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Angular Programming: Level 2

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Angular Programming: Level 2 Course Outline

This class is the second part of our Introduction Angular Programming series. Combined with the Angular Programming: Level 1, these classes provide a comprehensive overview of Angular programming based on the TypeScript language.

Version Note
This Angular training is relevant for users of Angular (version 4 and above using TypeScript).

Students should be experienced with Angular programming and should have taken or at least be familiar with topics covered in our Angular Programming: Level 1 course. In addition, individuals taking this class should be have Basic knowledge of RxJS (the JavaScript library for reactive).

Course Outline

Module 1: Data Architecture with Observables
Section 1: Observables and RxJS
Section 2: Chat App Overview
Section 3: Implementing UsersService
Section 4: The MessagesService
Section 5: The ThreadsService
Section 6: The AppComponent Top-Level Component
Section 7: The ChatThreadsComponent
Section 8: The Single ChatThreadComponent
Section 9: The ChatWindowComponent
Section 10: The ChatMessageComponent
Section 11: The ChatNavBarComponent

Module 2: Introduction to Redux with TypeScript
Section 1: Redux and Core Redux Ideas
Section 2: Storing States
Section 3: A Messaging App
Section 4: Using Redux in Angular
Section 5: Planning an App
Section 6: Setting Up Redux
Section 7: Providing Stores
Section 8: Bootstrapping Apps

Module 3: Intermediate Redux in Angular
Section 1: Building the Reducers and Action Creators
Section 2: Building the Angular Chat App
Section 3: Building the ChatNavBarComponent
Section 4: Building the ChatThreadsComponent
Section 5: The Single ChatThreadComponent
Section 6: Building the ChatWindowComponent
Section 7: The ChatMessageComponent

Module 4: Advanced Components
Section 1: Styling
Section 2: Referencing and Modifying Host Elements
Section 3: Creating a Message Pane with Content Projections
Section 4: Querying Neighbor Directives
Section 5: Lifecycle Hooks
Section 6: Advanced Templates
Section 7: Change Detection

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