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VMware Horizon View 8.X with VMware vSphere

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VMware Horizon View 8.X with VMware vSphere Course Outline

The problem with most VMware Horizon View classes is that they present Horizon View as if it were a standalone product. VMware Horizon View requires integration with VMware vSphere! Only our VMware Horizon View 8 WITH VMware vSphere class teaches students everything they need to know to install and use VMware Horizon View including the required integrations with VMware vSphere.

Our VMware Horizon View 8 WITH VMware vSphere class offers participants the most extensive training available in the real-world Installation, Configuration and Management of VMware® Horizon View™ 8. Each participant will work hands-on to build and administrate their own complete VMware® Horizon View™ 8 environment from the ground up.

Our class offers participants a more comprehensive experience than other classes because each student gets to install and configure a complete VMware® vSphere™ environment designed and optimized specifically to support Virtual Desktops.

In our class, in addition to VMware Horizon View, you will cover important vSphere topics such as:
•      VMware vSphere Architecture for Horizon View
•      vSphere Optimizations for Horizon View
•      VMware Unified Access Gateway
•      Multifactor Authentication (MFA) integration
•      Licensing for Horizon View 

Once the infrastructure has been provisioned, participants install VMware® Horizon View™ 8 and begin the process of learning how to maximize their administrative efficiency while managing VMware® Horizon View™ 8 environments while maintaining the highest levels of Virtual Desktop security. During class we focus on real-world Virtual Desktop deployment scenarios using the available GUI tools; the vSphere Client, vCenter Server, and the Horizon View Manager.

The VMware® Horizon View™ 8 Virtual Desktop Deployment class features over 45 hands-on Step-By-Step Labs (SBS LAB™), complete with detailed instructions, full-color documentation and screenshots of all steps. Over 60% of class time is spent doing labs! The book alone is sure to become one of the most valued reference materials in your library

This class and our book provide a detailed Step by Step real-world procedure for installing, configuring and managing VMware Horizon View and Application Pools, including SSL/Certificates for Horizon View! The book will become a long-lasting roadmap and manual for specific procedures which must be regularly attended to with Horizon View. There is no more valuable real-world training than our VMware Horizon View 8 WITH VMware vSphere.

• Install and configure VMware vSphere designed for VMware® Horizon View™ 8
o ESXi Host(s)
o Enterprise Storage for Horizon View
o vCenter Server
o vSphere Networking for Horizon View
• Build Virtual Machines suitable for use as Virtual Desktops
o Windows Desktop with VMware Desktop Optimization tool
• Use and deploy VM's from Templates and Clones
o Implement VMware Customization Specification (Sysprep) for auto-deployment
• Install and Configure VMware Horizon View 8
o Install and Configure the Horizon View Connection Server
o Install and Configure SQL for Horizon View (required for Events and Composer)
o Install and Configure Horizon View Composer
o Install and Configure the Horizon View Unified Access Gateway
o Deploy Group Policy Template for Horizon View
• VMware Unified Access Gateway (UAG)
o Deploy UAG and configure
o Multifactor authentication scenarios with UAG
• Networking for Horizon View
o Configure firewall rules for Horizon View
o Requirements for using display protocols VMware Blast, PCoIP and RDP
• Learn how to create and use SSL Certificates for Horizon View
o Create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for Horizon View
o Obtaining a Certificate from a Trusted CA
o Applying the Certificate to Connection Servers and Security Servers
• Create and Manage VMware Horizon View Desktops and Pools
o Deploy individual Virtual Desktops
o User Entitlement
o Automated Desktop Pools
o Deploy Linked Clones
o Practice Desktop Refresh and Recomposition

Our VMware® Horizon View™ 8 Virtual Desktop Deployment class is intended for IT professionals with familiarity with Windows Server and TCP/IP Networking.


