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SketchUp Level 3 - Using LayOut for Model Presentation

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SketchUp Level 3 - Using LayOut for Model Presentation Course Outline

This 2-day class provides an overview of all of the essential skills needed to use LayOut, the model presentation tool that is included with SketchUp Pro. LayOut and SketchUp Pro work together. Make some preliminary settings in SketchUp, then insert your model into LayOut and create determine how you want to present your model. When you make changes in the model, the presentation details are automatically updated. The presentation output can be blueprints, event layouts, or even interior design board layouts. In this class you will learn how to share your 3D model with the world using LayOut!

Who Should Attend
This is for individuals who need to get present 3D SketchUp models. This course is intended for participants with little or no 3-dimensional drawing or SketchUp experience, but who want to create 3-dimensional models using SketchUp for an interior design workflow.

Hardware Platform
All of our SketchUp courses are taught on the Windows platform. However, because SketchUp on the Mac is very similar to the PC implementation, we welcome Mac users. Mac users have been able to take our SketchUp training without issues. Note: we recommend that individuals taking our class from their home or office connect to the "student" computer using a PC. A Mac can be used to connect to the "meeting" component of the class. To see the minor differences between SketchUp on the PC and Mac, please review this video prior to your training:
Mac SketchUp vs. Windows SketchUp

A general working knowledge and familiarity with SketchUp is required before taking this class. No prior experience with LayOut is necessary.

Course Outline

Part 1: Preparing Your Model For LayOut

Levels of Detail
Types of Models
Multi-Purpose Models

Groups & Components
SketchUp Layers
Types of Layers
Objects on Multiple Layers

Workflow Overview
Objects to Draw in Layout

Creating Scenes
Creating a New Scene
Updating a Scene
Navigating Scenes

Advanced Scenes for LayOut
Visible Objects
Foreground Depth
Background Depth
Camera Perspective & Settings

Scene Anatomy
Visualizing Scene Properties
Scene Properties
Selective Memory

SketchUp Styles
Edge Settings
Face Settings
Background Settings
Watermark Settings
Modeling Settings
Save Custom Styles in Model
Save Custom Styles on Computer

Part 2: LayOut Documents

User Interface
The Toolbar
Tray Panels
Document Area

Layout Elements
Moving, Rotating & Scaling Elements
Layout Inference System
Editing Elements

Opening a New File
Create a New file from a Template
Editing Titleblock Elements

Insert SketchUp Models--Part A
Setting the Scene
Positioning the viewport
Sizing the Viewport
Paper Space vs. Model Space
Ortho and Perspective Viewports
Scaling Perspective Viewports

Insert SketchUp Models--Part B
Scaling Orthogonal Viewports
Raster, Vector & Hybrid
Controlling Line Weight
Update SketchUp Models
Clipping Mask

Adding Dimensions
Creating a Dimension Line
Editing Dimensions
Dimension Scale
Unit of Measurement & Precision
Dimension Text Placement
Exploding Dimensions
Dimension Shape and Text Style

Advanced Dimensions
Non-Parallel Dimensions
Adjusting Dimension Leaders
Quick Dimension Offsets
Angular Dimensions
Perspective Viewports

Text Box
Text with Leader
Smart Labels

Exploding Viewports

Scrapbook Elements
Scrapbook Sampling
Custom Scrapbooks

Exporting PDF
Creating a Presentation
View outline in Word


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