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QuickBooks Online Accounting Specialist CareerPath Program
QuickBooks Online Certification


This program uses QuickBooks Online which is cloud-based allowing the software to be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

QuickBooks Online can be a great solution for bookkeeping and accounting. Many small to mid size businesses use it for bookkeeping, tracking expenses, generate invoices, track payments, receipts and expenses as well as prepare tax statements and reports.

Those who like working with numbers can excel in accounting. Earning QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU) certification can provide opportunities from full-time, part-time, freelance, and contract work. Many small-to-medium sized companies look to hire QuickBooks Online certified candidates. QBCU certification proves you know how to use QuickBooks well and confirms your bookkeeping competency.

QuickBooks Accounting Specialist CareerPath Certification Program

Quality Training + Exam Prep + Exam Voucher!

General Description: This program starts with a self-study course, Accounting On-Demand: Business Accounting, Bookkeeping & Payroll. This gives you a good foundation in which to apply to the two Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses that follow: QuickBooks Online QuickStart and QuickBooks Online Advanced. Students may repeat the instructor-led courses one time for free within 12 months of the original class date.

Student also get QuickBooks Online On-Demand: Comprehensive (self-study) course which helps reinforce concepts learned in ILT courses and a 1 year Educational Subscription to QuickBooks Online. And for those on a certification quest, ONLC's careerpath program includes a QuickBooks Practice Exam to prep plus an Exam Voucher to pay for the authorized certification exam. This program provides 77 hours of course content.

VERSION NOTE: This program uses QuickBooks Online (cloud-based version). This version is geared for small business applications as it does not have as many features and functions as QuickBooks Desktop version.

Prerequisite: None other than familiarity using a computer, keyboard, mouse.

QuickBooks Online Accounting
Specialist CareerPath Program
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QuickBooks Online QuickStart
(1 day, Instructor-led)

QuickBooks Online Advanced
(1 day, Instructor-led)

— PLUS —

Accounting On-Demand: Business Accounting,
Bookkeeping & Payroll

(6 months access, self-study)

QuickBooks Online On-Demand Comprehensive
(6 months access, self-study)

— PLUS —

All course materials, Accounting Supplement,
QuickBooks Educational Subscription (1 yr),
Exam Prep & Exam Voucher


Class Formats

Instructor-led Training (ILT): Classes are live with a subject-matter professional leading and supporting the class. You'll work hands-on with the software and its features doing labs and exercises throughout the class. Training is fully interactive via remote instructor . You can ask questions, participate in class discussions and get assistance directly from the instructor during class. Students select their class dates from our public schedule and can train at any of ONLC's hundreds of centers coast-to-coast click link, or from your own location for convenience (see easy setup click link).

On-Demand (self-study) Courses: On-Demand courses are self-study, self-paced you take using your own equipment. You'll have 24/7 access for six months to the eLearning course which includes videos, expert lectures, supporting visuals and demonstrations. Access the digital course from any device connected to the internet so you can repeat and review sections as often as needed to reinforce what you've learned in the live training.

Order Yours Today! CareerPath Programs must be ordered by phone. ONLC accepts all major credit cards. To purchase your Accounting Specialist CareerPath Certification Program call...


ONLC's QuickBooks Online Accounting Specialist CareerPath Program Has You Covered With...

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Substantial Savings

CareerPath Certification Programs are substantially discounted so you'll pay less than retail for all of the components.

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Learn at Hundreds of Centers or Home

Attend instructor-led classes from any of ONLC's hundreds of centers coast-to-coast click link, or from your own location for convenience (see easy setup click link).

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Optional Class Retake

You may repeat an instructor-led course one time for free within a year of your original class. Class Retake Details click link.

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Exam Prep & Voucher

Along with quality training you'll receive a practice exam and exam voucher to pay for the authorized test.

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Exam Pass Guarantee

Your safety net if you don't pass the authorized exam the first time. Review Exam Pass Guarantee click link.

