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Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction

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Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction Course Outline

*** NOTE: This class is being retired. There are 2 new options!***
Now there are two options! We have an expanded 4-day Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction for Novice Users and a 2-day Tableau Level 1: Introduction for Experienced IT Professionals. See the outlines for those new classes by clicking the course title:
Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction for Novice Users.
Tableau Desktop Level 1: Introduction for Experienced IT Professionals.

Tableau has for some time been one of the most popular Business Intelligence and data visualization tools available. Why? Because, quite simply, it’s a tool that’s responsive to the needs of modern businesses. But it’s most effective when you know how to get what you want from it – it might make your business intelligent, but it isn’t going to make you intelligent…

We’ll make sure you’re well prepared to take full advantage of Tableau's features. Whether you’re an experienced data analyst that wants to explore 2016’s new Tableau, or you’re a beginner that wants to expand their skillset and bring a more professional and sharper approach to their organization, we’ve got you covered. Beginning with the fundamentals, such as data preparation, you’ll soon learn how to build and customize your own data visualizations and dashboards, essential for high-level visibility and effective data storytelling. You’ll also find out how to so trend analysis and forecasting using clustering and distribution models to inform your analytics.

But it’s not just about you – when it comes to data it’s all about availability and access. That’s why we’ll show you how to share your Tableau visualizations. It’s only once insights are shared and communicated that you – and your organization – will start making smarter and informed decisions. And really, that’s exactly what this guide is for.

• Create stylish visualizations and dashboards that explain complexity with clarity
• Learn effective data storytelling to transform how your business uses ideas and makes decisions
• Explore features in Tableau that will help you redefine what business analytics means to your organization

• Find out how to build effective visualizations and dashboards
• Prepare and clean your data so you can be sure Tableau is finding answers to your questions – not raising more problems
• Discover how to create advanced visualizations that explain complexity with clarity and style
• Dig deeper into your data with clustering and distribution models that allow you to analyze trends and make forecasts
• Learn how to use data storytelling to aid decision-making and strategy
• Share dashboards and visualizations to cultivate a culture where data is available and valued

This two-day course is designed for the beginner Tableau user. It will help you understand and use the basic techniques for creating visualizations and combining them in interactive dashboards.

Before attending this course, students should have experience using Microsoft Excel.

Certification Options
This class, when combined with our Tableau Level 2 class, offers a strong foundation in preparation for the Tableau Qualified Associate Exam. Exam prep guide is shown here: mkt.tableau.com/files/Desktop-9-QA-Prep-Guide.pdf

Course Outline

1. Introduction to Business Intelligence
--Overview of BI
--Overview of Tableau Environment
--Putting it all together

2. Data Connections
--Getting to data from Tableau Desktop
--Learning the basics of visualizing data
--Visualizing business needs

3. Transforming Data
--Why transform data?
--Data Blends
-- Data Joins

4. Calculations in Tableau
--Data Aggregates
--Calculation Wizards
--Table Calculations
--Customized Calculations

5. Advanced Calculations
--Floor and Ceiling

6. Parameters and Filters
--Basics of Filtering
--Basics of Parameters
--Putting it all together

7. Sorting
--Ascending and Descending Order manually
--Computes and Sorting
--Nested Sorting

8. Grouping Techniques
--Combining Fields

9. Formatting
--Custom Colors

10. Map Basics

11. Visualizations
--Understanding Charts
--Text Charts
--Visual Charts
--Time Charts
--Trend Charts

12. Introduction to Dashboards

13. Server Deployment (Demo Only)
--What is Tableau Server?
--Working with Users
--Working with Projects
--Working with Groups
--Publishing Data Sources
--Publishing Visualizations
--Securing Projects
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