1. Introduction and Overview
i.     SBS LAB - Accessing your personal Cloud Datacenter environment

2. Deploy VMware vSphere specifically for Horizon View
a.     Install ESXi Server
i.     SBS LAB - Install ESXi Server
ii.     SBS LAB - Post Installation tasks
b.     Time In a vSphere Environment
i.     SBS LAB - Configure NTP on ESXi with an External Stratum 1 time source
ii.     SBS LAB - Validating ESX Time Configuration
c.     Install vCenter Server – VCSA
i.     SBS LAB - Install vCenter
ii.     SBS LAB - Configure Passwords and aging
iii.     SBS LAB – Configure vSphere SSO

3. What is Horizon View
a.     Components of Horizon View
i.     Horizon View Connection Server
ii.     Horizon View Security Server
iii.     Horizon View Composer
b.     Horizon View terms and concepts
c.     Next-generation display protocols – VMware Blast
d.     Requirements for deploying Horizon View

4. Best Practices for Virtual Machines as Horizon View Desktops
a.     Required drivers and storage
b.     Build a "Best Practices" VM
i.     SBS LAB - Install Windows Desktop
ii.     SBS LAB - VM files and folders
iii.     SBS LAB - VMware Tools
c.     Graphics considerations
d.     Time Considerations
i.     SBS LAB - Convert to template
e.     Deploying virtual machines efficiently
i.     SBS LAB - Creating Templates
ii.     SBS LAB - Deploying from Templates

5. Horizon View Composer
a.     Database Requirements for Composer
i.     SBS LAB - Install Composer
ii.     SBS LAB - Link Composer to vCenter

6. Horizon View Connection Server
a.     Types of Connection Server: Standard, Replica, Security
i.     SBS LAB - Install Connection Server
ii.     SBS LAB - Configure Connection Server

7. Horizon View Events Database
i.     SBS LAB - Configure Events Database
ii.     SBS LAB - Display Reports of View Manager Operation

8. Certificates/SSL for Horizon View
a.     Overview of SSL Certificates and requirements for Horizon View
i.     SBS LAB – Create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for Horizon View
ii.     SBS LAB - Obtaining a Certificate from a Trusted CA
iii.     SBS LAB - Applying the Certificate to Connection Servers and Security Servers
iv.     SBS LAB – Testing the effectiveness of SSL Certificates and Horizon View

9. Manual Desktop Pools
a.     Use cases for Manual Desktop Pools
i.     SBS LAB - Deploy a VM from template
ii.     SBS LAB - Prepare VM as Virtual Desktop
iii.     SBS LAB - Establish client connection to Individual desktop

10. Automated Desktop Pools
a.     Use cases for Automated Desktop Pools
i.     SBS LAB - Create a customization specification for Automated Desktop Pool
ii.     SBS LAB - Deploy a VM from template
iii.     SBS LAB - Prepare VM as Automated Desktop Pool Parent
iv.     SBS LAB - Configure Automated Desktop Pool
v.     SBS LAB - Establish client connection to View Composer
vi.     SBS LAB - Automatically deploy new Virtual Desktop

11. Instant Clones
a.     Use cases for Automated Desktop Pools
i.     SBS LAB - Deploy a VM from template
ii.     SBS LAB - Prepare VM as Linked Clone Parent
iii.     SBS LAB - Configure Linked Clone Desktop Pool
iv.     SBS LAB - Allow linked Clones to propagate as configured
v.     SBS LAB - Establish client connection to Linked Clones
vi.     SBS LAB - Desktop Recomposition and Refresh
vii.     SBS LAB - Validate Storage efficiency for Linked Clones

12. VMware Unified Access Gateway (UAG)
a.     Use cases for UAG
i.     SBS LAB – Deploy UAG from OVA
ii.     SBS LAB – Configure UAG
b.     Deployment scenarios for UAG
i.     SBS LAB - Networking/NAT for UAG
ii.     SBS LAB - Direct internet access for UAG
c.     Multifactor authentication scenarios for UAG
i.     Integrating UAG with 3rd. party MFA

13. Application Virtualization with VMware ThinApp®
a.     Use cased for VMware ThinApp
b.     Requirements and considerations for VMware ThinApp
i.     SBS LAB – Deploy a VM for Application packaging with VMware ThinApp
ii.     SBS LAB – Run a baseline scan and Create Snapshot VMware ThinApp
iii.     SBS LAB – Install application to be packaged
iv.     SBS LAB – Run post-scan with VMware ThinApp and edit .INI files for Horizon View
c.     Integrating VMware ThinApp with HorizonVIew
i.     SBS LAB – Creating ThinApp Repository
ii.     Adding a ThinApp packaged Application
iii.     Publishing a VMware ThinApp to a Horizon View Desktop Pool

VMware, VMware vSphere, ESXi, VMware vCenter, Horizon View, ThinApp are registered trademarks of VMware, Inc

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