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Google Analytics Advanced with Tag Manager

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Google Analytics Advanced with Tag Manager Course Outline

This fast-paced, one-day, advanced Google Analytics training class covers some of the more advanced features of Google Analytics, including RegEx, advanced segmentation, intelligence alerts, custom reporting, event tracking, virtual page views, Ecommerce tracking, and custom variables. This Google Analytics training class includes many hands-on interactive exercises, ensuring that students who complete the course will be able to productively use the covered features on their own website right away. While this class is more technical than the Introduction to Google Analytics class, much of the material covered will be interesting to business and marketing people as well as to web developers.

1. Learn to set up intelligence alerts.
2. Learn to work with Google Tag Manager.
3. Learn the difference between advanced segments and filters.
4. Learn the difference between virtual page views and event tracking.
5. Learn to generate virtual pageviews.
6. Learn to set up event tracking.
7. Learn about custom variables.
8. Learn to work with Event Listeners.
9. Learn the best practices for using custom variables.
10.Learn about E-commerce tracking.


Google Tag Manager
1. Introduction to Google Tag Manager
a.Why Use Google Tag Manager?

2. Creating a Tag Manager Account

3. Creating a Container and Container Snippet

4. Setting up a Tag Manager Container

5. Tags, Triggers, and Variables

6. Using Tags

7. Previewing and Publishing the Container

8. Adding a Google Analytics Tag

ECommerce Tracking And Reporting
1.Enabling Ecommerce Tracking
a.Step 1: Enable Ecommerce Reporting
b.Step 2: Tag Pages

2.Implementing Ecommerce Methods
a.The _addTransaction() Method
b.The _addItem() Method
c.The ecommerce:send() Method

3.Ecommerce Overview Report

4.Shopping Behavior Report

5.Checkout Behavior Report

6.Product Performance Report

7.Sales Performance Report

8.Product List Performance Report

9.Multi-Channel Funnels

10.Assisted Conversions Report

11.Top Conversion Paths Report

12.Time Lag Report

13.Path Length Report

Social Media Analytics
1.Introducion to Social Interactions

2.Setting up Social Interactions

3.Social Interaction Setup

4.Social Media Reporting

Virtual Pageviews
1.Introduction to Virtual Pageview
a.Why to Use Virtual Pageviews

2.Virtual Pageviews and Dynamic URLs

3.Virtual Pageviews for Tracking File Downloads

4.Application of Virtual Pageviews in Goals and Funnels

Event Tracking
1.Introduction to Event Tracking
a.Why Use Event Tracking?

2.Understanding the Event Tracking Setup
a.The _send Method
b.Event Tracking Architecture (Category, Action, Label, Value)

3.Implementing Event Tracking

4.Event Tracking Reports
a.Overview Report
b.Top Events Report
c.Pages Report
d.Events Flow Report

5.Event Tracking Reports

Custom Dimensions and Metrics
1.Introduction to Custom Dimensions and Metrics
a.Why and When to Use Custom Dimensions and Metrics
b.Examples of Custom Dimensions and Metrics

2.Architecture of Custom Dimensions and Metrics
a.The tracker Method
b.Custom Dimension Values
c.Custom Metrics Values

3.Implementing Custom Dimensions and Metrics

4.Example Scenario from Google
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