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Articulate Storyline 360 Core Skills: Level 2

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Articulate Storyline 360 Core Skills: Level 2 Course Outline

Articulate Storyline 360 Core Skills: Level 2 provides students with the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to develop and build advanced interactions, extend the functionality of Storyline, and have a better understanding of Storyline project workflow.

This class is for those who are familiar with the basic features of Storyline such as creating slides, layers, triggers, working with timelines, importing text, characters, videos, creating simple tests and other basic functions and would like to gain deeper knowledge of Storyline.

This class builds upon fundamental skills in Storyline Beginner by providing students with hands-on practice extending Storyline capabilities, and customizing the learner experience.

In this class we will explore advanced Storyline features in depth including creating interactive software simulations, creating random quiz questions, motion paths, variables, conditional triggers, incorporating Storyline with Articulate Rise, and inserting video cue points.

Learning Objectives:
Importing Questions into Quizzes
Managing multiple project assessments
Question Banks
Motion Paths
Using sliders and Dials in more ways
Creating software simulations (Video demos and interactive simulations)
Extending Storyline with JavaScript
Advanced Gamification with Random Numbers
ADA Accessibility
RISE and Storyline (360 users)

Course Outline

Module 1: Themes and Templates
Guided Activity 1: Create a Theme
Guided Activity 2: Format a Master Slide
- Master Slide Confidence Check
Guided Activity 3: Create layouts
- Custom Layouts Confidence Check
Guided Activity 4: Save a Theme
Guided Activity 5: Load a Theme

Guided Activity 6: Add Slide Navigation to the Slide Master
- Navigation Confidence Check

Guided Activity 7: Create Variables
- Variables Confidence Check

Progress Indicators
Guided Activity 8: Add Triggers for a Progress Indicator
- Reuse Triggers Confidence Check
Guided Activity 9: Create and Use a Template

Module 2: Motion Paths
Motion Paths
Guided Activity 10: Preview Completed Motion Paths
Guided Activity 11: Create a Motion Path
Guided Activity 12: Modify a Motion Path
Guided Activity 13: Change the Duration of a Motion Path
Guided Activity 14: Add a Second Motion Path to an Object
- Motion Paths Confidence Check

Motion Path Triggers
Guided Activity 15: Control “When” a Motion Path Occurs
- Editing Triggers Confidence Check

Triggers and States
Guided Activity 16: Add Triggers that Reset Motion Paths
- Motion Path Resetting Confidence Check
Guided Activity 17: Add Triggers that Disable an Object
- Disable States Confidence Check
Guided Activity 18: Add Triggers that Enable Interactivity
- Enable States Confidence Check

Triggers and Layers
Guided Activity 19: Create a “Show Layer” Trigger
- Show Layers Confidence Check

Module 3: Gamification
Games and Learner Engagement
Guided Activity 20: Preview a Completed Project
Guided Activity 21: Delete Existing Triggers

Guided Activity 22: Insert a Hotspot
Guided Activity 23: Change States
Guided Activity 24: Make a Trigger Conditional
Guided Activity 25: Reuse Hotspots and Triggers
- Reuse Hotspots Confidence Check
Resetting Variables and Slides
Guided Activity 26: Create a Game Reset Hyperlink
Guided Activity 27: Reset Slide Properties

Leveraging Variable Values
Guided Activity 28: Create a Variable
Guided Activity 29: Assign a Variable to Another Variable
Guided Activity 30: Adjust Variable Values
Guided Activity 31: Reference a Variable

Forced Navigation
Guided Activity 32: Use a Conditional Trigger to Show a Player Button

Module 4: Video Controls, Sliders, and Dials
Advanced Video Control
Guided Activity 33: Embed External Video
Guided Activity 34: Work with Web Objects
Guided Activity 35: Edit Video Parameters
- Parameters Confidence Check

Cue Points
Guided Activity 36: Add Cue Points to the Timeline
- Cue Points Confidence Check
Guided Activity 37: Add Triggers Based on Cue Points
- Triggers and Cue Points Confidence Check
Guided Activity 38: Change a Character’s State Based on Time

Guided Activity 39: Insert and Format a Slider
Guided Activity 40: Set Slider Values
Guided Activity 41: Add Triggers to a Slider
- Sliders Confidence Check

Guided Activity 42: Insert a Dial
Guided Activity 43: Set Dial Values
Guided Activity 44: Add Triggers to a Dial
- Dials Confidence Check
Guided Activity 45: Connect a Dial to a Slider
- Dials and Sliders Confidence Check

Module 5: Virtual Reality Projects
360° Images
Guided Activity 46: Add 360° Images
Guided Activity 47: Add Static Text to a Virtual Reality Slide
Guided Activity 48: Add a Static Image to a Virtual Reality Slide
- Adding 360° Images Confidence Check
Guided Activity 49: Set the Initial View for a 360° Image
Guided Activity 50: Add a 360° Image Marker and Trigger
- Initial View and Markers Confidence Check
Guided Activity 51: Add a 360° Hotspot and Trigger

Module 6: Advanced Quizzing
Custom Quiz Question Properties
Guided Activity 52: Modify Drag and Drop Questions
Guided Activity 53: Add an Image as Question Feedback

Guided Activity 54: Set Remediation

Importing Question Data
Guided Activity 55: Import Questions From a File

Random Quizzes
Guided Activity 56: Create a Random Quiz
- Random Quiz Confidence Check

Quiz Result Redirection
Guided Activity 57: Redirect a Quiz
- Redirection Confidence Check

Module 7: Accessibility and Reporting
Guided Activity 58: Make an Image Accessible
- Image Accessibility Confidence Check
Guided Activity 59: Control Accessibility Visibility

Focus Order
Guided Activity 60: Edit the Focus Order

Keyboard Shortcuts
Guided Activity 61: Add a Keyboard Shortcut to a Button

Closed Captioning
Guided Activity 62: Add Captions
Guided Activity 63: Show the Closed Captions By Default

Guided Activity 64: Publish a SCORM-Compliant Package

Module 8: Recording Your Screen
Screen Recordings
Guided Activity 65: Rehearse a Screen Recording Script
Guided Activity 66: Record a Software Simulation

Recording Modes
Guided Activity 67: Insert an Unused Screen Recording
- Adding Modes Confidence Check

Branching Scenarios
Guided Activity 68: Create Jumps Between Scenes
- Branching Confidence Check

Action Fine Tuning
Guided Activity 69: Use Fine Tuning to Remove an Animation
- Action Fine Tuning Confidence Check

Microsoft Word Integration
Guided Activity 70: Use the Translation Feature
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