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Outlook On-Demand: Comprehensive (Introduction & Intermediate) Course Outline

 (2 days)

** Note: This is an On-Demand Self Study Course, 2 days of content, 6-month unlimited access, $495**
You may take this course at any time; there are no set dates. The course covers Microsoft Outlook 2016 Introduction & Intermediate topics. Customers must call us directly to purchase this class at 800-288-8221.

About This Course
The Online On-Demand training course includes expert lectures, PowerPoint visuals, and demonstrations. You will be able to follow along and successfully complete the course by completing the quizzes and exams. You do not need to own the software for the course and will be able to access the course from any device, provided you have internet access.

When you purchase your On-Demand course from ONLC you will receive the printed courseware at no charge!

This course takes 2 days to complete and includes 8h 8m of video presentation.

Outlook Introduction Course Content:

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Outlook 2016
Topic A: Navigate the Outlook Interface
Topic B: Work with Messages
Topic C: Access Outlook Help

Lesson 2: Formatting Messages
Topic A: Add Message Recipients
Topic B: Check Spelling and Grammar
Topic C: Format Message Content

Lesson 3: Working with Attachments and Illustrations
Topic A: Attach Files and Items
Topic B: Add Illustrations to Messages
Topic C: Manage Automatic Message Content

Lesson 4: Customizing Message Options
Topic A: Customize Reading Options
Topic B: Track Messages
Topic C: Recall and Resend Messages

Lesson 5: Organizing Messages
Topic A: Mark Messages
Topic B: Organize Messages Using Folders

Lesson 6: Managing Your Contacts
Topic A: Create and Edit Contacts
Topic B: View and Print Contacts

Lesson 7: Working with the Calendar
Topic A: View the Calendar
Topic B: Create Appointments
Topic C: Schedule Meetings
Topic D: Print the Calendar

Lesson 8: Working with Tasks and Notes
Topic A: Create Tasks
Topic B: Create Notes

Outlook Intermediate Course Content:

Lesson 1: Modifying Messages and Setting Global Options
Topic A: Insert Advanced Characters and Objects
Topic B: Modify Message Settings, Properties, and Options
Topic C: Configure Global Outlook Options
Topic D: Customize the Outlook Interface

Lesson 2: Organizing, Searching, and Managing Messages
Topic A: Sort Messages
Topic B: Filter and Manage Messages
Topic C: Search Outlook Items

Lesson 3: Using Filters
Topic A: Use the Junk Mail Filter to Manage Messages
Topic B: Manage Your Mailbox

Lesson 4: Using Rules
Topic A: Use Automatic Replies
Topic B: Use the Rules Wizard to Organize Messages
Topic C: Create and Use Quick Steps

Lesson 5: Working with Calendar Settings
Topic A: Set Advanced Calendar Options
Topic B: Create and Manage Additional Calendars
Topic C: Manage Meeting Responses

Lesson 6: Managing Contacts and Groups
Topic A: Use Electronic Business Cards
Topic B: Manage Contact Groups
Topic C: Forward Contacts
Topic D: Import and Export Contacts

Lesson 7: Managing Activities Using Tasks
Topic A: Assign and Manage Tasks

Lesson 8: Sharing Workplaces with Others
Topic A: Delegate Access to Mail Folders
Topic B: Share Your Calendar
Topic C: Share Your Contacts

Lesson 9: Managing Outlook Data Files
Topic A: Use Archiving to Manage Mailbox Size
Topic B: Back up Outlook Items
Topic C: Change Data File Settings

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