exam Review Team, or call us toll free:




* IMPORTANT NOTE (all courses & formats): Though ONLC specifies deadlines for training, exam preps and authorized exams, those details can be supplanted should the governing body for your certification (e.g. Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, et al.) announce a certification or software change or retirement. ONLC is not the governing body for professional certifications so cannot alter or delay any such changes. Bundle purchasers are directly responsible to adjust their training and exam schedule accordingly should the vendor for their certification announce a retirement. Additionally, retired courses are no longer applicable for ONLC's free retake, make-up and/or extended lab time options.