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Administering & Developing MySQL Databases

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Administering & Developing MySQL Databases Course Outline

The new version 8.0 of MySQL added a significant number of administrative features to the MySQL database including improved error logging, password policies, privileges, accounts, and backup and recovery. Students will perform these administration functions using the MySQL workbench and command line utilities during the course of training. The course may be taken by itself as a one day course of training or as a four day course which includes the topics from this course and the topics from the three day Querying MySQL course.

Database administrators.

Prior experience with MySQL Querying.


How to design a database
How to use MySQL Workbench for database design
How to open an existing EER model
How to create a new EER model
How to work with an EER model
How to work with an EER diagram

How to create triggers and events
How to work with triggers
How to create a BEFORE trigger
How to use a trigger to enforce data consistency
How to create an AFTER trigger
How to view or drop triggers
How to work with events
How to turn the event scheduler on or off
How to create an event
How to view, alter, or drop events

An introduction to database administration
Database administration concepts
Database administrator responsibilities
Types of database files
Types of log files
How to monitor the server
How to view the server status
How to view and kill processes
How to view the status variables
How to view the system variables
How to configure the server
How to set system variables using MySQL Workbench
How to set system variables using a text editor
How to set system variables using the SET statement

How to secure a database
An introduction to user accounts
An introduction to SQL statements for user accounts
A summary of privileges
The four privilege levels
The grant tables in the mysql database
How to work with users and privileges
How to create, rename, and drop users
How to specify user account names
How to grant privileges
How to view privileges
How to revoke privileges
How to change passwords
A script that creates users
How to work with roles
How to create, manage, and drop roles
A script that creates users and roles
How to use MySQL Workbench
How to work with users and privileges
How to connect as a user for testing

How to back up and restore a database
Strategies for backing up and restoring a database
A backup strategy
A restore strategy
How to back up a database
How use mysqldump to back up a database
A SQL script file for a database backup
How to set advanced options for a database backup
How to restore a database
How to use a SQL script file to restore a full backup
How to execute statements in the binary log
How to import and export data
How to export data to a file
How to import data from a file
How to check and repair tables
How to use the CHECK TABLE statement
How to repair a MyISAM table
How to repair an InnoDB table
How to use the mysqlcheck program
How to use the myisamchk program

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