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Tableau Desktop for Power Users

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Tableau Desktop for Power Users Course Outline

*** WARNING: High Volume Class, Sign Up Early ***
Tableau is our most popular series classes. A green flag beside a date on the right means that a session has met the minimum enrollment levels and is running. However, it is common for dates for this course to fill weeks in advance. Even if a date has a green flag, you might not be able to get into that session if it is full. To avoid disappointment, it is best to register for this class at least three weeks in advance.

Tableau has emerged as one of the most popular and powerful Business Intelligence solutions on the market today. This course will quickly get the experienced IT professional up to speed by exploiting many of its features. You will embark on this exciting journey by reviewing core Tableau features as well as new features and things that have changed in recent versions of Tableau.

You’ll be armed with an arsenal of tools that will help you enhance and customize your current Tableau visualizations and dashboards. By the end of the course, you will be equipped with all the information you need to update your Tableau skills, by creating effective dashboards and data visualization solutions using Tableau Desktop’s newest features.

This two-day course will provide you with the skills that will help you understand the newest, latest and greatest features of Tableau Desktop. It is a fast-paced class, designed for individuals with some experience in the concepts of Tableau Desktop who want to take their skills to the next level with the recent version of the software.

Before attending this course, students should have experience with Tableau or other analytics and visualization tools such as Power BI. At least one month of experience with Tableau Desktop, with some informal or on-demand training with the product is recommended. In addition, experience using Microsoft Excel and Pivot Tables and calculations would be helpful. They should be familiar with using the Windows Operating System, including searching for files.

Certification Options
The Tableau Tips, Tricks and Timesavers is not directly associated with any Tableau exam. However, this class, along with previous Tableau experience and classes, could assist you in passing any of the Tableau Desktop exams.

Course Outline

1. Catching Up with Some New Features
--Worksheet Enhancement
--New Actions
--Empowered Dashboard
--Tableau Server
--Ask Data

2. The Tableau Core
--The Different Tableau Products
--Speaking Tableau
--Dimension and Measure
--Blue and Green – Discrete and Continuous
--The Toolbar Options
--Live or Extract

3. Getting Started with Tableau Desktop
--Connecting to Data
--Creating your First Set of Visualizations
--Building your First Dashboard
--Using Tableau for Data Exploration

4. Connecting to Data and Simple Transformations
--Data Connections
--Join Data Easily
--Union your Data
--Simple Transformations

5. Building an Efficient Data Source
--Understanding the Data Source
--Refreshing a Data Source and Dealing with Changes
--Field Customization and Default Properties
--Groups, Sets, and Bins

6. Design Insightful Visualizations
--Creating Visualizations
--The Mark Type and Properties
--Using Multiple Measures
--Filters and Pages
--Worksheet Options and Formats

7. Powerful Dashboards, Stories, and Actions
--Dashboard Basics
--Dashboard Objects
--Dashboard Actions
--Creating a Story

8. Publishing and Interacting in Tableau Server
--Introduction to Tableau Server
--Publishing and Modifying the Content
--Interacting with Published Content

9. Introduction to Calculations
--Calculated Field Basics
--Advanced Functions

10. Analytics and Parameters
--Using Built-In Analytics Tools
--How to Work with Parameters
--Creating a Year-on-Year Comparator

11. Advanced Data Connections
--Cross-Database Join
--Data Blending
--Wildcard Union

12. Dealing with Security
--Tableau Server Security
--User Filters
--Row-Level Filters

13. How to Keep Growing your Skills
--The Tableau Community
--Tableau Public
--Community Projects
--Ambassadors, Zen Masters, and Iron Viz

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