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Visio On-Demand: Complete (Introduction & Advanced)


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Visio On-Demand: Complete (Introduction & Advanced) Course Outline

Special Note to New Hampshire Residents
This course has not yet been approved by the New Hampshire Department of Education. Please contact us for an update on when the class will be available in New Hampshire.

*** Note: This is an On-Demand (self-study) course, 180-day, 24/7 access via the internet ***
(Applicable State and Local taxes may be added for On-Demand purchases, depending on your location.)
You may take this course at any time; there are no set dates. This On-Demand (self-study) training course includes expert lectures, demonstrations and exercises. Note: The 180-day course access period begins at time of purchase.

This On-Demand (self-study) training course includes expert lectures, demonstrations and lab exercises that cover the same content that is included in our Instructor-led (ILT) class.

What You Need to Take this Training
Access to one of the following versions of the Visio application (free trial or purchased version): Visio 2019 Online Plan 2 subscription or Visio 2019 Professional Desktop version and a high-speed internet connection.

Target Student
The introduction course is designed for persons who are new to Visio and who will be using Visio to create basic workflows and perform end-to-end flowcharting.

The target student for the advanced course is a graphic designer, subject matter specialist, or other knowledge worker with basic Microsoft Visio 2019 skills (such as creating basic workflows and other diagrams) who needs to use Visio to create complex graphics and illustrations (such as floor plans, custom maps, and scientific illustrations) that may be linked to external data sources and may be inserted into other Microsoft Office files.

To ensure your success, you will need to be familiar with using personal computers, including a mouse and keyboard. You should be comfortable with basic Windows 10 skills to include: accessing programs and managing files and folders. To ensure your success in the advanced course, you should have the ability to create basic workflows and other common diagram types in Visio.

Do You Still Prefer a Live, Instructor-led Class?
Already know On-Demand training is not right for you? We also offer the same course content in a live, instructor-led format. For details, click on the link below:
Microsoft Visio Training Classes

You have 24/7 access for 180-days to this digital course that includes 8h 24m of video presentation. As a traditional course it would be a 2-day class.

Course Content

Visio Introduction Course:

Getting Started with Visio
Perform Basic Tasks in the Visio Environment
Work with Visio Global Options in the Backstage View
Save a File
Work with Visio for the Web

Working with Workflow Diagram Tools
Use Drawing Components
Modify a Drawing
Insert Callouts and Groups

Building Organization Charts
Create an Organization Chart Manually
Create Organization Charts by Using Starter Diagrams and the Organization Chart Wizard
Modify an Organization Chart

Designing a Floor Plan
Make a Basic Floor Plan
Model a Room Layout

Building a Cross-Functional Flowchart
Create a Cross-Functional Flowchart
Format a Cross-Functional Flowchart

Designing a Network Diagram
Create Network Diagrams
Use Shape Data
Use Layers

Styling a Diagram
Modify Shape and Connector Styles
Apply Themes and Variants
Use Containers

Visio Advanced Course:

Designing Advanced Plans and Diagrams
Build Advanced Plans
Build Advanced Diagrams

Enhancing the Look of Drawings
Use 3-D Shapes
Work with Shape Styles
Define Shape Styles
Apply Backgrounds, Borders, and Titles

Creating Custom Shapes, Stencils, and Templates
Create Simple Custom Shapes
Create Custom Stencils
Create Custom Templates

Connecting Drawings to External Data
Make an Organization Chart from an Excel Spreadsheet
Generate a PivotDiagram from an Excel Spreadsheet
Create a Gantt Chart from a Project File
Create a Timeline from a Project File
Connect a Map to an Access Database

Leveraging Development Tools
Create Macros
Modify ShapeSheets
Build Advanced Shapes

Sharing Drawings
Save and Share Drawings with OneDrive
Review Drawings
Insert Drawings into Other Office Files
Export Drawings
Print Drawings

Appendix A: Using Diagram Standards
View outline in Word


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