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Qlik Sense Advanced Course Outline

This class is an excellent course for all aspiring Qlik Sense® developers. It will take you through the basics, right through to the use of more advanced functions.

Starting with a quick refresher on obtaining data from data files and databases, this class moves on to the more refined features of Qlik Sense®, including visualization, scripting, and set analysis. The tips and tricks provided will help you to overcome challenging situations while developing your applications in Qlik Sense®. This and more will help you to deliver engaging dashboards and reports efficiently.

Before attending this course, students should attend Qlik Sense Introduction class or have equivalent experience.


Unit 1: Getting Started with the Data
Extracting data from databases and data files
Extracting data from Web Files
Invoking help while in the data load editor or the expression editor
Previewing data in the Data model viewer
Creating a Master Library from the Data model viewer
Using a Master Library in the Edit mode

Unit 2: Visualizations
Highlighting the performance measure in a bar chart
Associating persistent colors to field values
Using the ColorMix1 function
Structuring visualizations

Unit 3: Scripting
Structuring the script
Efficiently debugging the script
Packaging the code in script files
Optimizing the UI calculation speed
Using a For Each loop to load data from multiple files
Using the Concat() function to store multiple field values in a single cell

Unit 4: Managing Apps and User Interface
Publishing a Qlik Sense® application created in Qlik Sense® desktop
Creating geo maps in Qlik Sense®
Reference lines in Sales versus Target gauge chart
Effectively using the KPI object in Qlik Sense®
Adding Reference Lines to trendline charts
Creating text and images

Unit 5: Useful Functions
Using the Previous() function to identify the latest record for a dimensional value
Using the NetworkDays() function to calculate the working days in a calendar month
Using the Concat() function to display a string of field values as a dimension
Using the Rangesum() function to plot cumulative figures in trendline charts
Using the Declare and Derive functions to generate Calendar fields
Using the For Each loop to extract files from a folder

Unit 6: Set Analysis
Cracking the syntax for Set Analysis
Using flags in Set Analysis
Using the = sign with variables in Set Analysis
Using comparison sets in Set Analysis
Using search strings inside a set modifier

Unit 7: Extensions in Qlik Sense®
Creating an HTML visualization extension for Qlik Sense®
Defining a Properties panel in Qlik Sense® visualizations
Creating custom components within Qlik Sense® visualizations

Unit 8: What's New
Defining variables in Qlik Sense®
Exporting stories to MS PowerPoint
Using Qlik Dev Hub to generate mashups
Embedding Qlik Sense® application on a website using a single configurator
Creating dynamic charts in Qlik Sense®

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