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JavaScript and jQuery Programming: Level 2

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JavaScript and jQuery Programming: Level 2 Course Outline

This 2-day advanced course is for website designers who have some experience building web pages. Lessons build on concepts learned in the JavaScript and jQuery Programming: Level 1 introduction course.

HTML 5 and CSS Content Authoring: Level 1 or have similar experience PLUS JavaScript and jQuery Programming: Level 1 or have related programming experience.
Students should feel comfortable with HTML and CSS to get the most from this course.

Who Should Not Attend
This course is NOT intended for advanced developers who want to build jQuery programs from the ground up. This course is most appropriate for designers who want to leverage pre-written jQuery libraries to add user-interactive features to their web pages.


JavaScrip/jQuery Review
Quick Review of Basic Concepts

How to use Ajax and JSON
Introduction to Ajax
How to use the jQuery shorthand methods for Ajax
How to use the $ ajax() method for working with Ajax
How to use Ajax with Flickr

How to work with control structures, exceptions, and regular expressions
What else you need to know about control structures
The Invoice application
How to handle exceptions
How to use regular expressions
The Account Profile application

How to use browser objects, cookies, and web storage
How to script browser objects
The Tutorial application
How to use cookies
How to use web storage
How to use Chrome to work with items in the browser

How to use arrays
How to create and use an array
How to use the methods of an Array object
The Task List application
Other skills for working with arrays
The Task List 2 0 application

How to create and use your own objects
Basic skills for working with objects
The Miles Per Gallon application
How to create and call constructors
The Trips application
How to create a factory function
Advanced skills for working with objects
The Task List application

Closures, IIFEs, the module patterns, and plugins (Optional Section based on Time Available)
How to use closures
The Slide Show application
How to use immediately invoked function expressions
How to work with the module pattern
The Slide Show application with the module pattern
The slide show enhancements library
How to use the module pattern to create jQuery plugins
A Blackjack application that uses a blackjack plugin
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