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Career Guidance

Not sure if this program is right for you? Schedule a career strategy session with an ONLC Advisor at 1-800-288-8221 (weekdays) for assistance.


QuickBooks Online Certification

QuickBooks certification is industry-recognized and it effectively validates one’s skills using QuickBooks accounting software. Having QuickBooks certification on your resume will let you stand out from the crowd and shows you have what it takes to efficiently and effectively use QuickBooks software making you a valuable employee.

QuickBooks Online certification

QuickBooks Certified User Certification (QBCU)

Earning QBCU certification confirms basic accounting knowledge and how to use the utilities of the QuickBooks Online software effectively. To earn this certification you must pass the authorized exam.

QuickBooks Online Certification Exam

Intuit QuickBooks Certified User Online

Exam Provider for QuickBooks
The QuickBooks Online authorized exam is available online through Certiport click link. Or if you prefer a testing site use Certiport's list of testing locations click link to schedule an exam.

When you pass the authorized QuickBooks Online exam you will receive a digital badge for that credential. Anyone who views your badge can select it to learn about your skills and verify its authenticity.

Possible Careers

The skills gained in this program will make it easier for you to handle almost all office activities and duties, and the certifications earned make you suitable for many jobs in the market including...

Job Titles...

Accounting Specialist

Accounting Assistant


Office Manager


Salary Range...

The average annual salary for QuickBooks Online Certification is $45,000 - $60,000.

QuickBooks professionals also indicate certification provides job security and advancement opportunities.

Salary ranges are USD and for general reference only as several factors including but not limited to geography, company pay scale and applicant's other work experience can effect salary.


Start Your QuickBooks Career Now!

QuickBooks Online certification provides benefits and opportunities above and beyond what is available to other professionals. This credential will alert potential and current employers that you have what it takes to utilize QuickBooks Online software and can handle day-to-day accounting tasks.

This program must be ordered by phone. We accept all major credit cards. To purchase your QuickBooks Online Accounting Specialist CareerPath Certification Program call...



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CareerPath Certification Program Terms & Conditions

  • All prices are US Dollars.
  • Programs are good on new registrations only and limited to the above listed courses.
  • Cannot be combined with any other discounts, offers or programs.
  • Full payment is required at the time of purchase. These programs are non-refundable, non-transferable.
  • Course materials will either be digital or hard copy format.
  • Exam voucher will be sent to purchaser once a passing score on the exam prep has been achieved. Exam vouchers are only good for a limited time. Sending the voucher later rather than at time of purchase maximizes time allowance for taking the authorized exam. ONLC will not replace expired exam vouchers.
  • Though ONLC may specify durations and deadlines for training, exam preps, and authorized exams those deadlines can be supplanted should Intuit announce a certification change or retirement. ONLC is not the governing certification body, so cannot alter, delay or grant extensions for such changes. Students are directly responsible to adjust their training and exam schedule should the governing body announce a change or retirement. Additionally, retired courses are not applicable for ONLC's free course retake or make-up options.

On-Demand courses & course codes:

  • Each code contains specific information about the program for which it is valid, the expiration date, and other terms and conditions for its use.
  • A code may not be redeemed for cash, credit, or refund. Codes are not returnable and are void if altered.
  • On-Demand course is available 24/7 for 180 days from date of purchase.
  • Each code may only be used once and cannot be shared. After it has been redeemed, a code cannot be reused.
  • Expired, stolen, or lost codes will not be replaced. ONLC Training Centers, Intuit, nor any hosting partners are not responsible for lost or stolen codes.
  • On-Demand course and exam voucher expiration dates will not be extended under any circumstances.

Certification Testing:

  • Certiport is the testing provider for QuickBooks certification exams. Certiport exams are available at their network of testing centers and online. Students schedule their exam directly with Certiport. ONLC does not offer exams at our centers.

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