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Adobe Illustrator Core Skills: Level 2

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Adobe Illustrator Core Skills: Level 2 Course Outline

*** Platform Note: This class for for both Mac or PC Users ***
Adobe software is virtually the same on the Mac and PC platforms. When taking this class at an ONLC center, it will be taught on PC hardware with Windows software. Minor Mac keyboard and interface differences will be highlighted by the instructor.

When taking this course from home or office, students can use either their PC or Mac hardware to attach to the hosted Windows-based Adobe software.

Once you gain a foundation and some experience using Illustrator's core skills, you are ready for Level 2 training. In Level 2 class, content is covered at a faster pace and additional focus is placed on use of shortcuts and real world 'tips and tricks' to improve your workflow.

Each lesson includes unique and challenging project files. The Level 2 class also goes more thoroughly into advanced topics with some of the project files from our Level 1 courses.

IMPORTANT: To ensure you have the necessary skills for successful participation in this course you should be able to accomplish the topics in the Level 1 course. To review see:
Adobe Illustrator Core Skills Level 1.

*** Version Note ***
Our Adobe classes are for users of the CC and CS6 versions. These classes are run on the CC version of the software but are relevant for CS6 users as well. In addition, we upgrade our software shortly after new training materials are released from Adobe. Typically new content is available within 2 to 4 months of a software release.

Interested in More Training?
For individuals seeking comprehensive training, we offer bundles so that you can attend multiple Adobe Illustrator classes at a discount. For more information on savings, go to:
Adobe Illustrator Bundle

Can't Get Off Work to Attend Class?
Consider our Adobe On-Demand courses. These self-study classes let you learn at your own pace on your own time. Our classes blend Adobe Official training materials with video tutorials, quizzes, and real world project-based labs to offer a cost-effective alternative to our live instructor-led classes. To learn more, click on the link below:
Adobe On-Demand: Adobe Illustrator CC

Students should have experience with Illustrator and working knowledge of the skills covered in Core Skills: Level 1. Specifically, you should be familiar with the work area, be able to make selections, have some experience creating and editing shapes, as well as making transformations, using the drawing tools, and working with color, type, and layers. For more information on the Level 1 course, go to:
Illustrator CC Core Skills: Level 1


Using Shapes to Create Artwork for a Postcard
Using Image Trace to convert raster images into editable vector art
Cleaning up traced artwork

Editing and Combining Shapes and Paths
Creating a compound path
Combining shapes
Working with the Shape Builder tool
Assemble drawn objects
Combining objects using Pathfinder effects
Understanding shape modes
Reshaping a path
Using the Width tool

Drawing with the Pen Tool
Brief review - as needed

Using Color to Enhance Artwork
Brief Review - using swatches and using global color
Creating and saving a tint of a color
Creating a color group
Using the Color Guide panel for Creative inspiration
Editing a color group in the Edit Colors dialog box
Editing colors in artwork
Recoloring artwork
Working with Live Paint
Creating a Live Paint group
Painting with the Live Paint Bucket tool
Modifying a Live Paint group

Adding Type to a Project
Creating and applying text styles
Creating and applying a paragraph style
Editing a paragraph style
Creating and applying a character style
Editing a character style

Organizing Your Artwork with Layers
Collecting into a new layer
Duplicating layer content
Pasting layers
Applying appearance attributes to layers
Creating a clipping mask

Gradients, Blends and Patterns
Starting the lesson
Working with gradients
Applying a linear gradient to a fill
Editing a gradient
Saving a gradient
Adjusting a linear gradient fill
Applying a linear gradient to a stroke
Editing a gradient on a stroke
Applying a radial gradient to artwork
Editing the colors in the radial gradient
Adjusting the radial gradient
Applying gradients to multiple objects
Adding transparency to gradients
Working with blended objects
Creating a blend with specified steps
Modifying a blend
Creating and editing a smooth color blend
Painting with patterns
Applying an existing pattern
Creating your own pattern
Applying your pattern
Editing your pattern

Creating Artwork for a T-Shirt
Starting the lesson
Working with symbols
Using existing Illustrator symbol libraries
Editing a symbol
Working with dynamic symbols
Creating a symbol
Duplicating symbols
Replacing symbols
Breaking a link to a symbol
Working with Creative Cloud libraries
Adding assets to CC libraries
Using library assets
Updating a library asset
Working with global editing

Placing and Working with Images
Starting the lesson
Combining artwork
Placing image files
Placing an image
Transforming a placed image
Cropping an image
Placing a Photoshop document
Placing multiple images
Masking images
Applying a simple mask to an image
Editing a clipping path (mask)
Masking an object with text
Creating an opacity mask
Editing an opacity mask
Working with image links
Finding link information
Embedding and unembedding images
Replacing an image

Sharing Projects (Exporting Assets)
Starting the lesson
Fixing the missing image link
Creating a PDF
Exporting artboards and assets
Exporting artboards
Exporting assets

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Attend hands-on, instructor-led Adobe Illustrator Core Skills: Level 2 training classes at ONLC's more than 300 locations. Not near one of our locations? Attend these same live classes from your home/office PC via our Remote Classroom Instruction (RCI) technology.

For additional training options, check out our list of Illustrator Courses and select the one that's right for you.


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