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SketchUp Level 1 - Essentials

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SketchUp Level 1 - Essentials Course Outline

This 3-day class provides an overview of all of the essential SketchUp skills needed for general modeling, layout, and architecture. SketchUp is one of the easiest 3D tools to use but it has many features. We teach this class in a 3-day format to provide time to review all of the major features and to give participants time to practice.

Who Should Attend
This is for individuals who need to get a complete overview of SketchUp's essential skills. This course is intended for participants with little or no 3-dimensional drawing or SketchUp experience, but who want to start to create 3-dimensional models using SketchUp.

Hardware Platform
All of our SketchUp courses are taught on the Windows platform. Because SketchUp on the Mac is very similar to the PC implementation, we welcome Mac users. Mac users have been able to take our SketchUp training without issues. Note: we recommend that individuals taking our class from their home or office connect to the "student" computer using a PC. A Mac can be used to connect to the "meeting" component of the class. To see the minor differences between SketchUp on the PC and Mac, please review this video prior to your training: Mac SketchUp vs. Windows SketchUp

We strongly encourage attendees to spend time looking at SketchUp prior to class either by downloading the free trial or by seeing it used in a work setting. No formal 3D modeling background is required.


The Basics
Opening SketchUp
SketchUp Screen
Viewing Tools
Shortcut Keys
Drawing Tools (Line, Rectangle, Square, Push/Pull, Circle, Polygon, Arc)

Manipulation Tools
Tape Measure
Move and Copy
Rotate and Copy
Displaying and Smoothing Edges

Intersect Faces and Follow Me
Follow Me
Intersect Faces
Combining Follow Me and Intersect Faces

Making Multiple Copies
Basic Move and Copy
Internal Arrays
Non-Orthogonal Copies
Multiple Rotated Copies

Working with Roofs
Simple Roofs and Dormers

Groups and Components
Components Versus Groups
Groups (Sticking, Edge Breaks, Nested, Solids)
Components (3D Warehouse, Inserting, Scaling, Aligning)

Painting, Materials, and Textures
Applying Materials.
Editing Materials
Using Images as Textures
Material Collections
Material Translucency
Materials of Groups and Components

Adding Text and Dimensions
3D Text

Using Exact Dimensions
Creating Exact Geometry
Entity Info
Exact Moving and Copying
Exact Rotated Copies
Measuring Length and Area
Scaling in 3D

Extensions Overview (Demo Only)
Extension Warehouse
Installing Other Extensions
Managing Extensions.
Other Popular Extensions

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