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HTML 5 and CSS Content Authoring: Level 1

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HTML 5 and CSS Content Authoring: Level 1 Course Outline

This 3-day course is designed as an introduction to HTML and CSS for those who want to learn to develop standards-compliant web content, with a focus on current HTML5 and CSS3 standards. It focuses on the features of HTML5, covering how to create HTML5 and CSS3 markup that will work well on the widest possible variety of web browsers.

This course is the first building block in any learning plan leading to additional web design or development.

It is assumed you have experience using a computer operating system such as Windows or Mac OS and that you have experience using browsers to access the web as an end-user. No prior knowledge of web development is required.


Introduction to web development
How web applications work
An introduction to HTML and CSS
Tools for web development
How to view deployed web pages
Five critical web development issues

How to code, test, and validate a web page
The HTML syntax
The CSS syntax
How to use Brackets to work with HTML and CSS files
How to test, debug, and validate HTML and CSS files

How to use HTML to structure a web page
How to code the head section
How to code text elements
How to structure the content of a page
How to code links, lists, and images
A structured web page

How to use CSS to format the elements of a web page
An introduction to CSS
How to specify measurements and colors
How to work with Cascading Style Sheets
How to work with text
A web page that uses external style sheets

The CSS box model for spacing, borders and backgrounds
An introduction to the box model
How to size and space elements
A web page that illustrates sizing and spacing
A web page that uses borders and backgrounds

How to use CSS for page layout
How to float elements in 2- and 3-column layouts
Two web pages that use a 2-column, fixed-width layout
How to use CSS3 to create text columns
How to position elements

How to work with lists, links, and navigation menus
How to code lists
How to format lists
How to code links
How to create navigation menus

How to use Responsive Web Design
Introduction to Responsive Web Design
How to implement a fluid design
How to use CSS3 media queries
A web page that uses Responsive Web Design

How to use Flexible Box Layout for page layout and RWD
Getting started with Flexible Box Layout
How to set flexbox properties
A responsive web page that uses flexbox
Chapter 10 How to use Grid Layout for page layout and RWD
Getting started with Grid Layout
How to define the grid areas for elements
A responsive web page that uses grid
Common page layouts that use grid
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Attend hands-on, instructor-led HTML 5 and CSS Content Authoring: Level 1 training classes at ONLC's more than 300 locations. Not near one of our locations? Attend these same live classes from your home/office PC via our Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI) technology.

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