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QuickBooks Online On-Demand: Comprehensive (QuickStart & Advanced)


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QuickBooks Online On-Demand: Comprehensive (QuickStart & Advanced) Course Outline

*** This is an On-Demand (self-study) course, 180-day, 24/7 access via the internet ***
(Applicable State and Local taxes may be added for On-Demand purchases, depending on your location.)
You may take this course at any time; there are no set dates. This On-Demand (self-study) training course includes expert lectures, demonstrations, exercises that allow you to apply and reinforce your skills, and self-assessments. Note: The 180-day course access period begins at time of purchase.

VERSION NOTE: QuickBooks Online -OR- QuickBooks Desktop?
This self-study course is for those with QuickBooks Online for which the software is accessed via the cloud.

QuickBooks Desktop, on the other hand, is installed directly on the computer. QuickBooks Desktop users should instead see:
Quickbooks Desktop On-Demand Comprehensive.

The QuickBooks Online QuickStart course will introduce the basics of using Quickbooks Online. It will present the day to day functions for an administrator to work with customer, vendor, employee and banking transactions for a business using the Intuit Quickbooks Online cloud application. This level 1 course will have you create a new company, add customers and vendors, work with your bills and invoicing your customers, entering transactions and working with your bank accounts and transactions.

The QuickBooks Online Advanced course teaches the advanced features and functionality of Intuit's cloud-based software application. Specifically, you will learn more about inventory, purchase orders, the accounting cycle, and payroll. In addition, we review customizing, fine-tuning, and other extended capabilities of QuickBooks Online.

We recommend that individuals taking this class have a basic proficiency in the Windows operating system and browsing online, along with a basic understanding of accounting practices. For individuals with limited or no accounting background, we recommend taking our On-Demand (self-study) course:
Accounting On-Demand: Business Accounting, Bookkeeping & Payroll

Do You Still Prefer a Live, Instructor-led Class?
Already know QuickBooks Online On-Demand is not right for you? We also offer this same course content in a live, instructor-led format. For more details, click on the link below:
QuickBooks Training Classes & Certification

You have 24/7 access for 180-days to this digital course that includes 8 hours video presentation. As a traditional course it would be a 2-day class.

Course Outlines:

- QuickBooks Online QuickStart Course Outline -

Intuit QuickBooks Online QuickStart
Getting Started with QuickBooks Online
Introducing QuickBooks Online
Before You Begin
Navigating the User Interface
Business Overview
The Search Feature
The Help Menu
The Navigation Bar
Accounting Behind the Scenes
Chart of Accounts

Setting Up a New Company File
Planning and Creating Your Company File
Setting Up Your Company File
Customizing Your Company File
The Chart of Accounts
Products and Services
Adding and Managing Users
Opening Balances and Historical Transactions

Working with Customers
The Sales Center
Importing Customers
Importing Customers
Editing Merging and Making Customers Inactive
Recording Sales Transactions
Sales Forms
Creating Sales Receipts and Invoices
Price Rules
Receiving Customer Payments
Recording a Bank Deposit
Creating Customer and Sales Reports
The Reports Center
Correcting Errors

Working with Vendors
The Expenses Center
Importing Vendors
Merging and Making Vendors Inactive
Creating Vendor Transactions
Creating Vendor Transactions
Managing Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable Reports
Other Vendor Reports
Paying Bills

Banking and Credit Card Transactions
Managing the Banking Center
Bank Feeds
Managing Bank Rules
Other Banking Transactions
Banking Transactions
Entering Debit and Credit Card Transactions
Debit and Credit Card Transactions
Reconciling Accounts
Reconciling Accounts
Preparing Financial Reports

- QuickBooks Online Advanced Course Outline -

Managing Inventory
Tracking Inventory
Inventory Products
Non Inventory Products
Inventory Adjustments
Purchase Orders
Purchase Orders
Purchase Order Reports
Receiving Inventory
Purchase Orders for Non Inventory Products
Adding Expenses to a Purchase Order Payment
Vendor Credits and Returns
Sales Tax
Inventory and Non-Inventory Products
Inventory and Non Inventory Products
Customer Returns and Credits
Customer Refunds

Working with Balance Sheet Accounts and Budgets
Recording Other Current Assets
Chart of Accounts
Journal Entries and Recurring Transactions
Journal Entry
Fixed Assets and Long-Term Liabilities
Transferring Funds Between Accounts
Petty Cash
Handling Uncollectible Receivables Bad Debts
Creating and Reviewing Budgets

Customizing, Fine-Tuning, and Extending Capabilities
Customizing Reports
Sending Reports
Adding a Custom Field to Sales Forms
QuickBooks Payments
Protecting Confidential Information
Keyboard Shortcuts
Extending Capabilities with Apps

Staying on Track The Accounting Cycle Classes and Locations
Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and the Accounting Cycle
Accounting Cycle
Class Tracking
Class Tracking
Location Tracking
Project Tracking and Tags
Delayed Charges and Credits

Completing the Accounting Cycle Closing the Books and Reviewing Changes
Completing the Accounting Cycle
Completing the Accounting Cycle
Adjusting Journal Entries
Comparing Inventory Quantities and Making Adjustments
Adjusted Trial Balance Report
Creating Financial Statements
Assembling Management Reports
Closing the Books
Closing the Books
The Audit Log and Audit History
Audit History

Using Payroll in QuickBooks Online
Introducing Payroll
The Payroll Center
The Payroll Center
Run Payroll
Payroll Taxes
Payroll Tax Forms
Payroll Reports

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