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Remote Classroom Instruction

RCI Connection Test

Test if you can connect. Use this form to request access to one of our computers that is running GoToMyPC. This is the technology used by students in our Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI) classes to do labs and exercises.

Enter the email address where you wish to receive the access invitation. The invitation email will contain a link that will connect you to our demo computer after loading the GoToMyPC viewer. You will be allowed up to 10 minutes to experience using Word and Excel remotely.

Your email invitation will expire 15 minutes after it is sent.  If your invitation expires before you have an opportunity to connect or if you need to test more than one computer, you may return here to request as many invitation emails as needed.

Email Address:

Under some circumstances the email invitations may not be delivered. The GoToMyPC Wizard can also be used to test connectivity. More information on using the GoToMyPC Wizard is available at Citrix Online Support